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pumpkinfrankie chapter 11 . 3/13/2005
i know you are at your ends, but please, for your fans, continue. we love your story. it is what we are all waiting and expecting, but with your twist *wink* to finish. i know we all hate to review, i am a reviewer, i hate it. honestly. it is a pain. reading a work of literature and trying to determine it's worth. who are we to tell you what your ideas are? there are many stories meant to be told. to be honest, your's are beautiful. a work of 'in progess work'. a work of amazing intinuity. something j.k. only could wish for. i hope you continue, we all await the 6th book, but you have written it. you have an intellect to rival us all. please, for us all, write. please.
James Milamber chapter 11 . 2/23/2005
Hmm...well, I finally finished. Now, my honest critique:

To start with, I'll say right off the bat: Brethren of Ares was brilliant. Arch of Hades...not so much. You seem to be struggling considerably, and I'm not sure why. BoA was clever, funny, with a good, more or less cohesive story - AoH just doesn't seem to have that, or at least not yet. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, it just seems...disjointed, and not at all up to the standards of BoA. On a purely picky note, there are also quite a few syntax and grammatical errors, which are driving me nuts.

Anyway, now that the nasty stuff is out of the way, time for some theories. Hmm...from what I could gather out of the Dream, it sounds remarkably like Ginny is going to die, but there will be the possibility of resurection - or something along those lines.

[The brunette spoke. "You're going to lose her."

"And we don't know if she can come back."

"It's not going to be easy."]

Those lines seem to suggest that it will be up to Harry to do whatever is needed to bring whoever "her" is back...I'm still leaning towards Gin, though. All good stories need to be H/G. So sayeth the Almighty Lord Milamber. Muahahahahaha! *cough hack*

ANYWAY. Aside from that, the rest of the dream sounds like something Trelawney would sprout. (For some bizarre reason, now I'm pissing myself laughing over the scene in PoA. "You didn't sound so sure when you were telling Harry it was a donkey!") Ahh...I'm weird, ignore me.

Right, before I make myself out to be any more insane than I already have, I'm going to go. Dunno if you've seen the latest chapter of HPMM...if you haven't, I'd suggest looking at the A/N at the top...;)


Bel'la, Zin'olhyrran, Shosan
Wren Truesong chapter 11 . 2/22/2005
In -this- story, I'm going to see if I can find out exactly how much text a review will let me post. The easiest way to do this is, of course, to combine several chapters' review in one post.

Besides, that way you only have to hit delete -one- more time instead of... *checks* ...eleven.

Oh, Remus writes the Biography! Hurrah!

*winces re: Sirius and Lil's convo a little*

*grins faintly at Hermione's idea* It's a good one, God knows.


"Naturally," says a St. Mungo's worker who wishes to remain anonymous, "Aren't all saviors a bit mad? Just look at Dumbledore. In Harry Potter's situation, it's completely natural to lose your mind, what with all he's been through. I highly doubt he'd hurt anyone, though- except for You-Know-Who, of course..."

..the worker's got a point, and since s/he isn't saying Harry is dangerous, I'll let her/him live.

For now.

I wonder how long the bit about owling the Ministry re: reporters took to negotiate? Oh, shut UP, you bloody vultures.

I thought Hedwig couldn't fly any more?

...Damn, Harry's -not- a minor in the Wizarding World anymore, is he? Probably why she's trying this. Bugger.

Chapter 2

Die, Dudley, Die.

Molly, never leave a part-Veela not much older than the people she's minding alone with her boyfriend to mind your kids.

Oh God not strip poker. *Very Evil Grin*

Chapter 3

Ginny, -how- long after Fleur closed the door did it take you to suggest this? Thirty seconds?

'she's very pretty, but I'm with you'. In any other circumstances, that might have been the right answer. But Padma thinks she's going to die, and loves you.

Chapter 4

Triumphantly, Harry and Ron apparated a few feet away from the start of the Burrow’s wards. Marching, they made their way to the kitchen door and banged it open. Ginny, who stood at the counter preparing dinner, said nothing.

