Reviews for The Painted Past
anon chapter 1 . 8/5
The ending was disappointing and open ended.
Grown Up Ron chapter 25 . 12/15/2015
I like how this ends with them trying to be friends again. Will they be able to do so...who knows but its a nice idea. I would have believed an ending where they ended up together after all of the horrible things Hermione did but maybe, just maybe they can be friends again.
WanderKitten27 chapter 2 . 9/5/2015
Kevbert. LOL. Love!

This was a great read! Its soooo long too. I cant believe how long this fic has been going!

P.S. Draco is coming back! OMG. :O *cues dramatic music*

Can't wait for next update! Hopefully soon!
InRonWeTrust8655 chapter 2 . 9/4/2015
This chapter felt shorter than last. Felt heartwrenching to read Ron's coldness and then Hermione's ease with shooting Malfoy down. Can't tell if he means it or not. Then again, maybe I am biased because I like Ron. Got plenty of chapters to go. Can't wait to see what happens with this.
InRonWeTrust8655 chapter 1 . 9/4/2015
I saw you updated. This is a lot to go through. But I did like this first chap. I usually like flashback sorts of fics so I'm interested to see where this goes. Writing's funny and it's pretty weird to even laugh with Malfoy.
Coffee Filters chapter 24 . 9/4/2015
First things first, dear Adelaide E, I squeed because I'm seriously excited that you posted!

I wanted to let you know that this was one of the first fics I read when I started at FFnet, and I was always a little sad that I never got to see how all of this ended. So I'm super psyched about all of this right now! It took me a bit to remember what was going on, but I couldn't help myself. I guess I should go back and reread it! (though it'll be weird because you wrote this before book 7 so I'll have that in my head)

I think you're taking an interesting turn on the trio. To a degree we as readers start to see them as tropes or even too golden, and it's nice to see them have those moments of hesitation. It's hard because I remember reading this before book 7 and wondering at some of the darker qualities you've put in for them, and it's interesting because if you look at book 7, so many of their flaws come to the forefront. In a similar way, you've covered Ron's vulnerability to having a place in his family and with Harry and Hermione.

This being fanfiction, I thought it was a good way to own the characters. Sure we have canon to look to and it's your discretion on what you want to do, but I do have a soft spot for awkward, grumpy Harry that you created. (Actually, Harry's sort of grumpy book5, isn't he? All that yelling.)

Anywho, I say this because I thought the argument with the Weasleys was harsh from each Weasley, but growing up with siblings, I get the hassle and love you receive all in one package from family who do want what's best for you. I love Molly's "make me cry comment" and that being the pin that made everyone stop arguing.

But their conversations are always my favorite to read. So random and off kilter. It'll be serious and then you will undercut it with something so adhoc. Haha. I genuinely laughed out loud when I read some moments. Ex-parrot. Ha! Oh the Jane Austen bits with Ginny! I loved those.

I'm kind of confused by Hermione and Ron right now. Maybe because I started as a Ron Hermione shipper to the core, then you made Draco an interesting character so I was intrigued, then Ron came back. I still see their connection and loved the snippets of hearing that they would occasionally see each other. It's cute and (I admit) a little weird considering the circumstances, but is it weird that I admit that it makes sense? People aren't as noble or levelheaded as we might think all the time.

I kind of miss Poppy. I like that her triplets will have some money to take care of them. I can't wait to see what happens from Hermione's perspective.

Oh God. And Draco? What the hell. I forget about Draco now that you gave me a Ron chapter.

Can't wait to see what you do next!
Fred chapter 24 . 9/4/2015
I loved this chapter mostly because while your Hermione is a vile and wretched human being, the Weasleys and Harry are wonderfully done. I know this can't happen but what I want is for Hermione to somehow Run off with Draco who she deserves and not in any sort of good way, and for Ron and his family to just be happy.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/7/2014
You've managed to turn Hermione Granger, one of the most popular fictional characters ever, into a total and unrelenting cunt.

