Reviews for Fixing Broken Glass
BarbedCaress chapter 15 . 10/11
Ok story until Harry went all gooey.
After all the hell they put him through and a year later he is sitting down to dinner with them?
Twenty to fifty years later... maybe...
In short, in my opinion, your version of Harry Betrayed portrays Harry as a near saint.
Good writing...
The plot is just too "unicorns and rainbows"
But thanks for sharing. I will read more of your work.
sychofish31 chapter 15 . 9/23
This story started off pretty good then in my opinion it went to crap with all this forgiveness crap in a relatively short time - its not my cup of tea... but again good start
Epeefencer chapter 5 . 8/3
25 Galleons about $300, awful expensive for a credit card.
Harry still loves Ginny, you can tell because of how hurt he is just seeing her.
Archimand chapter 15 . 6/27
story is bad, never forgive never forget ...
Guest chapter 6 . 6/3
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AccioFirebolt8853 chapter 6 . 5/21
this bears an eerie resemblance to 'redemption' by krtshadow
bellalib chapter 15 . 5/21
:-( I say two thumbs down. Harry was supposed to so powerful but didn't have a backbone. The heck he went through and he forgives them in like two seconds. I don't think so. I'm glad he forgave them...
Srrysir chapter 5 . 3/6
Godric's Hollow is the whole village, you know.
andyjhorton chapter 15 . 2/26
just cause you say its complete doesnt mean you ended it, otherwise good read.
Srrysir chapter 3 . 2/18
It shouldn't have been he struck it with the sword and it dissipated. It sounds like the sword dissipated.
Srry chapter 2 . 2/16
Priori Incantatem.
Nova chapter 1 . 1/31/2014
I hate the triangles and circles, so I have to say I would have read this but since they are there and very distracting I gave up
Poet Wroet chapter 6 . 7/14/2013
I think you'll like the story "Redemption" by Krtshadow . It reminds me somewhat of this one.
abandonedaccountx chapter 15 . 7/6/2013
TheSpiritOfFanficPresent chapter 3 . 6/13/2013
Good job...very good job
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