Reviews for Roses AKA Harry Potter and the Overbearing OC
Maria chapter 13 . 1/17/2008
This story is pretty good, so far. There are a bunch of problems, though. Sirius can't marry Narcissa because they're first cousins.
Darth Buttercup chapter 20 . 2/16/2007
Wa! You've stopped updating this one. I like it.I would like to see it finished.:D!
Terra4 chapter 4 . 5/31/2006
Love it
sleepwalker chapter 1 . 12/13/2005
Great fanfic! Hilarious stuff. Too bad there isn't a really Tory in the series!

When do u next update?
Valerie chapter 17 . 10/10/2005
Heyy lizzy!

omg i love the way u used the names

csi-zi and shatarni so creative!

and was amy the brunette on flute lol ?

well done!

s2 valerie
LeoDraconis chapter 20 . 7/27/2005
HI LIZ! I've never bothered to review anything before, so feel special! Anyway... I haven't actually read your story... but I'll get around to it eventually... Just thought I'd drop you a line. Don't forget IOU 1 x favour of the special sort ;) lmao. CATCHYA LATA!
Lioness chapter 20 . 5/9/2005
good job it was really good and i am really excited for the next chapters.
Freaky-Little-Bird chapter 20 . 5/8/2005
Well, well. About time dear Elizabeth. Jason Isaacs? Well I'm sure thathe would be happy to feature in your marvellous story my dear.

You spelt Trelawny wrong! Its not Trewlany! Its TRELAWNY you bloody bum! Sorry about that.

Hmm... did you know that Tori's potions skills actually reming me of my own cooking skills... more extreme though. Possibly...

Ah! Now the reason for you constantly humming the funeral march is unleashed! Did you know that it is actually quite fun to sing the funeral song in a happy tune? I do it all the time. Not odd!

No! No spending time with Harry. Well, maybe. I mean it is based in the Harry Potter universe and everything. But we need MORE DRACO! Wait, what am I doing? I like brunettes! I HATE blondes! No more Draco! More Harry! More brunette-goodness! Yes, that's better. Much better. More brunettes! Less blondes! That should be your motto from now on dear Elizabeth. I can just see you shouting it in the streets: "More brunettes! Less blondes!" It would work well for you. We'll just ignore the fact that your hair is a light brunette/dark blonde kind of colour shall we?

And I got the biggest shock when I read the bit about Tori's cat. I thought that you said that Blaise was on Tori's bed. And that's not right. It gets kind of confusing with a Blaise and a Blaze.

Anyway, brilliant chapter my dear! Update again soon. How long has it been since the last update anyway? Too long I reckon.

Cheerio my dear!

And remember that motto: "More brunettes! Less blondes!" It's something to live by.
oddlittleoddball chapter 20 . 5/8/2005
WHAT? What is this? There is no Draco Malfoy (well there is but not nearly enough!), no Sirius Black… and no random snogging! I hate you Liz! Hate you! But… then again you did put a Queen of the Damned quote in there. I picked it up before the end. I was amused… ever so amused. Damn Lestat is hot, as is Draco Malfoy YOU chose not to include him (very much)! That’s it! I’m going back to hating you! Oh! And what’s this? You started swearing! Liz! How could you? And not as in “smegging” swearing either! You said a very naughty word. Very naughty, you’re a bad widdle girl! Very bad! No soup for you! But what the hell is with that song? You can be a little scary sometime… brilliant, but scary. And why has Tori named her cat after her, well for the moment, most hated individual. It doesn’t matter if it’s spelt differently. Oh! And don’t think I didn’t pick up on your little “Jason Isaac” insertion. Even if Isaacs does have an ‘s’ on the end. But I’m not going to be picky, and pedantic about it. I’m going to just let it slide, see… this is me letting it slide. Marvel at my sliding abilities! Marvel dammit! MARVEL! And I don’t care if you think Tori should be spending time with Harry. What hormone driven girl could possibly want to spend time with her brother over Draco Fucking Malfoy (Ha! I said a naughtier word than you!). And Tori is turning back into you. She’s not approaching Draco anymore. She’s just watching from afar. One could almost say that she may be afraid of sexual confrontation… Moving on: the SMALL library incident with Blaise. Très amusant oh frowning one. Thou art the very epitome of amusing anecdotes. Oh Frowing One, please, lead us not to temptation, AKA: Draco Malfoy, and relieve our suffering, AKA: waiting for ToriDraco action! Am I getting the message through? Yay? Nay? Yah Darling! You know what I think? No? Well I’m going to inform you (surprise surprise). You need to put more Blaise-being-tortured-at-the-hand-of-Draco-Malfoy-ness. That’s what you need! Torture the evil bastard! KEEL HIM! Actually, no, just stick to torturing. Torturing shall suffice. Right, that’s it. I’m spent. Sorry it’s not as long as my normal reviews but I really need to get this history stuff done.

