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fliewatuet chapter 45 . 10/6/2005
Sorry for not reviewing more frequently, but I still follow your wonderful story.

I am in awe at the richness of the cultural background you invented for the easterlings (and just a tad bit worried about Aragorn and Éomer). Though my absolute favourite part was Arwen entering the battle, her attempt to lend Aragorn enough strength to break free from Harishdane's hold. And of course I am always happy to read more about my all-time favourite: Vlohiri!
viviana chapter 45 . 10/5/2005
Oh Come on, Aragorn! Are you stupid or what? Don't make go there and hit you! Lister to Arwen's voice, you fool!

Update again ASAP, girls! you're driving me crazy with this suspense!
lindahoyland chapter 45 . 10/4/2005
THis is just too cruel,poor Aragorn and poor could never live with himself if he killed his friend,surely his will can somehow resist ?Good for Arwen,sensing something is wrong and trying to help !Very,very exciting !
Mystikal chapter 45 . 10/4/2005
Wow, this just keeps on getting more and more intense! Come on Aragorn, what are you doing? Fight off Harishdane's mind control, find Arwen! What the heck do you think you are doing? I hope Erkenbrand is alright, it would be a pity for him to have died after all the drama he caused and then tried to fix (hey, at least he tried!) and Hilberon and saved her life, now maybe she'll need to save his? ;-) I would what's going to happen next! Eomer won't die, I know he won't. There's just no cotton-pickin' way he's going to die after Grima torturing him (attempt of assault), Galdur's attempted assult, and now Aragorn's attempted assault. Hm...they've all tried to kill him...Eomer, I'd say you need to have that little talk with your friends again...:-P Anyway, update soon please, I am so excited to see this play out!
Soul of the Evenstar chapter 45 . 10/4/2005
Ah.. another wonderful chapter, though much to short for my taste. *considers what she could to main the authors* Do not be afraid, it will not be permanently. After all you need to continue this story

Well, back to the review:

I could feel the tense atmosphere in my fingers while reading it, constantly clenching and unclenching them with each new development.

Ah, don't tell me you have truly killed Erkenbrand? Please...

What I like about your story and which I came to think about in this chapter, is, that you never loose focus on your other characters. Vlohir, Hilberon, Ridasha, etc. they all have to fullfill their purpose on one or another way.

The fight between Eomer and Aragorn is quite emotional in two aspects: The actual fight between the two friends and the fight between Argorn and Harishdane.I like that.

Well done
Aelaer chapter 45 . 10/4/2005
Oh my lord... oh my lord... this chapter! This chapter had me mouth open agape! Whoa! What a chapter! Fight it, Aragorn! Fight her, Arwen! Poor Erkenbrand! Oh my, oh my...

*goes to the review section and starts cracking up at Katzilla's comments* I'm an inspiration! You see that, Aragorn?

Aragorn: That is lovely.

It is. It really is. But before I continue... I disagree with the one who critiques this story. I personally don't think Aragorn is a Mary Sue at all _ I love how you portray him in the story. There are forces beyond this world that can overcome the strongest of men... and also, Sauron was still pretty weak without his Ring during the War, so though he had armies, the power of himself would not be nearly as strong as if he had his Ring. Which is one reason Aragorn could resist him without *too* much trouble. And also, he still has not given up fighting her; he's still fighting, while most men would have just given up. That's completely within his nature.

Also, there is no date as to when the Dwarves or the Elves settled in the south, which can count for their absence.

But I myself have been curious about where exactly the mountain path is.

Oh! But I have something to point out as well: if the other horse of Aragorn's, the one in the book, is the one you have here, his name is 'Roheryn'.

But I think that covers the serious, boring stuff...

Aragorn: You? Serious and boring? I do believe that is a contradiction of your personality.

No, no, I can be serious and boring... stop looking so amazed. It's true.

Aragorn: I still cannot believe it.

You should. Now, Ranger, would you like to say something to these authors?

Aragorn: Yes. Can we abruptly change the setting to Rivendell, with just me and Arwen?


Aragorn: It was worth a shot.


Aragorn: What?

... *shakes head* My dear Ranger, no matter how much you try and protest, there will always be stories about you in angst and pain. Period.

Say, I do have an inquiry, not exactly with this story... I heard rumor that Timmy2 was leaving the fandom. Is that true? I would be so completely unhappy if it were, and one does not want to see me completely unhappy...