Ron scoffed. 'Men are here.'

Harry dropped to one knee. 'Apparating men.'

Ginny threw a loaf of bread at them. Harry caught it and pulled a piece off. 'Thanks.'


'I was going to leave, sir. To fight Voldemort.'

Molly and Hermione both gasped.

Arthur sized him up again before speaking. 'You are not to leave this house.'

Harry nodded his gaze back on the floor.

'Not ever. No Diagon Alley. No day trips. Until school, you are restricted to the house and the grounds.'

Harry nodded, swallowing.

Arthur dropped a hand on his shoulder. Harry looked up in surprise. The older man’s face had softened. 'You're like a son to us, Harry. It's time we started treating you like it.' A small smile appeared. 'You're grounded.'

I do love Arthur so. (partly because i'm in favour of the 'Harry appreciates being treated like a son properly-including punishments-because all -he- ever got was punishment for breathing, nobody ever really gave a damn' school.

Hermione tossed a bag of crisps at Harry. He caught it easily. 'So, 'sister' mine,' he said, making reference to a long standing joke between them, 'what do you want to do now that you've volunteered to keep me company whilst our friends cavort about Diagon Alley?'

I love the joking bits of this scene. And the heavy part is brilliant, as always.

Chapter 5

The three friends made their way out of the Great Hall and to the Headmaster's office. Albus murmured the password to the gargoyle. As it scampered out of the way, it sent concerned looks at the headmaster and headmistress. Severus scowled fiercely at it, and it returned to its original state. They stepped carefully onto the moving staircase without words, Severus supporting both of them, although none of them would admit it. They arrived at the door, Albus stepping forward. He drew a long finger down the heavy wooden door, imitating the goblins at Gringotts. It shivered, and opened wide.

this... i... can't even begin to describe the emotions it evokes.

..somehow I never really think about how -old- Albus is.

...generally, I don't think -he- does.

...the #$) #$ did you do to Draco! o.o

Chapter 6

"Harry, its coming! It'll be here soon!" Draco pointed at Dumbledore. "You'll think that it was fulfilled- but it won't be! Two will die! Two! And there's nothing you can do to stop it!" His eyes slid out of focus, and he fell to the floor, once again screaming wordlessly. He curled up into a ball. Harry was unable to tell if the boy was in pain or not.

...there are gods' hands in this.

He realized with a start that last year, when Draco had questioned him about the Prophecy, he was just doing his job...and Harry had beaten him up. He felt a slight lurch of guilt when his mind inevitably flowed over to the image of the tortured boy in the Hospital Wing.

...i didn't want him to learn -this- way. .

It was Cedric. Not ghost Cedric, but real, solid, living, breathing, smiling Cedric.

Oh. Crap.

"No. I'm not letting you go to hell. I promise."

Oh God. Damn it, Padma... I love you. And Dean. But you know about mice and men...

Chapter 7

Oh. God.

Also, I hope my Avalanche of Reviews will help your spirits.

chapter 7 3/4

Congratulations on the latest example of the Harry's Funky Dream.

Hermione huffed and rolled her eyes. "Well, Harry, it's not like we're at war or anything." Her tone was positively dripping with sarcasm.

Harry grinned. "Even if we were, it's not like I would be playing a part or anything. I'm just a random kid who fell on his forehead at a young age."

"Of course. And you've never faced evil."

"Who, me? Nah."


chapter 8

...that's not just dead people, that's Harry's sight adrift in time. o.o

Chapter 9

The zark does Seymour want?

Oh! Please make Harry sing! Harry wants to run away and become a rock star, he just needs to figure it out!

*grins* Go Gin.

And oh yes, I want to hit the button. I want to hit zee button. I WANNA PUSH THE BUTTON! *does!*
jim chapter 11 . 2/17/2005
What happened to harry/padam dont make it h/g there are tons of them and this is the only padma one i know off.
kizzlenbits chapter 11 . 2/10/2005
Lazteuq chapter 11 . 2/5/2005
Interesting... no new chapter in three months, then I review, and not 24 hours later, a new chapter appears... ;). I can think of a few other stories that are seemingly discontinued where I should try the same thing.

