Reviews for Lost and Found
RedSpiderLily06 chapter 1 . 1/16
This was incredible! You’re a fantastic writer and I really love how you make the characters come to life, feel realistic. Also, I’ve browsed a bit on your page, and it seems you like all of the, a bit more unusual, ships that I’ve always been interested in. I can’t wait to read more of your work. Your amazing!
Stille und regen chapter 22 . 7/7/2020
hey it was an incredible story
It is a very nice, funny and sweet epilogue
I love it
thanks for writing and sharing. you are awesome
Stille und regen chapter 21 . 7/7/2020
oh, i love chess pieces, imagine the advice, imitating the piece or angry at sirius is extremely fun
I love how they finally admitted / clarified something.
and narcissus is cute
i loved it
Stille und regen chapter 20 . 7/7/2020
oh my god, when i read blonde highlights, my mind screamed Peter
this damn
he's a right bastard, ugh
Stille und regen chapter 19 . 7/7/2020
remus is sweet

you know, i got scared there, thinking it could have been a mistake on the eyes.
but lmao, I jumped when it was a deliberate detail
and omg

you filled me with hope and then killed me
Stille und regen chapter 18 . 7/7/2020
hey, i forgot to comment. but the fanart was adorable.

and the pendant is cute
and these two are so lost. and Protts is really sweet
and the memories of harry and ron are so bittersweet.
great chapter
Stille und regen chapter 15 . 7/7/2020
wow, that was a super kiss
Stille und regen chapter 14 . 7/7/2020
my heart hurts, but it's about how much I loved this chapter. it was amazing
Stille und regen chapter 13 . 7/7/2020
I love it
Stille und regen chapter 12 . 7/7/2020
drunk hermione is so funny. I loved reading this. the lock with the name dumbledore was hilarious
is great chapter
I still expected Hermione to retaliate against George, lmao. pity
Stille und regen chapter 11 . 7/7/2020
draco is still an asshole right
makes me want to punch the idiot
you wrote about he very well
Stille und regen chapter 8 . 7/7/2020
the globin's dark fun with the cart was funny
and I love it
Stille und regen chapter 7 . 7/7/2020
oh, poor remus
and I love Protts, he seems to be a good friend
and I like the interactions between sirius and hermione
Stille und regen chapter 6 . 7/7/2020
Lmao, Prott is funny
Stille und regen chapter 5 . 7/7/2020
the events still seem confused, but this is due to hermione herself, to how she thinks and remembers and the inability to speak only.
so you convey her feelings well and it’s so painful
and i love it
I'm relieved that Lupin is alive
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