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Soundwood chapter 7 . 7/27/2004
*nods* Yes, yes, an almost cliffhanger ending, but nice all the same. So what was going on throughout the entire fic, is...*skims through all the chapters*...well, dang it, I don't know.

Anyway, I don't see why Stun was in here at all; he was a puppet of Lisseth, sure, but being called a puppet? I wouldn't take that for sheeot...not even Shen did in BR2. No one would...'cept Stun buddy here.

Who killed Roman? Lisseth, right? Since that's who Rahne is after. I'm way too clueless x_X. Moving on...

A cool thing was the two clones of Jenny thing, a nice jerk there. I wonder why Rahne accepted Lisseth's offer, though...she'd have to leave Reiko. Ah well.

Once more, nice ending though. Maybe you'll write again...?
V Guyver chapter 7 . 7/27/2004
Weirder and Weirder by the sentance. Ok, let me gather my thoughts. Everyone has been manipulating one another without knowing or knowing they were doing it but all in the end were working for Leseth? Right? Yeah, figured but, that didn't intrest me, what got my intrest up was the revelation of the two seperate clones of Jenny. Leseth and Rahne are a missing parto f one another. An exellent plot twist, a shame that it had to be about vampires. Bram Stoker would not be amused by the pointless use of vampires in this story, but I'll give you credit for at least giving in some good plot twists. I hope you do more work in the future, but next time, please make it a more serious plot without wacked out supernatural stuff. I'm getting tired of all the cliche's of demons, vampires, and Busuzima being a Ninja of sorts.
Matthew Blackheart chapter 6 . 7/19/2004
all I can say is good story because i'm running out of things to say
VGuyver chapter 6 . 7/8/2004
I'm sure that voice was Lesseth. Kenji know's about Reiko's little secret for sure, what ever it was. And it seems Harada has overestimated his control over the situation. Can I expect him to die horribly soon Beastman? There is a shrinkin use of him in Lesseth's point of view, I'm sure. Oh, and Goldberg actualy gave in to desire and tempation for his restored body... horrible.. Knowing you Beastman, you'll have him dead just after Harada.

Hey, that scene with Kenji and Reiko was funny, and a little sweat, but damn, even after 50 years, Kenji still hasn't lightened up nor gotten a more lively personality, but who cares? He still utterly kicks ass. Now it's on to learning more of this tangled web. Keep it up beastman, just don't go crazy with the fics plot again, there is only so much weirdness a person can put up with.

PS: To Tiger's remark, What do you mean about that Girl's Gone Wild thing? Are you implying I know them or seen the video's? Same on you for thinking that! I'm not that type of person, at least not until my friends succeed on brainwashing me some day. Oh and that Busuzima thing I said, I had a lapse in memory, you already know how bad it is my dear...
Soundwood chapter 6 . 7/5/2004
Mrowl. This was one weird chapter. Stun was fighing Kojiro, that's cool, but who was he providing a distraction for (yeah, that's sad, huh?)...? I hope you let him be okay in the end, but any relations to Lisseth, I dunno 'bout that now. Bad Stun!

Hee, Kenji's same ol' Kenji. Glad he approves of his daughter. I thought that was cute _

I'm gonna guess who's voice that was talking to Reiko too...I'll read through all the chapters again for clues...and that other detective stuff.
Soundwood chapter 5 . 6/22/2004
Though I could've guessed that Rahne was a vampire, it was suprising to know her (kinda) sister is Lisseth. And I don't mean to diss her, but she got beat down by cool-old-man Kenji! That gave me a good laugh.

And Stephen...oh, poor Stephen. Hopefully he'll make the right decision. And get his rightful ending.

In the fifth paragraph; you have both Roman and Kojiro say the other's entire name. Don't they know each other already? I know this is petty, but I had to pick at it.
VGuyver chapter 5 . 6/21/2004
-_-0 Vampires, intresting I suppose but over done by so many people, and since they were geneticly made, they shouldn't have a weakeness towards the cross or holy water, the sun maybe but nothing unrelated to science that is created by science shouldn't be connected with such odd effects.