Congratulations on the utter demolition of anything that was ever good about Hermione. Honesty? Loyalty? Fidelity?Empathy? Love? All is absent from this story. It's a bit scary that you think she would ever act like this towards Ron and Harry. I feel sorry that you totally misunderstood absolutely everything in the HP series. You really missed out.
WittyBasketcase chapter 4 . 11/14/2013
Wow. Crookshanks is such a COCK BLOCKER! lol
That Way chapter 22 . 10/5/2012
"And it hurts, Ron. I know that, somewhere, some time ago, I've done my fair share of bad things to deserve hurt, Ron, but not from you. Never from you."

um, ironic statement of the century? forgetting her love for him, refusing to delve into the past now that it's an option and ron wants/needs her to? refusing to commit to her love for him without knowing exactly how he wants things to turn out? i think that all deserves some hurt.

"Why?" he demanded. "What good will it do to tell you that I am so close to hating you for letting me go? What's the use of telling you that, even though I died, you should not have forgotten your grief for me so easily? Fuck magic, Hermione, our love was more than that. What the bloody hell is the point of telling you that I don't want to love you any more, and that I sure as hell don't want to love your child?"

It doesn't get more honest than this. Where is Hermione’s honestly to go along the honesty she demands from Ron? She accuses him of just wanting to get it over with when she’s clearly doing the same with lines like “When will you love me again?"

What Hermione wants, what she seems to expect is for ron’s love to return and to fix everything. When in truth it’s that love that causes all those problems for them in the first place. Ron loving her is what makes draco an issue, makes Lawrence an issue, as he clearly tells her.

"I mean, how deluded was I to believe that Ron Weasley would willingly spare a few minutes of his precious new days to tell me how he feels? To discuss the situation?"

Where is she telling him how she feels? Oh are you implying she did when she said she loved ron? because i remember him saying it back. they're even at worst, and from my angle, ron has been much more honest about his feelings and has done far less running-away than she has.

This I’ve discovered is the biggest problem with your story. With any story, really, where one character’s importance supersedes everyone else’s. if you want honesty, you have to earn it by being honest yourself. If she wants upfront candor from ron, Hermione should share her own feelings. I mean she hasn’t even told him that up until the moment she thought the spell had failed to bring him back, she was completely against it. That she was perfectly fine with leaving him in limbo for eternity for the same of her own feelings. But now, because those feelings have changed again, she’s pretending that the past doesn’t matter. she hasn't even been honest with herself so why should she expect honesty from him when he has everything to lose?

And the thing is nothing has really been said, nothing discussed, nothing decided. Not really. Hermione still loves ron and he loves her and Hermione is pretending that draco isn’t an issue while ron remembers that he is. That was what we knew at the start of the chapter and what we know at the end. Hell, she even acknowledges that ron must wait for her decision because it is HER decision, yet again makes no move to come to one.

I understand the need for draco’s presence to truly settle things, but if ron’s return has taught her anything, it should be to know where she stands or wants to stand BEFORE having to actually deal with draco. Does she want him back? Does she want to go on loving him and hope he loves her? Does she want to be with him? Merely serve the role of lawrence’s father? These are the questions your Hermione needs to ask herself and find the answers to before speaking with draco or attempting honest conversation with ron and I have yet to see her think about any of them. She’s very much an out of sight, out of mind person at the moment which really doesn’t fit her character in the slightest.

And what’s more, she actually blames ron for dying when any of them would’ve done the same, when all of them did risk the same every day of the war. what kind of guilt trip is that? she's acting like she's his sole defender while everyone else seems to forget about the last two hellish years of his existence. yet again, it seems like everyone else is giving ron exactly what he needs except for her. she is the one hurting him still as she acknowledges to poppy but she is still hurting him for her own selfish desires. she is the only one who can fix it and it is completely within her power to do so one way or the other, yet she shows an unyielding desire to do the opposite.

Now, I hope you’re not put off by my honesty. Your writing is fantastic. I love the parallels you’ve drawn with memory and ‘wrongly loved’ between Hermione and poppy. Your balance of humor and angst is delectable and I’m having trouble remembering a fic with so many wonderfully witty lines and snappy dialogue that didn’t seem out of place. your plot construction and how you fill in past details is without equal in fanfiction. I love your weasleys and your harry, even if he’s a bit too ooc for my taste at times. And you ron is fantastic, almost exactly how I’d picture him under such awful circumstances. Even draco is magnificent. Not in an ‘I love him and pity him’ sort of way, but in making such a horrid character completely human, understandable and relatable. I hate him for everything he’s said and done to Hermione and ron, but he’s a delight to read. and even though i'm exhausted with awful, unbelievable love triangles involving hermione, yours doesn't bother me. in fact it's the standard i hold all other d/r/hr triangles to for being both convincing and making me squirm with uncertainty about who will get the happy ending and just how happy it could possibly be.

