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MK loves NaruSaku chapter 64 . 6/29

Love the chapter and the progression of the story and hopefully you will deliver the Sakuragi/Morishige match soon :P

The whole Mitsui/Hiroshi flashback was amazing and i'm not ashamed to admit it, i cried during the last few paragraphs of Sakuragi's chapter when Kogure was describing his thoughts.

You make me wanna strangle you when you put Sakuragi on the back bench for so long but make me wanna send you cookies when you turn your attention to him.

Again, Hopefully, You're still working on this story and have not given up. This is one of the best things on the internet right now.

Please update soon.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/20
That chapter about Mitsui is just... No words can fully describe it really. Very, very intelligent writing.
Vel'Koz chapter 87 . 6/16
Warning: Wall of text is coming!
First of all, thanks a lot for your hard work. Seriously... 11 years. That's huge amount of time, I can't even imagine how you do this. For me reading your story was like reading a real book. Throughout this story I had a feeling like I'm reading some sort of continuation of the manga. Developments, writing style, characters...You did an amazing job here. I just love how, for example, Sakuragi is developing, we can see how talented he is, his progress, but he isn't an OP character in the slightest. Your other characters also is very well "balanced". Oh, and Mitsui's chapters, love them. For real and totally.

I really like Slam Dunk, but I'm in no means a basketball fan and I still love to read this story. That's just one more time confirms that you are an amazing writer :) I'm a little bit worried, that last update was back in December, but I hope you are doing ok and just don't have enough time right now. I'm looking forward to new chapter and I'm ready to wait.

P.S. yeah, I hope word "story" wasn't bugging you too much, but your work is this awesome, I just couldn't use word "fanfic", for me it's just much more.

P.P.S. oh, and sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language.

Best regards from Latvia :)
Nzd chapter 1 . 6/12
Hey! Your 1000th reviewer! I first read your fic. 2 years ago and I've been a silent reader ever since. I must say this is one of the most incredible things I've ever read, and I am very sorry for not writing to you before. It's very selfish of me. The amazing thing is that you slowly but surely forced us to respect your story. I can't imagine how much dedication went into this. I hope you're planning to do Shohoku vs. Mieho in the finale, and I can't wait until Akagi's chapter :)

Thank you so much
ofhustlersandastronauts chapter 87 . 6/10
Hey there! This fic is just :D

I love it. I like the way you incorporate all of the basketball technicalities in this fic, just like in the anime/manga, bc that's what SD is all about, the basketball. And character development. That's pretty important too, I love seeing our beloved characters grow and mature throughout the story, especially with their distinct personalities. Also, Hiroshi just blends into the Shohoku team, it's just so perfect, sometimes my brain messes up thinking that Hiroshi is a canon character! He's a really really really (x100000000000) good OC.

And the way you changed the narration to Aiwa's side is also just cool. Like we get some insight in what the team dynamics are, and the characters in Aiwa are alive, they have their own personality and don't just blend into the background like some...wallflower. (though sometimes I can't keep up with who's who hehehe but it's no big deal. That's just my brain). Also, too bad that Moroboshi had graduated, I was really looking forward to his appearance in the Nationals especially in the manga but yeah. I mean, can you imagine Moroboshi vs Rukawa? But your character Nezu is also pretty strong and I like the fact that he also went to All Japan. Hehehe.

I don't know if you're going to continue this story (PLEASE YES, but no pressure) and for some reason I can just see Shohoku vs Ryonan in the finals. Hehehehehe.

The best SD fic ever, worthy to be an official SD sequel! :D


P/s I'm your 999th reviewer! Almost to that 1k mark! :)
arktinc chapter 87 . 5/28
hi! a new reader here. i finally caught up with the last chapter(so far), been reading this SD fic for the past two weeks. I can't believe i just discovered your fic this late when it's been here for the past 12 years! (althou in 2004 i was just a brat who thought reading was such a drag.) I got hook up (again) recently in Slam Dunk after i took my board exam last January, then ended up reading (and re-reading) the manga, then got dissapointed because the ending was not much of an ending at all (not bec. it's not cool or anything) , then i gave your fic a shot. I must say, thank God for people like you who has the brains to pull it off ! I bet takehiko-sama would give you a thumbs up if there's a chance he'd stumbled upon your fic, then the gods of anime will grant our wish for a sequel of SD (so sir, please keep on writing! hoping that shohoku will win the championship in the end!). please inform us if one day you'll be able to publish your own works, i'll definitely buy one of those!

