Reviews for Dark Phoenix
CurruptedGoth chapter 29 . 15h
Omgs, you're quitting this story? I've been following for a ton of years... Now I'm totally depressed.

This was wonderful literature and totally unfinished, I was so excited seeing you had updated and then I read your author Note at the bottom. Total crash from your update high... Please do a rewrite, so this gets an actual ending and I will start following you on archive of our own too I guess now.

Love you and this story. Was a follower from some of the first chapters myself, I'm born 1988. Lol
Zela3 chapter 29 . 16h
Aw, I enjoyed what you wrote and wish you were continuing but understand that you aren’t (though disappointed as I was wondering what Snape’s reaction was going to be when he found out that his Phoenix was actually Harry Potter). I will though go see what stories you are working on over at Ao3 as I am curious about what you are writing and really liked both the plot and writing of this story!
geekymom chapter 29 . 23h
I loved this story!
mizzrazz72 chapter 29 . 9/21
Harry is using a time turner to save and help Severus.
Cleopeia chapter 29 . 9/21
Well I really loved your story and I'm a little sad that you stop it but I understand why. I'll follow you on AO3 and hope that you'll write another HP fan fiction. I really loved your ideas and the universe of this story so I hope that hypothetical future story, if story there is, use some of it . Good luck for the rest.
HonorLove chapter 29 . 9/20
lol, dunk Snape! Shame there isn't more, but understandable. I am glad these last couple chapters explained a few things I'd been curious about (Fred expressing an opinion or two diff from George, especially). Now, to wander over to AO3 and see if there's anything of yours I'm interested in but not already following...
charm13insomnia chapter 29 . 9/20
I am very sad that this story will no longer be continuing its very well written and brings up some very interesting ideas
ShadowTomes chapter 15 . 9/20
I was super attached to this fic yesterday but I woke up this morning and was like eh. So I'm going to stop reading it. Not that it's bad. I just lost interest in it. That being said, please continue to write.
Guest chapter 29 . 9/20
I love this! I can't wait to read more! Did the Ritual also take care of the Horcrux in his scar?
cuterchic419 chapter 29 . 9/20
I just wanted to say that this is one of the best Harry Potter fanfics I have read, and I am sad to see it is end. Nevertheless I understand your reasoning in that it has been many years and when you wrote this story the series had not been completed. You are a great and talented author and if you ever decide to publish your own work please let your fans know. What I loved most about this story is how you gave the background depth and the characters your own in a sense. I understand if you choose not to rewrite the story but as a fan of your work I hope you do.
ShadowTomes chapter 14 . 9/19
Well now, things are certainly getting interesting.
ShadowTomes chapter 13 . 9/19
I'm glad the things with Draco is getting settled.
ShadowTomes chapter 12 . 9/19
You know I just realized that there's not a lot of vegetarianism in the Harry Potter series. Be it Canon or Fanon.
ShadowTomes chapter 11 . 9/19
The younger students looked egger, egger should be eager.
ShadowTomes chapter 10 . 9/19
Called it.
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