So professor Seymour will finally reveal her secrets... or something. And this talent show should be rather amusing. :)
Thunder's Shadow chapter 10 . 2/4/2005
::GASPS:: Okay, so I just found out that you have a new story (a sequel to an awesome one!) and for some reason, I haven't been getting your author alerts.. Hmm.

Anyway.. A CAMEO? Seriously? Oh my God, I would LOVE that! ::Tries to think of forthcoming plot:: Um.. Ginny is the one in the prophecy? (I like Ginny/Harry, I hope I'm wrong!).. Um, Draco knows something about who loves Harry? ::sighs:: I don't know! But if you're willing to give me a cameo anyway.. ::winks:: Lol.

Keep up the fantastic work! I hope another update comes soon.


Lazteuq chapter 10 . 2/4/2005
Hm, over three months since the last update... let's hope this story will still be continued. I've read the previous story too and I must say, although I've always been faithfully H/G (with a few rare H/C exceptions), this Padma ship worked better than I had expected.

Oh, and I love the dreams... I'm sure there is foreshadowing and everything in it, but it's mysterious enough that it doesn't give away the plot. Same thing for the mysterious ghosts (?) in the past few chapters.

And I agree with what you said a while ago, about H/G not happening from one day to the next... some people really make it love at first sight, which would be quite alright - if Harry hadn't been around Ginny for several years already.
Greek Mione chapter 10 . 10/24/2004
ok...time for a very very very very very very long review...(we both going to be reading the chapter over again as i review so i hope its not confusing to you...

here we go!

aw...Harry's parents died on halloween? i guess that ruins the trick-or-treating for but candy would cheer everyone up wouldnt it? at least it would cheer me

omg why is harry seeing this scene? and what do you mean that lily might not be capable of having children cause of an attack...what attack?

when will harry ask ginny out? even tho i dont like that pair that much...its bugging ! lol.. dont they realize they like each other?

luv the password to dumbledores office! lol only dumbledore would think of something like ...wait was his lessons the occulumency...or however you say it?

anyway that was the end of the chappie...i hope it cheered you up! dont forget to update soon and eat candy...I LOVE CANDY! (and sry im a little hyper there... update soon!

and review my fic! lol

Love always,

Creative Deficit chapter 10 . 10/11/2004
I actually had a very vivid Harry Potter dream the night before last ( I actually didn't sleep last night, so no dreaming) which is rare for me (to have vivid dreams) but it wasn't very cryptic. If I had the patience to write a fanfiction, it would make a good story. My rare vivid dreams usually are very interesting and all.

And the Ginny threat still stands. I see what you are doing, you are trying to scare me into thinking you will kill her off but know what, that just isn't cool. Not cool at all, OK? And all of us fanfiction nerds are very cool, so you could get a note from the fanfiction authorities informing you you aren't cool and must leave if you incur my wrath because I like Ginny and Luna and Hermione too bla bla bla I'm rambling.

Yeah, very threatening-sounding, when I ramble.

Heathz chapter 9 . 10/3/2004
Hey another brilliant chapter as per usual hope you updat again soon

Nathalie chapter 9 . 10/1/2004

I am a new reader and I really like your stories. One question though. I know it is a bit late to ask but I only started reading this yesterday. How did Harry send letters to his friends and how did Hdwig go hunting? I thought she couldn't fly anymore.

Keep writing!

Creative Deficit chapter 9 . 9/28/2004
I like it, keep them coming, my threat concerning Ginny still stands, I love how cryptic the dream was, yesh!

Greek Mione chapter 9 . 9/27/2004
yay! you updated!

what was the dream kinda confused goin to read it again...but i kno who those girls were!yay for that!

anyway...sry this review is really getting ready for dance at notre dame! i cant believe we made it!...but next week we have to stay after skool...

anyway...update soon!

Love Always,

Greek Mione
Heathz chapter 8 . 9/19/2004
Hey I love the update and i'm sorry for not reviewing before but i'd like to tell you i love this story


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