Toodles Frown

PS: Don’t worry about Alison… she’s a anal retentive little prat.
Smileyfacedudet chapter 1 . 4/24/2005
Pretty good, i'l give u tht. I normally don't like AU fanfics, but this one's pretty good!
Freaky-Little-Bird chapter 19 . 3/31/2005
Hey pookie, we both know that I actually read this chapter when you first updated but due to extremem laziness on my part I have not updated. Until now of course. I'm leaving in around fifteen minutes but decided that I may as well review your marvellous story. The chapter was great and I really, really, really, want you to update again as soon as possible! Please, please, please, please!

Anyway, you owe me after the whole shoe for a lollipop thing. That was still mean and I won't forgive you unless you update with the fastest speed. (Also, if you don't update soon I shall continue to call you 'pookie' Muhahahaha!)

Cheers, pookie!

oddlittleoddball chapter 19 . 3/13/2005
Howdy do frown,

Ok, so I've read the chapter... are you proud of me? Am I the first to review? I haven't been the first in such a long time. Bloody Alison has probably beaten me to it again -sigh- oh well, my review are more insane! Mwahahahahahahaha! Ok, now on the actual reviewing part of this review. I'd just like to start off by saying that I'm very disappointed that there were no snogging sequences in this chapter. Do you realise the hot-ness of Draco Malfoy? There is no way in hell Tori could show that much self restraint. I mean, think about it, how many girls, or even guys for that matter, do you think could actually sit in a room with that boy and not want to throw themselves at him? Ok, it's alright, I'm over it. I CAN RESIST DRACO MALFOY!... wait... no... no I can't. Oh well, let's move on shall we? As always, I enjoyed this chapter immensely. Blaise and his abuse-ment from Draco… it almost makes you feel sorry for the bloke... almost. Give that evil bastard hell for me Liz! As if he hasn’t already been put through hell by Draco, have I mentioned how much I love that boy? But there is also a severe lack of Snape in this chapter. I love your Snape. You have to promise me that you’ll have Snape back in the next chapter for me. Sexy Alan Rickman accent and all. Oh, and you made the right choice to remove your ranting. It was a bit over the top but this one works much better. Tori doesn’t seem quite as insane this way. Oh, the other person you’ve missed out is Harry. We haven’t spoken to the actual Harry Potter in a fair while. I mean, I know that Draco’s hot, but you’ve cut out quite a lot of Harry to put more Draco in. Wait… I’m contradicting myself now. First I said that I wanted more Draco, and now I’m saying I want less Draco and more Harry. Ok, scrap that, we need more Harry, more snogging of Draco (preferably half or fully naked but I’ll take what I can get), and more sexiness of Snape’s accent. Do you think you can do it Liz? I’ll make a deal with you. You put all that in there and I’ll write you a 10 word review. And, it’s in writing so I can’t back out of it. Oh, and there’s on thing that bothers me in this chapter, why does Blaise have fan girl? He’s bloody Blaise Zabini! What’s so god damn special about Blaise? He’s an evil little twat, and not in the good way like Draco. Hm… have you noticed how I seem to have related everything to Draco Malfoy in this review? I think I may be slightly obsessed. What’s your professional opinion? Yes? Yeah, I’d agree with that. Ok, no more Draco for the rest of the review. Starting now, this review is a Draco free zone. Ok, well not then but now because I mentioned him again. Ok… starting…. NOW! Oh, there was something I seem to notice in this chapter, you seem to have based a lot of the things Tori does on Alison. Is that just me or did you purposefully do that? Maybe I’m just insane so I’ll move on from that. I really should delete some of the random things I’ve written in this review but if I do that you won’t get the full Lucy-brain-thought-process-thing, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that now would you? So again, I’ll keep going and move onto my hatred for this Alex kid. At first he seemed kind of harmless and just annoying. But I’d like to suggest that we begin a “Let’s kill Alex Marsh Club”. We could meet every second Sunday and decide the best way to kill the malicious little prat. What do you think? Ok, I really need to get onto my homework now so I’ll leave this review at a mere… 713 words long? Dear Lord, I need to find a hobby – lol.