Hermione however I abhor. As a man, I can easily relate her to all sorts of women I’ve known and been involved with. She’s so easy to love, especially through ron’s eyes. But without actually being in ron’s shoes and having no personal stake in the matter, I can also see how horrid she is. She’s a woman who demands everything, wants everything and wants to be sure of what she stands to gain and lose before making any sort of decision while demanding everyone else work on her schedule and fall in line with her desires. If she wants ron and not draco, both boys must accept that. If the opposite, the same deal. And if she wants to walk away from them both and go into hiding so things are easier on her, I believe she’d honestly demand they respect that and leave her be. It’s actually a very realistic portrayal of the mind of a teenage/twenty year old girl, but I’ll be honest and say that those sorts of people aren’t very likeable in reality for who they are but rather for the potential we see in them to become someone else in the future. and so far, hermione is too blinded by the present to see into the future so i have no concrete vision of how 'good' a person she can still become.

The thing is I feel as if you’ve done this on purpose. Lots of writers make the main character or favorite character this way by accident, their love for them blinding them to how they portray them. But you are clearly beyond talented, obviously intelligent and self-aware. I know some leeway must be give to you since you claim repeatedly not to know how things will end and thus are hesitant to have Hermione put all her eggs in one basket with ron or draco when she might end up with the other. But you’ve said it yourself, ‘it’s about what’s best for Hermione.’ That’s all this story is. What anyone/everyone else suffers, whatever their fates, is merely circumstantial to hermione’s needs and actions. in a way, everyone but hermione are straw men, there for her to work out her own feelings and desires on. i care about ron and harry and the weasleys and even draco because i loved them long before i found your story. but the story itself doesn't care about them and i see that as one of the biggest flaws in its design.

The problem (well one of them anyway) is that Hermione is indeed bouncing between emotional extremes as she realizes. No one could be faulted for that give the circumstances. The problem is when she does have time to reflect, when she has the distance from ron and malfoy she doesn't work to figure things out. she chats with percy or helps poppy or coos over lawrence. which is all well and good, but surely she could spare ten minutes every day to thinking about how things need to play out so they can all move past it. right now she wants to move past it without doing anything to make it happen. again very realistic, but difficult to read over the course of 400K words.
TenderHooligan chapter 21 . 4/22/2012
okay and NOW that she thinks the spell hasn't worked SUDDENLY hermione wants a second chance, wants ron back after all?

god and right there! draco was going to leave ron and yet when ron had the chance to leave draco he doesn't. he just doesn't. i don't care what hermione's feelings for ron are or aren't at this point. how could she love someone that would do that to ANYONE? let alone her best friend, let alone her former fiance?

god i love their reunion. i do, but it's completely tainted for me as well...i can't help but think 'what if draco still had his memories right now? what would hermione be doing if she was currently feeling the love of both men?' because of course she'd pick ron over the current draco who 'can't' love her. but it could/would be another story if he did.

"And nothing–not pride, not hurt, not even death–could deny the bond between them"...except some memory charms and draco malfoy.

and then she has the audacity to feel wounded by a few inches of separation...yeah it's not like the fact that she loves the man who tried to keep him dead wouldn't hurt ron or anything...oh no, now that hermione miraculously seems ready to love him again, ron should fling himself and his heart at her mercy and hope she doesn't change her mind...AGAIN! and lol the first thing she wants to know is what he KNOWS about what she's done. and omg draco's gone half a second and she's already looking forward to his return. god can't ron get her for five minutes after 2 years of absence?

at least i can keep loving the harry/ron bromance. at least i can truthfully say ron IS lucky to have someone like harry in his life.

"That is no reason to start pitying yourself." wow this has to be the most ironic line ron has ever spoken. followed by one of the most honest:

"Hermione has been loved wrongly"

the question is, hasn't ron been loved just as wrongly? this is obviously a hermione-centric story, so i understand how most of the the reviewers pity and sympathize with her. but serious, what has she had to go through? the ordeal with draco & his lies SHOULD have been tragedy, but she seems better for it, happy that draco loved her and that she loves him. so why should i pity her for that? she lost ron, but again, up until the moment of his return, she seemed quite content to let him rot forever. so again, why should i pity her for that?

i pity harry for everything he's sacrificed to get ron back. i pity ron for...well, everything. for two years of torture, for coming back to find a world completely different from his own, from returning to the woman he loved and being forced to accept that she moved on and bore a son by another man.