Aragorn: That's true.

Yea, last time that happened you took a vacation, didn't you?

Aragorn: *nods* Hawaii. It was very nice there. I should have stayed there.

You just missed me.

Aragorn: No, I didn't.

Yes you did.

Aragorn: I assure you, I didn't think about you once.

Aww, you missed me, you big huggable Ranger! *hugs him*

Aragorn: Would you get off me?


Aragorn: *pulls her off*

Aragorn! Hug me!

Aragorn: *starts to walk away*

Hey! Where are you going?

Aragorn: To get some coffee.

... can you bring me back a cookie?

Aragorn: Get it yourself!

... well, aren't you just one nice guy! *mutters under breath* This is getting long and pointless... oh, BTW, glad I can make you laugh. The sooner this is continued, the sooner you will laugh again ;) *send*
sielge chapter 45 . 10/4/2005
Poor Aragorn! To have to fight two fights in the same time!...

Poor Eomer; To see his dead in a friend's face!...

Update soon!
Yronhand chapter 45 . 10/4/2005
As much as I hate to say it, Aragon definitely is a "Mary Sue" type character. So I find it rather disappointing that he has been portrayed down in this manner. And this Harishdane has "defeated" as well Arwen's influence? This I find also a sad thing, since her own lineage is of the Royal House of the Elves, and no lesser power should be able to withstand that.

How do you explain her control over him? He is supposed to be the mightiest among Men in the Fourth Age, both in physical prowess as well as in strength of Will. There shouldn't really be anyone of human strength who can dominate his will. As I said previously, even before Sauron's test again him, he did not bend to the fallen Maia's temptations.

But, I suppose it was too much to hope that Aragorn would be able to resist the witch's control, the way things have been going, and with any such comments at this late juncture. Regardless, I do look forward to how this tale wraps up and is ended.
Yronhand chapter 44 . 9/30/2005

A good story. It seems to be treading the line between the movie and the books in its storytelling style, and thus has just enough to keep fans of either mode reading, though this reader tends towards the books.

My principal complaints is on the characterization of Aragorn. He seems to be significantly less than how he had been portrayed in either book or movie. What happened to the man who fought without fail against Sauron's forces? What happened to the man of indomitable will, who did not fall under the temptation of the ring or the gaze of Sauron himself?

Unless these Easterlings are of such greater might than of Mordor and Sauron, I think that the Aragorn within this story is hamstrung and bereft of the strength he should have.

As a secondary note: Since this story occurs after the War of the Ring (and it looks that way), then this should this not mean that the Dwarves have settled at the Glittering Caves, and there should be elves in Ithilien, as well as the presence of Gimli and Legolas within the realms of Arnor/Gondor and Rohan?

Also, I'm not too sure how north the pathway that the Easterlings used is, but it seems to be sandwiched between Lothlorien and Fangorn. Would that not be a territory particularly safe? Also, I do wonder, would not such a significant movement of such large armies of the Easterlings alarm their allies, though not particularly close, in the North (Dale, the Dwarves, Thranduil's kingdom)?

I'm just curious as to how you'd handle the presence of these other factors, not beating down on you. Its really a nicely balanced story, and I'd appreciate a reply if possible. :)

So until your next chapter, namaarie!
lindahoyland chapter 44 . 9/29/2005
The poor priestess, I had a nasty feeling she would die,but I'm sorry as I liked her,and poor,poor Aragorn,whatever has happened to him?You have me very good to see Vlohiri again.

I can hardly wait for the udate,this story is riveting.
Katzilla chapter 44 . 9/29/2005
Éomer: Oh yeah, that's real cheap!

Katzilla: Oh really? And why should that be?

Éomer: Because Ainu Laire did this before?

Katzilla: So? So what? It was funny! it was brilliant! And heck, what do I even care what someone says

who is only a personal slave?

Éomer: Just let me out, and I'll show you about this 'personal slave'-business!

Katzilla: Hah, as if I would! I am not *that* stupid! Besides, I need you for future... uhm... entertainment.


Voice out of the Darkness: One day, your readers will have enough of your sick imagination! See what Souly said:

"A real evil cliffhanger!" Yeah, you're evil alright! If I remember correctly, I didn't

even get to smile ONCE for the last 200 pages... if not more!

Katzilla: Well, you're not here to smile, you're here to suffer.

Voice out of the Darkness: Tell me about it. Will it ever end.

