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sockenfresser42 chapter 29 . 4/6/2005
hi, it's me! again! i'm glad you like my name. it has its reasons.

i actually managed to get through the rest of your work and it still amazes me. i didn't have much time lately, so it took a while.

you're right writing helps a lot. well, i'm not a writer (i tried, but it doesn't work with me), so i draw and paint pictures. depending on my mood, there is more or less blood and hurt people.

and again you're right, if you say that the most unexpected persons and things give you a reason to live. in my case it was that teacher, that i told you about, who is considered rude and very strict by most of the pupils. well, he was the only one who really cared about my condition. he even visited me, when i was in psychiatry (sp?). no one else did.

well, rambling about my self again ... sorry ... didn't want to...

luv ur work!


p.s. : die hard *is* a great movie!
Laina chapter 8 . 4/6/2005
Wow! This is a truly incredible story; the images you present are so powerful. Your descriptions are clear and intense without being garrolous. In particular, the sentence "Harry felt strangely weak, as though Dumbledore was reaching inside of him and pulling shreds of his heart out in great handfuls" was very striking. Thank you for a truly extraordinary story.
duj chapter 28 . 4/6/2005
I have to take issue with Remus's comments about their relative teaching to canon (OotP - Umbridge's class assessments) Snape's students are advanced and his record for their external exams is above average. Canon hints also that both Harry and Neville (the only students mentioned in this context) did better in their OWLS than they expected.

Remus taught only one year. Canon doesn't tell us how his OWLS and NEWTS students did and external exam results are the only ones that can prove the point. When the teacher sets and marks the (internal) exams himself of course he can make sure all the students do well. Snape has very high standards so naturally he'll mark everyone down but in the external exams they will then shine.

Snape is not a nice teacher but he is an effective teacher.
Guest chapter 29 . 4/6/2005
Rubberduckie713 chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
Wow...(whistles). What a chapter. Truly brilliant. I mean, it had the much anticipated Snape comforts Harry blurb, but it was so perfectly in character and appropriate for the development of this story you've created. You've created this absolutely heart-wrenching mindset for Harry, and the entire thing is just so drenched with emotion (in a good way) that it makes my breath quicken when Harry's does and my stomach drop when his does. Keep up the good work-I'm truly amazed and impressed by this story.
ina chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
i love your story. always have (i'm not a big reviewer, but i've got you on author alert, and read as soon as i get the chance each time you update. .) my only beef is that your chapters seem like their going to be longer and then you have this HUGE review-reply thing at the end. *tear* i can deal...*but*. yeah. "but" is all i'm going to say about that. :) more please!
TakEnet chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
You've broken him! Ah well - we all break at some point in time, some just more so than others. You've portrayed Snape beautifully, though, just like the sort of thing he would do, when it's in the middle of the night and no one else is around. Does Harry remember?

Anyway - I think what you said (or maybe it's what Snape said) about justice is a little unfair. I mean, yes, things happen and bad guys go free, good guys get thrown in jail, but I'm sure, somewhere out there, there is someone who's deeply dedicated to justice.

I've been reading/thinking about a lot of things lately, and even today, I was just told that there's no such thing as "common sense", because it varies from culture to culture. LOL, that nearly made me laugh, because my host-mom, when I was in Japan on an exchange, said that I had no common sense. :P Guess she was wrong, I had common sense of a , but not common sense of a Japanese.

Anyway, glad to see that you've updated! Will be patiently waiting until your next posting.
SeaStones chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
I don't mean to be a hard taskmistress! Take as much time as you need. I'll still be here, I'm in it for the long-haul.

This chapter was dramatic enough to make someone cry, yet you had me laughing at Harry's tongue in the end. And I love sarcasm. Sarcasm and dry humor is the friend to every dark writer.

Hm, to me you seem to be slowly morphing into Stephen King. (That's a compliment! I don't mean to say your starting to look like him!)

*May the Monks be on your side*

Lover of Literature,

PadfootsNoxed chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
Wh00t! I'm so glad you updated! Great chapter! Looking forward to more of the same! ;)
Strega chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
Wonderfully poetic. The wording flowed really well. And would Snape hug Harry? I think so. He may not even mean it but the man is cunning and would use nearly any means to accomplish his goal. And, maybe, he does care a little. He does know that it isn't fair to demand so much of Harry. Of course, that didn't prevent the twisted pleasure of blowing a hole in his shoulder. Hmph. That hugging thing was not ony true but can be elaborated on. Medical studies found that children denied physical contact, hugs and kisses, were more likely to develop illness and not survive. :( I'm thinking Harry doesn't get too many hugs and kisses.
saiyanwizard chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
Good update! Nice emotion from both Harry and Severus. Keep up the good work!
ckat44 chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
AWW! ANOTHER FANTABULOSASTIC CHAPTER! It was incredible! I am so glad I found this story and you are reading it. Bluethought is an awesome penname. I should try playing around with words sometimes. This story keeps getting better. When Harry is...out of it is...aware that he is? We see everything in Snape's pov unless something drastic isnt happening so I am wondering what harry is thinking during his breakdown. This is angst at its finest. You should be so proud to have a story this good. It is definitly up there on the top 10 favorite list and i read so many fics so thats saying something.

If you ever want to talk on instant messenger I have the following:

aim: kateums51

yahoo im: kateums51

msn im: piratemage89

Silent as the Grave chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
Awesome chapter!
Angel Baby chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
Wonderful, as usual! ...still don't know why Harry was afraid to let go, but...well, stories are like parfets, yes?

Oh, yes, rightright, *onions*, anyway. Layers and all that.

O random moments of movie quotation, how I love thee.

Having Harry die in Snape's arms is *so* the coolest Harry/Snape interaction *ever*. True, he came back, but the *death*, the *weight* of the moment is still there. Bravo! I do *so* love this story. Hopefully you can update more often now, yes? Yes? I would *love* that. But one takes what one can, right?

Use "Death Munchers" to your heart's content. It's just something that came to me. I'm glad you like it. _ Also, your witty banter is *not* OOC. It's perfect. Severus and Remus have spent most of their *lives* working on their "Yes, I hate you, and here's why in 30 words or less, you son of a motherless goat" speeches. Of *course* it's going to be sharp and hard. You're just not used to reading others who write the banter as well as you do, which is why it seems OOC to you. Trust me: s'not.

I agree that the idea of penguins having constent access through a cat-flap to a freezer in which they have a specially constructed habitat is quite appealing. We should get on that post-haste.

Right, done being weird now. I go! In conclusion: You and and your stories kick *serious* ass.

Just thought you should know. Ta!
Pleione chapter 29 . 4/5/2005
Very nice chapter, interesting to see the other side of Severus Snape. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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