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The Story Necromancer chapter 12 . 12/11/2005
good lord i hope you have a sequal
the Icelandic sheep chapter 12 . 8/28/2005
Butbutbut... they were supposed to live happily ever after! Gita wasn't supposed to die... yet. Bah!

Goddamnit! GO CARL! I love that lil' friar. Great story, even if it didn't end like I wanted. Keep this up and adieu!
PuckRox chapter 10 . 12/16/2004

(Bet y'all can see where this is going from a mile away!)

WHAT! I HAVE NO CLUE! ARK *points to head* I BLAME YOU, YOU STUPID BRAIN! GAUGH! *starts hitting head with a brick* TAKE THAT! TAKE THAT! AND SOME OF THAT!

. . . . . . . *falls down and doesn't get up*

PuckRox chapter 9 . 12/16/2004
POR CARL! *WEEPS* I FEEL YOUR PAIN... well... ok, i've never actually "laid" with anyone, so I don't. But i have gotten laid! _ KIDDING! ONLY KIDDING! Great fic, ack! you get into their personalities so well... all my fics suck compared to this! must. add. to. favorites. list.

Question: She laughed like a brook

Is that like from Sound of Music. 'To laugh like a brook lalalala' in the song? LOL, It's probably just my mind playing tricks on me again... STUPID MIND, STOP PLAYING JOKES ON ME! U-_-
PuckRox chapter 8 . 12/16/2004
YAY HE'S NOT POSSESSED! Wow, I thought the Keebler Elf was possessing him with his magical cookie powers! Good thing he's not... damn that Keebler Elf! He stole all my cookies :(

Anywho, I REALLY REALLY REALLY like this fic! I get to see sides of Carl I never thought of before. In the movie he seemed like a happy go lucky guy. In this fic he's y. iness rox!

Ack, I need to find out what happens next! . . . So . . . I'll keep on reading! GREAT FIC!
PuckRox chapter 5 . 12/16/2004
YAY! NO SLASH! Erge... no offense, I don't care about slash in real life, but if they're not gay in movies than I like fics... well... you get the picture...

I like this story! Carl rox! He's my hero! *pulls out a microphone and sings loudly and off-tune into it* DID YOU EVER KNOW THAT YOU'RE MY HERO! Ok, fine, I wouldn't classify him under hero. It's not like I'm going to run off to a nunery and become a nun any day soon. But he is cool, I can say that.

I'm going to keep reading! I like this fic!
Lindaleriel chapter 12 . 10/22/2004
I really love this story - verry well done
Delete me motherfuckers chapter 12 . 6/30/2004
I loved it. That's all i can say!
pmochizuki chapter 12 . 6/29/2004
This was simply... BRILLIANT! Truly a magnificent piece of work! I loved how Carl became a field man and at the end he finally meets Gita and Petru! Huzzah! Once again, a truly wonderful story!
Liz chapter 12 . 6/23/2004
Wow! That was great! I can't believe it's done though! Oh well! You did a fantastic job! Good work!
ThePet chapter 12 . 6/23/2004
Wow! Great story - I've been keeping an eye on it. Lovely premise, and a terrific ending!

Thanks for plugging 'Possessions', by the way ;-) I think Carl would far prefer you inside his head.
Jade chapter 12 . 6/23/2004
I must say, this story really is a favorite of mine, it drove me nuts when I'd await for your updates because it was that well written in my opinion. I hope to see more of your Van Helsing works in the future :D as you've become one of my favorite fanfic writers.
Countess Verona Dracula chapter 12 . 6/22/2004
Aw... heartmelting ending to a beautiful fic. I'm sorry it ended, but I do like how it ended. Bravo, I eagerly await your next fic!

~ verona
Countess Verona Dracula chapter 11 . 6/22/2004
GO CARL! WOH! I love your story... I DON'T WANT IT TO END! *sobs* You're an awesome writer!

~ verona
Malin-Pedersen chapter 9 . 6/22/2004
this is great. please write more very very soon. hey could you read and review my story. its called Can love travel back in time and heal a hear? im thinking of changing the name though :P
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