I'll have to admit, the story is getting intresting in some points and Kenji sounds cool for his age. Other's on a different point can and couldv'e been made better but it's good enough to keep me intrested. Meanwhile I'm pretty damn intrested as to what happened to Steven. After all, he himself was a blood sucker before this time. I'm sure Jenny died from being drained, but I wonder (fearfuly) that Jenny was related to Rahne in some odd sexual encounter were she get's bitten and killed during the climax.(shivers)
Tiger5913 chapter 4 . 6/19/2004
*laughs* I'm honestly surprised that Alex, of all people, did ~not~ comment on that heated lesbian scene, haha. _~ Guyver, Guyver... he sure does pick up a lot of the little things, doesn't he, Beastman? *evil grin* X-Files meets Girls Gone Wild, LMAO! I wonder just how would he know about Girls Gone Wild, eh? *mysterious glint in eyes* Anyhoo, I shall continue this review: interesting twist of events, I never thought Rahne would have a problem controlling herself, let alone attack Reiko like that. Rahne seems like the type of woman who wants to personally keep control over the situation, so geez, this certainly came as a surprise. Tell us more about this Divinity Project! Hm, I wonder what is in store next for our enigmatic heroine... She definitely needs to take care of that problem of losing self-control though; it would be kinda really wrong of her to take advantage of an incapacitated person like Reiko. ;_;
Tiger5913 chapter 3 . 6/19/2004
I don't know why Guyver was confused, but maybe he's unaware that Busuzima is the last name, and Hajime is his first name. I know it's weird, since everyone always just calls him Busuzima, but that is his surname, and his first name is Hajime, so I hope that clears up the confusion should you ever see this review, Guyver. Anyway, onto the good stuff! Lesbianism, I'm sure that made your male readers quirk their eyebrows up in curiosity. *snicker* I don't mind, but I don't want Kenji and Uriko's family line to end with Reiko because she decided to be with women. Harhar, Busu couldn't find a woman so he had to create a son... what a loser... maybe he should've asked Reiko for tips on picking up chicks, eh? *grin* Rahne's accent is really weird and seriously reminds me of Rogue from X-Men... despite the fact that you said she's not Southern. *shrug* Anyway, I know you can't wait for the second battle between Kenji and Uriko to be done, so I worked on chapter 29 this morning, and now the whole thing is half-way completed. _ Almost ready to go! Keep encouraging me when you get online tonight, and I'll see if I can finish the chapter up tomorrow night after work, okay? :)
Tiger5913 chapter 2 . 6/19/2004
Poor Richard, killed after only being in this fic for two chapters. 0 Beastman, stop killing off our beloved characters, damn it! They all deserve a chance to live! (And you said I'm bad for creating AKS Kenji - at least I didn't have him kill Uriko. .;) Reiko is cool... I'm surprised that she's blind - I assume this is a negative gene she received from daddy's beast form - but it's awesome that she can still kick ass without sight to aid her. That Lisseth chick is really creepy, and I hope she'll die soon. Damn her for killing off Jane and Long's kid... *sad sigh*
AlexTheGreyWolfe chapter 4 . 6/17/2004
I'm confused. So is this hologram Harada spoke to, was that actually Reiko, and if it was, what are these activities she's been involved in that Busu alluded to?

VGuyver chapter 4 . 6/17/2004
The the Fu... err..What just happened? It's like X-Files meets Girls Gone Wild. Roman Tylon, I'm intrested in learning what he's like. I'm also wondering as to how Hamada blackmailed Reiko, and How his helping Goldberg has him working for him. Other wuestions, is Gado's grankid still alive because of the project? Why is Rahne transforming, and lusting at Reiko for sex and blood? I'm thinking she killed Jenny in this form... One more thing, what in the world can Hamada blackmail Reiko with? Late night parties? Furthur more is, why is Busuzima still alive? Or was that a Typo?
VGuyver chapter 3 . 6/17/2004
O_o Well, I wasn't expecting a Lesbian from Kenji and Uriko, but then again who would expect it from any family? I give ye points for originality. Yes, and one of my theories of how Harada was made was true, he is indeed a manufactured son of Busuzima! (Funny how Busuzima got bumped off) Harada is indeed a handsomely devilish indevidual whom anyone would care to hate. Now, this DNA twist thing is good, I wonder... As for what's happoning between Reiko and Rahne, wasn't since whne did iether one express a desire to get into lesbian action? I didn't see it (Personaly beastman, I think your doing this for perverted reasons):P

Well so far so good, well except for killing off a pontentaly cool character (Gado's grankid ya dope, sounded good from de start me lad) So do keep up the good work.
Gorilla of Doom chapter 4 . 6/17/2004

Greg:Whoa...Does that scene mean that Rahne is...

We aren't even gonna talk about that interesting, grotesque, odd, and crazy scene.

Greg:There isn't anything bad about the scene. I liked it. Makes me feel good to be a man.

That scene could be in your circus!

Greg:Good idea! I like it! Women making out! I like, no, love this story! Update soon!
Soundwood chapter 4 . 6/17/2004
Interesting drop-off right there, Mr. Beastman. I wanna know who this...Roman Tylon is...

I like the fact that you didn't drop Rahne's Scottish heritage. And, it seems like Harada's got more than dirt on anyone he meets. Geez, what a bastard! Anywho, the only scene I didn't get was Rahne's nightmare. So, what, is Rahne like Jenny and lives forever, or is it something else as well? And what is an aberration? Oh, I'm so confused.
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