PS.(i'll make this review a bit longer_hehe i hope you don't mind XD)
just wanna tell you sir that you really did an awsome job on Mitsui's back story(on chapter 79), it's my favorite chapter (so far). somehow it struck a nerve on me and i was inspired ( your words) even thou i'm not a basketball junkie in real life (just the anime, althou i'm aware of the basic rules). i sort of relate it with finding what my real passion is..pursuing it in college then losing heart over it just because realization hit me with the huge difference between theory and real life. i hope one day, i would be able to see and feel my passion clearly just like how mitsui's breathing his (of course, if he's real-i think he is with you sir:)).

PSPS. i hope you'll be able to read this.
please update soon! thanks!
cheers from the philippines :)
Guest chapter 87 . 5/10
when will you publish new chapter ?
iBeatCloud chapter 87 . 5/4
One of the stories I've ever read. Good work sir.
vanerz chapter 87 . 4/9
Hello! It's been a while!
I've had a name change since I last reviewed, and I doubt you would remember me anyway, but I was "Kouri Saves the Day" when I reviewed in 2008 on one of the mid-60s chapters (though now it will say vanerz of course). Apparently I made an impression as a Kainan fan (which I am).

I've just reread and caught up to the latest update (took me about half a week) and all I have to say is that I'm so glad that I decided to reread this, because I can appreciate everything so much more now that I'm 8 years older! 8-years-ago me was a real idiot who couldn't properly appreciate the beauty of the language (personally, I think you are a great writer, and I don't think the earlier stuff is as bad as you say it is. I appreciate you've revamped it though!) and the moments that you created.

It's very strange, actually, because I didn't really play proper basketball before I reviewed (I was on the high school team, but I rarely saw minutes and we were awful; it was the "show up to practices and you can play" type of small team), but in the years between I got a little better, went to uni, played on the 2nds, started for the 2nds in fact, which tells you the calibre of the team, had the 2nds get slashed due to budget constraints, graduated, had life get in the way, stopped even playing with friends on street courts (partially due to me being a midget and not having significant ball handling skills and well, 2-on-1s get quite old when your only tactic is to have your big teammate body the opponent and pass to completely unmarked me in the corner to shoot). Anyway, rereading this brought me back to the times that I played - I remembered the satisfaction of taking rebounds (though I'm not likely to do so anytime soon since adult me's all of 161cm), I felt satisfaction and even chills at every single swish (especially the ones as lovingly portrayed as Mitsui's), I even remembered the cute as hell little whiteboards with pieces to illustrate plays and was shocked that I had ever forgot that they existed.

I really enjoyed your character pieces in between all the basketball. Actually, I enjoyed most of it - I only caught my eyes glazing over at the PG 3-on-3 friendly, but I've never really been a Fujima/Maki fan (your depiction of Takeshi and Matsumaru actually made me like them much more than the alumni) so that might have been why. (I also confess to completely having forgotten who Keita was, so clearly I was focused on other things during the Sannoh match.) The character piece I enjoyed the most was Mitsui's, although that's because I love his backstory so much. I really appreciate how you tied in the "hard work" aspect and his "never giving up" quote to his chapter. It's been a while since I read Slam Dunk (I know if I check it out again I will spiral down the rabbit hole) but I don't think Inoue Takehiko emphasised his hard work to such a degree that you did.

I must also join the no doubt scores of reviewers who love Hiroshi. I couldn't stop actually squeeing during his titular chapter - hope he sorts out his difficulties in this match! But even though I mentioned about these two character pieces first, I also really enjoyed Ayako's chapter and it'll stick with me for a while. I really liked the portrayal of her sempai (whose name slips my mind) - it's not done in a way that shows her blind support and desire to cheer is obviously wrong or foolish, just different to what Ayako wants. I thought that was great.