"Red hair. He even had red hair. It was as if fate was taunting him with what could have been. What should have been."

that line sums up this whole fic for me.

harry is wrong here. while he's right in saying that there's nothing wrong with larry, he CAN NEVER be ron's son. he just can't.

so what the fuck DID hermione expect from ron? seriously, i'm truly curious what she thought ron would do? can she doubt any and everything in heaven or hell and change her mind like the wind but ron must immediately move past the fact that lawrence is draco's son?

thankfully we get a ton of weasley wonderfulness at the end. maybe a bit overdone, but hey, after hermione it's nice to see and hear from people who really love him.

"It was understandable to Ron that Malfoy loved her; who would not love her? But it was inconceivable to Ron that Malfoy would hurt her to love her, for surely that was a wrong sort of love for his former fiancée." how can ron understand this so eloquently and yet hermione cannot? i just don't get it.

and there he is beating himself up for forgetting hermione for a few hours. meanwhile hermione? forgets him for months. now i'm not saying ron should beat up hermione or anything. i love that he isn't doing that, i just don't .

and again i'm looking to your responses of reviews for ch21. "It's about Hermione, and what she deserves." but what about what ron deserves, or draco? seems to me hermione already has MORE than she deserves she has the love of two men (or will once draco remembers), a best friend in harry who was willing to put 2 years of his own sacrifices and ron's life aside for her sake because she was hurting, and a son. sounds like more than anyone could ask for. and draco...well he has hermione's love undeservedly whether they end up together or not and a son that shouldn't have existed and his freedom despite his crimes. again, think he gets what he deserves. but what about harry? what about ron?
TenderHooligan chapter 20 . 4/22/2012
well i'm not sure what i think of this story right now.

other than i love harry. i love harry to absolute death in your story.

hmmm i'm reading your responses to reviews at the start of ch21 right love ron. yes, you do. you're ron is absolutely lovely. i'm assuming hermione's latin quote pertains to him and not hermione...

because hermione doesn't love ron. she just doesn't. she's more upset about draco temporarily forgetting his love for her than what ron is going through. she's more worried about the consequences of ron coming back affecting her life than his own (assuming he isn't dead). she'd be more than willing to leave ron in limbo forever if harry weren't around.

i have to say i've never found a story that makes a d/hr romance seem even remotely feasible before this one. granted you had to kill ron AND use magic to make hermione love malfoy...but still. it's quite an accomplishment.

but every time she gets upset with draco or feels sorry for herself that he doesn't remember loving her...omg i want to rip her throat out. we already know draco's situation is temporary. he'll love her again. BUT LET'S FORGET THE FACT THAT HERMIONE FORGOT HER LOVE FOR RON!

i mean that's like the definition of hypocritical. to sum up: she wants ron dead because he might not love her when he comes back for her betrayal, and she wants draco. and she wants harry to stop being mean to her and speaking the fucking truth.

i am really worried to see what happens when ron comes back and finds out what hermione is like. a part of me almost hopes he doesn't because it's going to fucking hurt him so much, but he has to know.
cleansweep21 chapter 10 . 3/23/2012
"You don't know what I've been through, damn it, you don't know what it's been like. You haven't the faintest idea how much hell I've endured. And now you're asking me—telling me, basically, to surrender my right to punish [Draco] so that Ron will live again?"

Lol, when does Hermione punish Draco in this story? Never.

This story has definitely depicted the most selfish Hermione in history. The only thing that she shares with canon Hermione is her name.

"It wasn't a good incentive, as far as consequences were concerned. Whether she dropped charges or helped Draco escape, there was no guarantee there would be a living, breathing Ron to comfort her. But, she was not certain she wanted that. If all went successfully, that meant two free men were to pursue her. But if all went wrong, that meant one, imprisoned man was restrained from loving her."