Toodles Frown

PS: I kept it a Draco Free review… well at least up until that point I did… DAMN IT!

natalie chapter 18 . 1/29/2005
Now that's more like it! Stuff the rating, little kids need this type of influence at an early age. Gets them to know the real world earlier, or should i say the HP Liz world. Keep up the good work babe! XNatX

P.S Always knew you had those sexual vibes in ya. Wait til yoa writing becomes reality! Ha! Hey boys, here comes Liz...;)
oddlittleoddball chapter 18 . 1/28/2005
Oh dear, Frown, Frown, Frown, Frown, Frown, Frown, Frown. You couldn’t help yourself could you? You just needed an intense snogging scene didn’t you? Ah well, I’m not going to complain. And I’m fully backing you up for everyone to read dragon tamer, that was my find by the way, and an excellent find it was. Right, now getting on to actually reviewing YOUR chapter rather than advertising Dragon Tamer –starts yelling ‘read! Read! READ!’-. Brilliant chapter, although again, I do need to take some of the credit. Ah, poor Blaise. But then and he did piss off Draco Malfoy –mutters ‘idiot’-. Poor child, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. I didn’t get recognition at the end, I’m ever so depressed. Ah well, there are worse things in life. You also quoted Pirates. Don’t think I wouldn’t pick up on that one. ‘They’re more like guidelines.’ That’s one saying I’m always glad to live by. But Draco really IS getting very abusive in this chapter… he reminds me of someone – HI ALISON!-. And you’ve turned Tori into a bloody masochist! What is it with you and pleasure from pain! –mutters ‘kinky little prat’ -. I don’t think it’s very health Liz. Oh Liz, Liz, Liz, Liz… Whatever are we going to do with you and your sordid little fantasies? Oh, and just so you know, the part with the, oh man what was it called? Sykersqualsh? I could so see you doing that. Poking it to see if it deflates or bursts. Yep, that’s definitely you. But dumping Draco in the lake, lol, very cool. Undoubtedly a love/hate relationship. I was laughing for a full 5 minutes. Hell, my brother had to come in and tell me to shut up. ‘Twas rather amusing to say the least. But then I read about your strange soldiers and their war calls and I couldn’t help it. Hell, I feel off the sodding bed I was laughing that hard. It was all the bloody war call! “Onward brave soldiers! Yadaladidididida!” I can’t even type it without laughing. You need to work on that one. War call indeed. Oh, and then we get to the second Draco-abusing-Tori-moment. Heeheehee. Again, very cool, très coolio. But everyone should just remember ‘Nothing makes one so vain as to be told one is a sinner’. Oh the brilliants of Velvet Goldmine. Right…? Mr. BBC? Lol, sorry I can’t help it, such a brilliant movie. We must all bow down and praise Kirstin for her introducing us to that most fabulously hot movie. Again, you used my ‘oh yeah!’. That’s such a excellent quote. What can I say? I’m just a genius, as are you for making it work so many times. This makes us genii. Lol, I love that word. Blame Kirstin again for that one… she keeps getting me hooked on these bloody words! And then, to top of an tremendous chapter, you brought Snape back… in all his bitching, arrogant so very amusing glory. I have to say, out of all your characterisations, your Snape is the best. He’s so… well bitter towards everything that has to do with Potters, Gryffindors, and pathetic potion skills. Oh he amuses me greatly. And Draco’s ‘intrigued’ is he? That’s interesting… that’s very interesting. Well I shall being looking forward to an explanation to that one in the next chapter. Righto, well that’s it for me then. I think this review should be of sufficient length for you then, clocking up at about 644 words. Lol. I’ll leave you to it and see you bright and early tomorrow morning – grins maliciously -.


PS: I was the first to review again! Yay! Go me! HA! You didn’t beat me this time Alison! Mwahahahahahaha –continues insane evil laughter until falling off chair before getting up and posting the review –

Toodles Frown!
Freaky-Little-Bird chapter 18 . 1/28/2005
Is it possibly true? May I have reviewed before Lucy? Again? Probably not. Oh well... Now, the chapter!

Although I do not agree with the abuse against Hagrid, I must say that I definitely agree with the abuse against Blaise (you do a magnificent job of torturing the poor bugger Liz) and - to some extent - the punishing of one Victoria Potter. Who would have thought that Draco malfoy could be such a kinky little bastard? Oh wait, we already knew he was didn't we? By the way (I refuse to say by the by, Lucy) whats with the relationship between Draco and Snape? Or does Snape let every student say the 'f' word to him now? And since when does Snape talk about hickeys? Not that I disapprove or anything!

Overall another smashingly brilliant chapter - even though you did make us wait for FAR too long to read it. You deserve to be punished Liz! And I don't mean in the kinky Draco way either! No, I think that I shall leave your punishment to Lucy... that should be fun!

So, brilliant job Liz, and don't make us wait so long for the next chapter!

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