Katzilla: I'm not gonna tell. You'll have to find out... the hard way.

V.o.o.t.D.: As usual. Hey, that 'Mystical'-woman already said I had enough problems! Vivianna said that

the authors were evil. Only Viggomaniac seems to enjoy it. Evil wenches! As for that Katzilla...

Katzilla: Hey! I am hearing you! Watch your smart mouth, King of Rohan, or...

Éomer: Or *what*? Come on! Let me have it! Come here! I'll

cut off your head, beard and all-

Katzilla: I don't have a beard.

Éomer: Whatever! Just come here, so that I can kill you with my bare hands!

Katzilla: Nope. Sorry. Got work to do. Like... letting you suffer

for these insultsin the next chapter.

Éomer: No. No, you can't do that! Please! I'll do anything!

Katzilla: Too late...
Timmy2222 chapter 44 . 9/29/2005
Hello, all of you fellow readers! So glad, you still stick with this story!

To ainu laire: You got me laughing so hard my kids showed up, truly curius, and I had to translater your review. Left many question marks on their faces and many more questions to follow. See what you've done! LOL

To Souly: Yes, writers are evil, aren't they? There had to be a reason to push Aragorn through the ritual. Now here's the rub! (mean cackling from Timmy)

To Viviana: Ever being tested on foresight? Apply to become an Elf, eventually.

To viggomaniac: What shall I say? I'm just wafted away by so many flattering adjectives that I have to sort myself out. Sexy kings? You bet!

To Mystikal: My sanity has never been truly proven, so let's see... Maybe. Maybe you need to be slightly mad to live in a mad world. At least I reduce being mad on writing . Why shouldn't Aragorn do the evil things Harishdane wants him to do? That's why she went such length and the writers wrote such a long story about it. No? Well, let's see if some things happen that change the fate of the kings. Hang on, all of you!

Timmy :)
Mystikal chapter 44 . 9/28/2005
Holy moly, what a chapter! Let me start at the beginning! Okay, Gishvané's death was inevitable, not predictable mind you, but I knew that Harishdane wouldn't be so 'happy' to see her ex-high priestess coming to her. I'm sorry she got killed, and I didn't expect Harishdane to get that mad since obviously they think that the Gods will put their wrath on them and the Gods would like the high priestess alive, I would think. Ridasha, hm, I am starting to sense something between her and Halamin, and that is undeniably cute :-P Lol, it could just be my imagination but it seems someone has acquired a crush. Anyway, I am starting to pity her a bit more, especially since I have finally realized that whoever wins/loses, she is a loser. Heck, she might as well pack it up now, but she's a trooper. Maybe she can help Aragorn, I have a feeling that's what's going to happen ;) and you know my feelings are generally right (wrong! lol) Okay, now lets get to Aragorn. Aragorn! Are you insane? I don't care if you're posessed by Harishdane or whoever, you CANNOT kill your friends! Goodness me, poor Eomer has enough problems! And for a moment there I thought Battleaxe was going down, and I was so sad! Jeez, I am so anxious to see what is next! Please update soon! This is terrific, terrific, terrific (did you catch that quote from Charlotte's Web? Yeah...I'm a dork. Whatever) Great story, guys!
novelteas74 chapter 44 . 9/28/2005
Hey, I get to review twice. I actually posted my first review over at Stories of Arda because my hotmail account wasn't working yesterday and I was too impatient to wait for the story to appear here. As always you present us with the best in mesmerizing, exciting, heartstopping, breathtaking, hair-raising, mouth-dropping, angst-ridden, helplessly sexy Aragorn and Eomer entertainment! Thank you. (Sorry. Lousy review. I just couldn't break my record of having reviewed every chapter). Now, be kind. Please, please, please, update sooner this time if it is at all possible. If not, I might just die. (Though that would probably be somewhat overly dramatic)...
Soul of the Evenstar chapter 44 . 9/28/2005
I knew it... I so knew it. There had be coming up something with that damned sign Harishdane literally carved into Aragorn's back.

Great turn of events... and a really evil cliffhanger. You know how to keep your readers tense and waiting

Though long in coming this was another great chapter and I enjoyed reading it a great deal. I am looking forward to what will happen to Aragorn and Eomer and Hilberon and Ridasha, etc.

Thanks again for sharing this story with us *hugs Katzilla and Timmy*

(souly die so doof war das hier als review für kapitel 1 zu posten)
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