Good God, I could have a field day with the number of selfish lines in this story like this one...but I'd probably have to re-type the whole story. Just tell me this: were you even aware of how negatively Hermione comes off? Is she suppposed to be this self-absorbed, or was she supposed to foster the reader's sympathy?
cleansweep21 chapter 22 . 3/23/2012
"Hermione, according to the public, was quite firmly in the grasp of that deviously handsome Draco Malfoy, and who in the right mind would ever dream of leaving his side for the offer of one dubious hero? Even if one completely disregarded his good looks, there were more logical points to be made."

Not once in this whole speech does Hermione make mention of what Draco did to her with his spellwork. In fact, Hermione has never seemed to care very much what Draco did that to her. If she loves him so much to instantly forgive him for that, why did Draco need to trick her in the first place? You've rendered one of the most important drivers of your plot completely pointless. And when Ron asks her why she doesn’t care what Draco has done to her, she just ignores his question, just like the rest of the story does. Do you as the author even know, or are you okay with gliding over it because you know that Draco-lovers won’t question what he does? I would love to know, because I have no idea how you can write such a long story and never answer one of the only questions that matters.

Furthermore, Hermione’s entire speech with Ron is disingenuous. She’s trying so hard for him to be honest with his emotions and tell her that he loves her...for what? She’s not honest with him about Draco even though she’s hurting Ron, and she’s not going to give Ron what he would like because she wants Draco back. It just makes her selfish and manipulative. I mean, listen to the things she’s saying! All they talk about are things that bother her, yet whenever Ron brings up how much she and Draco have hurt him, she ignores it or turns the tables on him, yelling at him to stop pretending that he doesn’t love her. Even the reason for the discussion was selfish…Hermione didn’t start that conversation for Ron’s benefit; she started it because she felt bad that Ron was ignoring her. She really is a piece of work.

"When will you love me again?" she burst finally.” Need I say more? “Nothing so jaded and old should have ever belonged to him.” How does she constantly talk out of both sides of her mouth? She won’t commit to Ron but won’t let him move on from her. She is just scary…I really worry for Ron’s health around her, I really do. She will destroy him—even more than she already has—if she continues like this. She says that she loves him yet she will destroy him, and it makes me sad and depressed to watch her treat such a good man so poorly, while giving the benefit of every doubt to Draco. If she loves Draco, fine, but please leave Ron alone. The worst part of it is that her behavior is never explained, it is just assumed that readers are supposed to understand and sympathize with Hermione. Poor Hermione, receiving total devotion from 2 men! She’s a greater witch than I ever thought, because nothing about her short of magic could inspire such intense feelings for her.

“She would not have been able to function properly without him.” There’s a typo in that line…it should be “Her ego would have not been able to function properly knowing that there was a man out there who didn’t love her.”

Hermione is much crueler to Ron than Draco ever was. Draco is an unmitigated prick, but we all know that he is so it’s not a shock when he acts like that. (It is a shock that people love him for that…) Hermione is so much worse, because she does things she thinks will benefit you but that actually will kill you. If you tell her you’re thirsty, she’ll gladly do everything she can to get you a drink—except it will be hemlock.

First of all, she didn’t even want Ron to come back because she didn’t want her life to be more complicated with Draco. She was perfectly content letting him be tortured in limbo, because that was more acceptable to her than for him to come back and possibly not completely love her anymore. Once again, if she loves Draco, what’s the problem? Let Ron move on and find happiness instead of trying to keep him on the hook while she has her fun with Draco. Stringing Ron out is not love and it makes her look like a liar. She is so completely disgusting and self-absorbed that I almost can’t believe it…and I just have to laugh when you say that the point of this story is to do what’s best for Hermione. Well, you are definitely succeeding on that front, because everything she does is for her own benefit. I honestly don’t know if she’s even capable of love, because love means putting the welfare of others above yourself. Draco’s definitely shown that he can’t do that. Ron seems to be the only one that can, and look where that got him.

"I just can't bear it. The wife I never married, and the son I never fathered, both of you belonging to him? Is that what you want for me, Hermione? More pain?" This line is a perfect microcosm of everything that is wrong here. Ron expresses his pain, and Hermione ignores it to soothe her own conscience about Lawrence. It is absolutely frustrating to watch you present very real emotional issues in this story—even explicitly having characters voice these issues in the form of questions—and then watching you ignore them and move on to other things. It happens in every chapter. Why did Hermione ever love Draco in the first place? Why does she still love him? IF she loves Draco so intensely and has a son with him, why is she messing around with Ron? No answers exist.

