Reviews for Shades of Black
Onomatopiea chapter 20 . 5/17
I would like to read the Bonus chapter please, if it isn't too much of a hassle.
babyvfan chapter 32 . 5/3
This was a very interesting story
babyvfan chapter 26 . 5/3
This should be interesting
babyvfan chapter 23 . 5/3
Poor Harry. I mean Atani
babyvfan chapter 22 . 5/3
Wow. That was definitely an interesting family reunion
babyvfan chapter 21 . 5/3
Huh. For some reason, I was thinking that Remus was the mother. Typically in most fanfics where Harry is Voldermort's son, Remus is usually brought into the picture. Btw, how have things been between Harry and Snape?
babyvfan chapter 20 . 5/3
I won't lie. I was kinda hoping that moody would still turn Draco into an animal. That's one of the best parts
babyvfan chapter 19 . 5/3
Awwwww. My heart. Though I am confused about something. Is Blaise a girl or a boy in your story?
babyvfan chapter 18 . 5/3
Even though I'm still effing about Harry being very close-minded, I do find this story interesting
babyvfan chapter 16 . 5/3
I'm glad Sirius is in Harry's life and that he was welcomed with open arms. I hope he still cares about Harry even though he's not his best friend's son
babyvfan chapter 12 . 5/3
I live for these Drarry moments
babyvfan chapter 11 . 5/3
Awwwwwww. Their first kiss. My heart is melting
babyvfan chapter 9 . 5/3 I'm curious about something. Who's the mother?
babyvfan chapter 8 . 5/3
Huh. That dud not at all go the way I thought it would
babyvfan chapter 7 . 5/3
Dear god...
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