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Dentarg chapter 9 . 11/25/2009
To Dane:

You too can also write fics to promote a Slash x Linda pairing as well if so choose to, if you're passionate about it there's nothing wrong with putting it down in words. That's part of getting your ideas out, following through with it.

If you want a personal opinion, the way I see that could make a Slash x Linda pairing is of course the tough love they already show each other. They have strong feelings for each other (even if it's shown negatively) but when it comes to the ways of friendship, if tested enough I can see it going beyond simple tough love and actually blossom into true love.

As I said though, I do not support pairings of any kind, I don't really care either way about pairings because they are not important to my story when I write.

Also, take into consideration many of the fanfics here are a few years old, you never know how many opinions may have changed since then.

- D
Dane chapter 1 . 11/25/2009
Dentarg, i appreciate your enthusiasm, i still like the sbk series cause of the fun, but i just accidently saw it the wrong way. i know the fanbase is strong, but theres just not many interesting updates. i apologize for harming you and disturbing you. i still like sbk occaisonally, but not to the fullest extent. i can't join forums because my parents won't allow me to. i just want to represent whats best for the series, but too many users got used to this jamxlinda fad and they're doing whatever it takes to extend it, it just bugs me. i'm very sorry for being an idiot towards you and making you upset, but what can i do to get more people into the slashxlinda pairing? because i felt like it died out. but for what i see, Linda will always hate slash and theres nothing i can do about it unless i search for a reason for the slashxlinda pairing like, ""do they pretend to hate each other?", stuff like that. now i don't know what to do.(crying)

- Dane

part of the anti jamxlinda club
Dentarg chapter 8 . 11/24/2009
To Dane:

You can still contact me directly, just check my profile here at and send me an email if you want to talk to me directly about the series. (burin077 at ) You can also find me on DeviantArt, just look up burin077.

You are honestly taking the series WAY too seriously if you're quitting the series just because "some" people think Jam x Linda is a good combo, I personally find pairings to be silly (Especially in SBK as the characters are much too young) and focus more on the fun factor of the game rather than the drama behind "ideas" of characters in pairs.

If I had to choose pairings myself, I am a fan of Slash x Linda myself, and I may have given a "hint" of this before in my fic, but I did not stress that as the main focus of it. It was cute, and it provided a sense of empathy between the characters, and sure it may look into something in the future, but it wasn't the point of my fic.

Honestly, talk to me if you want to talk SBK, there IS still a strong fanbase behind it, even if most of them won't come out into the open about it.

- Dentarg
dane chapter 1 . 11/24/2009
im offically quitting on the snowboard kids series because im already seeing too much of what i absolutely hate and im through with it. i told u, i hate jamxlinda with a passion because they're a bad couple compared to slashxlinda and no one wants to cooperate. as i see it, snowboard kids is ruined thanks to those responsible. sounds like i have to move on with my life and end my fandom on the sbk series. can't join forums because my parents wont allow me to do so . (im sorry, dentarg for harming you.)
Dentarg chapter 6 . 11/22/2009
To Dane:

I removed your review due to profanity as well as already having gone over this, we already went over it and if you want to argue this point further, contact me via AIM or Email.

Talk on the forums too if you want, request an account there at Snowboard Kids World too if you want to private message me there. Do not bring your anger up here on as I treat it as an attack on myself as I am the author of this story and I find this entirely offensive.

Talk to me directly, do not make a fool of yourself by posting your offensive reply as a review, it is not and it will be deleted immediately if it is not constructive.

- D
Dane chapter 1 . 10/24/2009
thank you dentarg. but i prefer it if jam went out with wendy.

now i understand a hundred percent. next time i contact you via AIM or stuff like that. have a good day.


part of the anti jam/linda club
Dentarg chapter 2 . 10/24/2009
To Dane: Pairings are always going to be an ongoing war in SBK and virtually any story that has characters that squabble with one another. In regards to Slash & Linda vs. Jam & Linda, I personally find a Slash & Linda pairing a bit more believable as I can not see Linda's personality meshing with Jam's. I DO however see Linda's personality clashing with Slash's in the case that they both attempt to upstage one another, and it can be considered a bit more believable that perhaps the reason they're competing so much is because they actually want to spend more time with one another. Jam would more want to display his skills for the masses rather than to impress a specific person. If anything I find Jam more suited with Nancy because Jam's not singling anyone out, and he's not really going after anyone offensively, more like friendly competition, much like what Nancy would perceive their snowboard games to be.

I wouldn't let pairings harm your image of the game either, the game is still going to be the same game even outside of what people perceive it as. I love the game for sake of it being the game, and I love getting into Linda's personality because she's my favorite character and I feel I can empathize with her the most.

If you have further questions on SBK, you should try and contact me directly so I don't have to keep reviewing my own story. Check my profile here on Fanfiction for more details. I tend to frequent AIM, so that's your best aim to find me.

- Dentarg
Dane chapter 1 . 10/23/2009
hey Dentarg, sorry to really disturb you. but i got a complaint, i really love the Slash and Linda couple ever since, but i'm starting to feel that the entire slash and linda couple love is dying out, only to be replaced by the Jam and Linda couple. i have an opinion but i won't go too far with this, I really really hate the Jam and Linda couple. why them as a couple? they just don't fit, it disgusts me. i begun to start losing interest of the SBK series because of it. what should i do, Dentarg? i know its kinda stupid for me to ask this, but what am i doing. what are your thoughts? :-(


part of the anti JamXLinda club
Dane chapter 1 . 7/1/2009
i hope you can read what i wrote to dentarg on the bottom, i just want to see his reaction to the comment on Slash and Linda's friendship with each other. of course, i don't mind them being rivals, because it wouldn't be snowboard kids without it.
Dane chapter 1 . 6/29/2009
Thank you for the reply, Dentarg. now i understand, but sometimes i like slash and linda to be friends with each other and that kind of stuff(i'm not going too far with this, trust me), and I don't mind them being rivals and everything, i know that is what it is all about, but sometimes they can be friendly to each other.

Thanks again for the reply, Dentarg, i appreciate it. Have a nice day! :)
P.S. like your tommy avatar.
Dentarg chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
To Dane:

The two characters I've always been depicting in a bit of a love/hate relationship. They like each others' company, but they also like to tease each other to keep the whole rivalry bit between them going. When I continue the series (Which I plan to when things aren't so busy around me lately.) this will be expressed a bit more. I apologize if it threw you for a loop.

- Dentarg
Dane chapter 1 . 6/23/2009
not bad at all. but i prefer the last two fics better. BTW i thought slash was kind to linda and linda was kind to slash, boy, was i wrong! i mean, look, slash was cheering linda up during the sick mother problem in fanfic 1 and helping linda survive unconciousness in mountains grace, the story was decent, i'm just saying a lot has changed since the last two stories, whats up with that? care to tell me, Dentarg? because i'm shocked,


shadowshock12 chapter 11 . 12/8/2007
dude sorry it's been so long since i've talked(reviewed) to you but I'm loving the story. Finish it up when u get the chance
Princess pac chapter 11 . 6/7/2007
Thanks for the update! - I'm looking foward to seeing how the race with Slash and Wendy will go. Good luck on your next chapter!
Princess pac chapter 10 . 3/19/2007
Great chapter!_ I wonder if I'll find out what Damien is up to in the next update... This is getting interesting, update again soon!
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