Reviews for Ancient Secrets
a56kbpsmetaphor chapter 2 . 9/25/2004
uhm... ah... what... was... Kira-kun doing in... uhm a skirt? - there are no explanations whatsoever in the 2 chapters about what's going on (most importantly about the skirt and Sara's dream). some of it is okay, but leave explanations too long and people get confused and interest dwindles, especially when you're not updating say, at least a week. the suspense is good and tantalizing but suspense comes with a shelf-life. This story-so-far needs more "hooks". putting out some hints about the details of Sara's dream would help pull some curiosity/interest. and of course, it's your choice, but i found the "pov notations" to be a little disruptive to my reading experience. it's not really necessary if you can make clear who was speaking in each segment, and you could, so it just looked a little "drafty", like it was notes you left on your copy and forgot to remove. story adherance... well, it looks like the opening to AS so far so there's not much i can say about your story/idea development ; however, this has been good work. if there was more of it you'd be able to keep readers reading. i like the clean abruptness in your sentences in the second chapter. the suspense and action carries adequetely, but like i mentioned before, shelf-life... you need to update to keep it working.
Tejas chapter 3 . 9/13/2004
Well Happy belated birthday to you !,But I still want a update from to read a story about what I think is the main couple. (who are almost never written about )
Shadow Hound chapter 2 . 7/14/2004
Everything has gotten way more confusing so maybe I shouldn't even be reviewing this fic until I get to know Angel Sanctuary better. I like the size of each chapter now, it's easier to focus and pay attention.
Shadow Hound chapter 1 . 7/14/2004
Very mysterious... Even though I know very little about Angel Sanctuary I could still enjoy this fanfic. Can't wait for the next one!
Squall'sScar chapter 2 . 7/12/2004
I loved this chapter! I'm fine with the shorter chapters, since it's faster to update. The changes in the POV only add to the enjoyment of the story. Don't change it. Looking forward to "The Dream!"
Migoto Yuki Kitsune chapter 2 . 7/10/2004
Nice I love this story.

Longer chapters would be nice, but I guess the length that you usually have is fine

Keiichi-56 chapter 1 . 6/29/2004
Thast was so cool! I want to see more! You have a very unique writing style... You may like to read my first fic on Angel Sanct. If you want to i mean... *cough* ' anyway i REALLY enjoyed this, you should keep going...

Migoto Yuki Kitsune chapter 1 . 6/29/2004
WOW! I lurve it! Write more...NOW! Realy really god work

JoriWinter chapter 1 . 6/17/2004
I like the argument with herself. Yeah, always fun reading those... anyway, good job! Sounds like it could become interesting.
Squall'sScar chapter 1 . 6/8/2004
I love this! The action at the first chapter is the best idea. Sara's character development so far is superb. Looking forward to chapter two.
Christian chapter 1 . 6/5/2004
Oh! This is really good. Thank God it doesn't have any male on male action! Great fic, can't wait to read the rest!