Reviews for Love Endures Forever
owen hunt chapter 4 . 5/12/2011
aww i love your story it is so very touching that jack falls in love with janet.
Claire Meade chapter 16 . 3/22/2011
ok...that was cetainly heated...i loved it but FIY TMI!
ClassicTVfan chapter 25 . 2/21/2009
cute story but i felt that the story was lacking details. don't get me was good but i felt you could have gone in more details about jack telling janet that he loves her and so on. but good story...keep it up!
I Love John Ritter chapter 18 . 7/11/2004
OMG! That is so sad that Jack has cancer! I hope he gets better! Please update soon!
I Love John Ritter chapter 10 . 6/16/2004
Great story! Please update soon! You are doing such a great job!
drummergrl chapter 8 . 6/10/2004
Aww! This is so cute! I love it how JJ still act totally normal and so in love!:D! Cain't wait for the next chapter!:D!
drummergrl chapter 6 . 6/6/2004
Aww! I so can't wait for you to update the next chatper!:D!