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viviana chapter 47 . 10/30/2005
AW...I love this chapter! Please, more Aragorn and Arwen...more Aragorn and Arwen!
Aelaer chapter 47 . 10/30/2005
*stretches and yawns* Good morning! Happy Clock-Changing Day!

Aragorn: ...

And Happy Halloween, too! I am going to be an elf this Halloween. I'll be handing out treats to the little ones... I think I shall bring Aragorn with me.

Aragorn: ... thanks, but no thanks. I have better things to do.

What? You don't want to see all the happy little kids with their candy and whatnot?

Aragorn: Arwen and I have some... plans.

... *snickers* Alright, alright, I'll just use your standee...

Anyways... this chapter. Totally made my morning. I liked it lots...

Alright, my brain is dead. Hmm... will you answer my enquiry (or is it inquery?) about Timmy2 in my review for Chapt 45? :P

okies, brain is dead. And I have HW... still cannot wait for the next chapter!
Mystikal chapter 46 . 10/20/2005
Now that I am so completely overdue in my e-mail it isn't even funny, I will enlighten you with my thoughts that I know you all love :-) It's a gosh-darn good thing that Arwen's powers of goodness are better than Harishdane's power of evil. I hate to say it though, I hate for her to die, she was an awesome character :P it was fun hating her so much. At least now she's with Asentis! I wonder what is going to happen to Aragorn's wounds and I hope Éomer recovers fast...again, and makes it back for Lothiriel to give birth to little Elfwine, with all this stress she might just go into premature labor! I'm so glad Erkenbrand seems okay, that would be so sad to have him die so near the end of the battle, surving his king. However, I suppose from a soldier's viewpoint it would be very 'honourable' - but who cares about honor while you're dead!I'm so glad Faramir is there, he's taking everything by the reins and seems to have things under control. I am certian Ridasha and Hilberon are going to hook up! Jeez, she's gotten around, huh? (Lol, just kidding guys!) I cannot wait until an update! This is amazing.

Happy birthday to Viggo Mortenson! (Didja know today is his birthday? I think he's 47 - and still as handsome as ever)
Sarahbarr17 chapter 46 . 10/12/2005
I am so glad Aragorn didn't follow Harisdane's orders to kill Eomer and listened to his wife instead. Hope he and Eomer are OK though. Very exciting chapter - gripping stuff!

Faramir and Aragorn MUST NOT be soft or too lenient with the Easterlings. They must do their duty.

Lots of love,

Sarah x
viviana chapter 46 . 10/12/2005
I KNEW Harishdane couldn't defeat Arwen's powers! I knew it...I knew it! You too are evil! You made me worry all these days...sighs...continue please!
Grumpy chapter 46 . 10/11/2005
Good one Aragorn, I knew you could do it. One really nasty fiction evil character dead. But the two kings seem to be down and out. Hope Harishdane's last words are but a puff of smoke.
lindahoyland chapter 46 . 10/11/2005
I just knew Aragorn could not kiss his friend but it was very close !I have a feeling only Lomac might be able to help Aragorn is very exciting, I have been waiting with baited breath for the update and still am !
Aelaer chapter 46 . 10/11/2005
I have been slightly depressed these last few hours. And the depression has been on and off for the last few days. However, this update really cheered me up. Thank you so much.

There can never be victory without loss, as you two portray here... I do believe that line was used in the ROTK trailer.

Aragorn: Something like that.

Yes, yes... well. Oh my. What is wrong with our two liegelords? I do hope they make it out alright in the end... that would be too much of a loss. As someone stated in this chapter, the victory would not be worth it...

Poor Ridasha. I really feel bad for her. I do hope everything turns alright for her. I really do.

Aragorn: She is one caught right in between.

Yea... poor thing.

Aragorn: You do feel a bit sorry for her.

Yea... though the emotional aspects of this chapter are not helping... I'm listening to somewhat depressing music... heheh...

I've got a headache...

Aragorn: Tea coming right up...

... no, that's alright, I'll just take some Advil...

Aragorn: I insist.

No, *I* insist.

Aragorn: *hands over tea*

I'm not drinking it.

Aragorn: Drink.


Aragorn: Do not make me force you to drink it.

*pours tea down the drain*

Aragorn: ...

I'm not drinking any tea.

Aragorn: Fine. I'm leaving.

... wait. Wait, where are you going?

Aragorn: Back to Hawaii.

WHAT? You can't leave me!

Aragorn: Watch me.

Alright, ALRIGHT! I'll drink your stupid tea...

Aragorn: *grins* I'm glad you see things my way. *hands over another cup of tea*

*mutters dark curses under breath* I hope Sauron finds you.

Aragorn: *smirks*

*drinks tea* Blegh. It's disgusting.

Aragorn: It will help with the headache.

Sure it will... I hate how you can manipulate me like that... that's just cruel.