What else... I like how you sometimes structure chapters stylistically. For example, the PG friendly, with the 5 different sections, POVs, and themes. And Ayako's chapter, interspersing the past with the present. I also enjoy Toshiya and Tsuchiya. I hope they figure out their future soon. (Since everybody who's heard about Tsuchiya's decision clearly disapproves of it.) I loved how you had Mitsui call Toshiya out. Oh! You've got a lot of really good one-liners every few chapters. A spark of thrill shot through me when I read the last sentence of one of the Kainan match chapters, the one where Miyagi says "Because I'm a point guard." So cool! And the glint of his earring! It felt like it was an anime moment!

Akagi's reappearance, even if it was only a flashback, also touched me a lot. I never thought of it that way, that Mitsui wasted not only his years but also Akagi's and Kogure's (probably because the manga never dwelled on it that much). He was so cool in that flashback (and in-character) so I hope he makes it to one of Shohoku's games at some point. Well, first Shohoku have to beat Aiwa though! (I must say that I also enjoy Aoba's character a lot - and I'm glad that Ito is finally showing why he's Aiwa's coach - and I'm waiting for Noboru to hopefully have his moment)

I know you're busy (I've taken quite a few lengthy breaks from writing too so I can imagine) and won't update frequently but I just wanted to thank you for writing this story! It's everything a Slam Dunk fan could ever ask for in a fan sequel! (And for raising the profile of FFN - it's getting quite a bad reputation compared to Archive of Our Own nowadays) I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes, to reading what you've planned for Ryonan (and Koshino - I've a soft spot for him, and I'm curious if something will come out of him and Sendoh's friendship, when Sendoh rates him higher than Koshino rates himself... kinda like Anzai and Mitsui actually, except the dynamics are different) and of course I'll look out for any Kiyota and Jin mentions too (and Takeshi!) ;)

This review has gone on for much longer than it really should have. But suffice to say thank you again for writing this and reminding me of how fun basketball can be.

PS. Are all the starters on the team going to get character pieces eventually? If so, I'm looking forward to Rukawa's. I think you're really good at writing him now and I'm looking forward to see what obstacles can push him to have his "character development moment" LOL. And, of course, Sakuragi!

Oh - I also think you're doing a lot better with the Shohoku banter lately. I read a comment you made in one of the earlier chapters that you feel that the fic lacks the sort of silliness that was characteristic of Slam Dunk, but I think that's not the case at all.

Finally, good luck on your novel that I think you said somewhere that you are working on.

TetiSherii chapter 36 . 4/8
Jay chapter 1 . 4/5
The best thing I have seen in my entire life after the original anime. No words can describe how thankful I am to you. Blessings from Germany
Pat chapter 87 . 4/4
OH MY GOD please please the wait is killing me please update! :D 3
Guest chapter 87 . 4/1
Okay so I just finished reading this AFTER SPENDING THE LAST FOUR DAYS OF MY LIFE ON THIS FIC. I love slam dunk so much and I love how you so meticulously created a story of what happened after the last chapter of slam dunk. Your characters are so real and unique and you kept everyone in character. Sakuragi's growth is believable and honestly I just want to cry thinking about this story. Great work. That's all I can properly say. This is amazing work and you are doing it so well I can not wait for the next chapter. I love these characters so much, and I never really realized that until I read this fic and I got to see more of them and read their story. Thank you so much for writing this. (Literally gods work #bless)
ace grandz chapter 18 . 3/31
Im a fan of the original slam dunk and I think this novel of yours is lacking something... heart in the game, passion in the game, spirit in the game and importantly the main character that japans honor in the basketball hanamichi sakuragi how he will evolve into true savior and prodigy... thats all but by the way I like your novel...
MarkRyan26 chapter 1 . 2/14
I am silent reader and i started reading this last 2013 and found out that this fan fiction is the best and most realistic story of SD that I ever read.. thanks and more power Sir Knot.
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