Reviews for Over the Sun
Theadacia chapter 2 . 9/16/2004
Interesting. I haven't read any of her books that are modern, I usually don't read modern books, so I don't know if I can give you the best opinion, but it's an okay start. A little rough. I'm guessing that this was one of your first books? The only reason why I think that is because it doesn't quite flow right, but I'm intrested in what comes out. It's hard to get over that flowing thing. I've been writing for about 5 years now, with dozens of novels under my belt and I still don't have the flow thing quite worked out. Even, I'm sure, Ann Rinaldi and Stephen King have times when theirs don't quite work out. It's a good start though, please add more. I'm putting a book on soon, love it if you'd read and review for me. Hope to see you with more. Thea (ps. you're still making it onto my favorite stories list!)