Aragorn: *gives a mockbow*

Psshh... well, I can't wait to see an update... I want to see where this is going...
Soul of the Evenstar chapter 46 . 10/11/2005
Ah, another gorgeous chapter. I somehow knew that the fight would end that why, though I cannot tell you why.

I am anxious to know how it will go with Eomer and Aragorn in the next chapter. I guess Lomac will be at the basecamp in Osgiliath to tend to them.

And Arwen as well, I imagine. I am looking forward to reading it.

Yours, Souly
Maddy051280 chapter 46 . 10/11/2005

Éomer Éomundsson

King of Rohan




Dear Sir,

deeply concerned about your general health,

I feel I have to give you following strenuous

advice: Next time your colleague from Gondor

emerges at the horizon - RUN!

Yours sincerely,

A dedicated admirer
fliewatuet chapter 46 . 10/11/2005
Hah! So Arwen's power was greater that Harishdane's in the end. A very satisfying twist to resolve the situation. Though I do fear that Aragorn has a high price to pay for his victory over Harishdane. A good think that Arwen, in her foresight, send a healer on the way to meet him.

I only feel sorry for Ridasha. Her people curse her and the Gondorians seem unwilling to listen to her pleas. But I trust Aragorn, Faramir and Éomer to come up with a solution both sides can live with in the end (if Aragorn discovers, which I hope!).
novelteas74 chapter 46 . 10/11/2005
Ah, vindicated! I just knew *reviewer pats self on head* Aragorn would never give in to that evil Hardishane! But what's this? Two kings out of commision? Erk. That is not so good. But then, I always DO crave more angst, don't I? "You still lose?" Something tells me Hardishane's words bode ill. What have you done with my, er, that is, *our* Aragorn? Long as you don't kill him, anything goes! Just kidding, of course...really. Ridasha, fascinating as always. I would really like it if she and Hilberon were to become an item. Just imagine, it'll probably be on the front page of 'Middle-Earth News'! On a little note of seriousness, I really liked the way you described her feelings at the way the battle turned out. Very well done. Oh, wait. Sorry. Got a little distracted there. These 'reviews' are really quite profound, I daresay. Arwen had better get there fast. I like Faramir's take-charge persona here. No weakling he. And Eomer? Just a word of advice, oh unconscious king. You're really NOT okay. It's such a guy thing...
viggomaniac chapter 44 . 10/11/2005
Just finished my review of chapter 45 when I remembered that I never commented on Katzilla's awesome 'review' of chapter 44. I think you and Ainu Laire should form a writing partnership and do a parody fic. I always crack up when reading AL's reviews and now, Katzilla, to find out that you are of the same ilk! What a *pleasant surprise*. Really. Some of the commentary was superb. I especially liked this bit:

Katzilla: So? So what? It was funny! it was brilliant! And heck, what do I even care what someone says

who is only a personal slave?

Éomer: Just let me out, and I'll show you about this 'personal slave'-business!

Katzilla: Hah, as if I would! I am not *that* stupid! Besides, I need you for future... uhm... entertainment.

Love that last line!
sielge chapter 46 . 10/11/2005
Oh, no! you let us now with the question of Aragorn's fate, Eomer and Erkenbrand well been...

Update soon!
novelteas74 chapter 45 . 10/11/2005
I planned on reviewing this chapter earlier but the site must have been down, so BEFORE I read the next chapter, I simply have to review this one. Now as to one of the other reviews, I just have to make a few comments. Otherwise, I will feel as though those four times I've read LOTR was akin to reading a loftier version of a romance novel! Aragorn a Mary Sue? Just because he's tall, good looking, heroic, courageous, kind, wise, compassionate, intelligent, and so forth? Well, perhaps he IS all those things, but he's NOT a superfluous character who just happens to conveniently enter a story so as to satisfy someone else's craving to live vicariously. Most great works of fiction have their heroes or heroines, but that doesn't make them Mary Sues. Mary Sue traits are exaggerated, usually ludicrously so, and their laughably perfect nature precludes the idea of their being one of the main characters in any piece of classic literature (which Tolkien's is deemed to be). So which is it? That Tolkien created a Mary Sue when he wrote the character of Aragorn and thus, Aragorn should always prevail over any difficulty and not be subject to the pressures of humankind? Or is that he is an extraordinary man who, nonetheless, can still be bowed by the evil present in life? A thorough reading of this story reveals much in the way of understanding how Aragorn ends up in the situation you currently have him in. He may be Numenorean, but he IS still only a man and he does struggle throughout to defeat Hardishane, but it not without difficulty. I personally don't think you brought him down to any level that isn't completely and reasonably explained. Besides, I don't for one minute believe Aragorn will totally succumb to Hardishane's influence. Something is going to prevent him from killing Eomer. Whether it is the influence of Arwen, the intervention of Lomac, or sheer force of will, I have no idea. But you simply can't let him be defeated by Ms. Resident Evil! Aw, Hilberon rescued Ridasha? Oh my, so very manly...what's this? I digress again? So off my soapbox *oops! slipped again*! and on to the next chapter.
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