Reviews for Slam Dunk: Conquer the Nation
kailynx chapter 75 . 4/14
Whoa, Miyagi's team certainly got their proverbial asses kicked by Maki's, But since when something like this ever stopped our PG's fighting spirit? Somehow this game was important to Miyagi's development, both as a player and team leader. Now that Shohoku had reached the top eight and would be facing much stronger opponents, he needed to evolve more to ensure Shohoku's victory.

And to be acknowledge as the number one point guard, he had to surpass Maki. Go Miyagi!
kailynx chapter 74 . 4/14
Couldn't believe that Koshino wouldn't even factor Shohoku winning against Aiwa. I liked Hikoichi's faith in Shohoku's strength though - at least he's more likable than Aoba. Sendoh's habits, when he was not in a game was certainly cute.

Ho ho ho, the point guards' scrimmage looked as interesting as the Inter-High game itself. While all of them showed brilliant game play, I think Maki would always be a step ahead of them in talents. And hopefully would soon put that arrogant Takeshi in his place.

Wonder if Sakuragi would learn something from these guys.
kailynx chapter 73 . 4/13
Aoba... could be annoying. Though sometimes I could understand her deduction. Shohoku was a team that could never be measured with figures alone, and I'm interested to find out how the conflicting views between the coach and her influence the match between Aiwa and Shohoku.

Holy crap, how did Matsumaru manage to convince the other point guards to gather in the first place? Surely it wasn't easy to get Maki, out of everyone else to agree - not without valid reason, considering his busy schedule. But it was so awesome, seeing them all together.
kailynx chapter 72 . 4/13
Hahaha Mitsui's cheap trick at one-on-one. At least Toshiya took it better than some people.

Would love to see what was Matsumaru planning with Sakuragi and his army regarding Miyagi.

Whoa, scholarship offer. That was interesting. Wonder if the news would affect their performance.
kailynx chapter 71 . 4/13
From the looks of things, rather than Mitsui having to trick Sakuragi into learning some basketball skills, it would be the other way round, where Sakuragi dragging Mitsui to teach him some secret techniques lol... Mitsui should feel proud that Sakuragi thought him as his teacher.
kailynx chapter 70 . 4/13
I think there are a lot of factors affecting a game, from players' physical and mental conditions, team spirits and luck, among other things. To me statistics are more useful after a match then during it. But that was just me babbling nonsense so please ignore it.
kailynx chapter 69 . 4/13
The way you handled Ayako's back story was simply brilliant, at least we could find the excuses for the permanent existence of her baseball cap and her weapon of choice, the paper fan of doom.

Somehow, when Anzai was explaining the pick and role to Ayako, I was imagining X as Sakuragi and Y as Rukawa, and some flawless execution that left me with a great feeling... any chance of them happening in IH? XD
kailynx chapter 68 . 4/13
Aoba's detailed analysis on the habits of Moroboshi senior's girlfriend, while impressive, was kinda creepy. It's like what someone with OCD or Aspergers Syndrome would do. And did Noboru harbor some romantic feelings towards Aoba, anyway?

I'm looking forward to the match between Shohoku and Katsura High!
kailynx chapter 67 . 4/13
Loved Rukawa sleeping gag all the time. XD Though I hope he'd never fall asleep during a match, though he might if the game was too easy he could ace it half-asleep. Lol...

It's sad when talented people got ignored in favor of seniority and other bullshits, especially in fields like sports. In fact, those talented and skillful individuals could become pride of the nation and should be given proper medium to prove their capabilities.

I would agree with Yasuda's sentiment wholeheartedly about basketball. Even though I might have trouble playing it right now, I would often stop and watch people playing it. ;)
kailynx chapter 66 . 4/13
Rukawa, Miyagi and Mitsui were necessary to make the solid line-up of Shohoku starters. All three of them knew how to guide their teammates to victory. Without them, Shohoku couldn't really prove anything because of the weak benchwarmers, while Sakuragi barely knew even basic basketball rules and tactics. As for Hiroshi, he lacked the experiences needed to lead the team. Therefore, my review would often focus on Sakuragi and Hiroshi, since their rapid growth contributed greatly to the team's success. My hope was for both of them to reach the level of play the other three veteran possessed, and when that time came, nobody would dare think that Shohoku managed to get to Inter-High only because of Rukawa.

That Aoba sounded a little bit prissy to me lol. Looked like nobody thought of Shohoku passing the second game, huh? Hehe, they were gonna take IH by storm...
kailynx chapter 65 . 4/12
Shohoku won, but it's not easy at all. What if Tsuchiya switched to one-on-one play much earlier? Would it be harder for Rukawa to interpret his moves, whether he would pass the ball or took it upon himself to score? What would happen if Hiroshi got fouled out much earlier or managed to stay until the last seconds?

Even luck was a part of strength. The best team won. Than you for a great ride.
kailynx chapter 64 . 4/12
Damn... I noticed the slight bias towards Daiei, or that team was particularly good at making their opponents foul. Anyway, Hiroshi must felt devastated right now. With the clock ticking, I hope something could be done to save Shohoku.
kailynx chapter 63 . 4/12
Oh man, that was intense. That Hiroshi was standing with his determination alone. Shohoku really needed Sakuragi's on-court improvement to help them win this game. Come on, beat Ken, Sakkuragi!
kailynx chapter 62 . 4/12
The death of Hiroshi's parents was heartbreaking. But Ayame and him were strong enough to get past it and start a new life. I was a little surprised, but then was grinning in amusement when you revealed that Yoshiki was the son of the Chieko Sports shop owner. Err, was Yoshiki stealing from his father's shop? If only Hiroshi knew how Sakuragi got his basketball shoes hahaha...

Whew, Hiroshi was kinda fixed on the small forward position, but taking on Rukawa? I was just glad it was not a total slaughter - since there was certainly big differences between being informally coached by a 1st year middle-school student and experienced ace player. But the good thing, Rukawa acknowledged his skills.
kailynx chapter 61 . 4/12
It was amazing to see that Sakuragi naturally applied what Mitsui had taught him previously right in the middle of the game. It seemed that his body simply memorized the movement and reacted instantly when his instinct told him to. And while his interaction with Rukawa never ceased to amuse me, it was their visible teamwork that lead Shohoku to victory.
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