Reviews for Drabbles
mebririth the butterfly queen chapter 1 . 5/29/2004
im sorry if this is kinda rude but i wasnt sure you look at destiny in dreams reviews anymore so i decide that i would write it here where you would be bound to look

i LOVE destiny in dreams it is the only story of its kind that i know of and that is very very VERY uncommon now a days

its one of the most brilliant stories there is iut there on fanfiction and i would love if you would continue it and update soon

once again im sorry if this was rude to not raview in the destiny in dreams review thing but i had to be sure you would read it and make you realise that ur story kicks balls and is a wonderful story

PS you couldnt of stopped at a worst place...right when it gets interesting ...dawns finally at middle earth and NOW you stop it

thankyou for the story

Mebririth {means jaclyn in elvish} {jaclyn is my real name) the butterfly queen.