It just makes me wonder why you spent so much time writing about all this plotted mess when you seem to have no intention of ever resolving anything…no wonder you never finished it, the way you write it makes it unfishable. Or perhaps it already is finished? I mean, there are tons of loose ends remaining, but they were never going to get tied up when the story was being written so what’s the point of future chapters anyway?

Furthermore, it is impossible to like this story if you are not a Draco fangirl, because everything you write completely ignores cause and effect. “Perhaps the admiration of two wonderful men…” Draco does anything he wants and Hermione still loves him. In fact, Draco hasn’t done one honorable thing in this entire story, yet everyone is always enthralled with him…please try to explain your line of thinking to all of us who refuse to be an enabler to Draco, and who look for some sort of accountability. He tricks Hermione, escapes prison so he doesn’t have to bring Ron back, tries to leave Ron in limbo so Ron has to forcibly grab his hand, and then he vanishes again later. Now he comes back, ostensibly to give Hermione’s memories back, yet there is already foreshadowing that he’s going to try and hurt Ron again. Yet you and all the reviewers in this story shower him with sympathy and express this weird love for him and desire for him to end up happy. Once again, nice guys finish last…Ron is a hero and loses everything, while Draco actively tries to ruin everyone’s life and gets everything that he wants. Like I said, casual readers are left in the dust trying to understand.

Also, did Hermione get whiplash in this chapter? Hermione spends 20 chapters aching for Draco, yet jerks her affections over to Ron in the blink of an's literally like she only loves the man who is standing closest to her. Honestly, why aren't Draco and Hermione together? He loves her and she loves him, so there seems to be no reason for the drawn-out conflict. Ron just seems like an afterthought injected to give the story new life. I can buy that Hermione retains affections for him as a friend and loved him years ago, but nothing that she’s done over the course of this story even remotely suggests that she will end up with him, so it seems like Ron’s presence is only for a romantic foil.

So in closing… why are you even writing this story? What is the point? Nothing changes, and nothing gets resolved, it’s just a big wheel that keeps spinning. I kept reading to get some answers, but none were ever given. There are a lot of words, but after all these chapters nothing has really been said. For goodness’ sake, the plot started talking about bringing Ron back around the 10th chapter and he didn’t come back until about the 20th...and these chapters are very long. Furthermore, Ron’s and Lawrence’s presence seem to be the only things present that didn’t exist at the start, even though it’s 400,000 words later. Hermione still loves Draco, still has feelings for Ron, and has no plans to choose between either, because what girl doesn’t like the attention of “two wonderful men” as you put it? After all, if both men experience pain because of her, that doesn’t matter because as we’ve seen, this story is only about what’s best for Hermione. Perhaps she should just end up with both even if Ron and Draco hate each other…at least she’d like it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this review and see if you have any answers. But I don’t expect to hear anything…after all, it’s 5 years later and I’m pretty sure you never had any answers to begin with anyway.
Inscrutably Expressive chapter 21 . 3/23/2012
"You better, Ron." Yeah, Hermione's definitely a whore. Every other paragraph she changes who she wants! I feel like I have to be on drugs to understand this story.

"[Draco]'ll be back, her mind whispered encouragingly." Seriously, do you even read this story? It is jumping the shark. You can only draw this triangle out for so long, and 23 huuuuggggee chapters is the limit. Perhaps now that you've had a couple of years to ruminate over the next chapter, you can insert some focus back into this story, because it really is insane right now. Seriously, the only way to make sense of the dynamic you've created is to view Hermione in a strange 3-way relationship, where she loves both but the other principals hate each other. You know Hermione the selfish narcissist would love that arrangement. Then she can have wild, passionate sex with Draco and get a hug from Ron when Draco acts like the prick that he always is. For someone who says she likes Ron, you have a weird way of showing it. You write him like he's an old sweater...Hermione constantly gushes over Draco, but notes Ron's flaws. She only notes Ron's attractiveness when the lighting is right or some crap like that.

Did you set out to purposely make your main protagonist so detestable? I'm sure all of your Dramione fans love her. Believe me when I say this: 100% of your readers want the Dramione pairing. Dramione fans are obvoious...but Ron fans don't need to see Ron end up with a Hermione that only cares about Ron's ability to make her feel better about herself. She didn't even want him back in the first place.
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