Reviews for Love and Redemption
lady scribe of avandell chapter 28 . 12/27/2005
i must say, flauvic's proposal left me absolutely breathless. and i mean totally breathless. i've never had that happen to me before. i really do think my heart stopped for a moment. this was such a lovely story. the characters were so wonderfully developed. i could see all of them absolutely clearly in my mind, and none of them seemed out of character in regards to sherwood smith's stories about them. this was an absolutely excellent way to spend my entire day. thank you so very much. sere mi eru...lady scribe of avandell
motes of dust chapter 3 . 12/11/2005
me likey very muchy!
ElizabethD chapter 1 . 10/11/2005
where are your other fanfictions at?
feelin' BITCHYrane chapter 28 . 8/17/2005
aha! you have just restored my former good mood! do you know how talented a writer you are? do you know why i'm so hyper? or why i'm asking so many questions?I KNOW!it must be because your story is[was] so writing asequel NOW 'cause you've alreadey got a fan lined up and waiting.

and[altho this was a couple chapters back]WOODEN CARVING! i ACTUALLY GIGGLED when i heard that, along with all of your other wisecracks.

keep on keepin' on,

me cranky, rane
Starlight77 chapter 28 . 7/30/2005
Ah, a wonderful ending to a wonderful fic! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And I laughed at the image in my head of Mel having a small breakdown seeing her daughter and Flauvic kissing.

Anyways, I think a sequel would be great. I promise to read and review. :)
Starlight77 chapter 25 . 7/30/2005
Yeah, I was a bit surprised at first that Vidanric held Merindar in Flauvic's name, but after I got over that initial shock I can see why it came to you. It does make sense when you consider how fair and just Vidanric is (at least I think he is).
Starlight77 chapter 24 . 7/30/2005
Haha! Awesome chapter. I love how Elly broke the tension. She had me cracking a smirk as well.
Starlight77 chapter 23 . 7/30/2005
Yes! That was perfect...the kiss...getting interrupted...her embarrassment...him laughing at her...just perfect! )
Starlight77 chapter 21 . 7/30/2005
Oh, I loved this chapter! Loved how Elestra didn't let Flauvic get away with being rude and how she demanded no rudeness from her family as well.

Haha! Too great, especially his response, "You are an unbelievable child."

Goodness, those two make me laugh.
Starlight77 chapter 20 . 7/30/2005 the very last part: “You have too much faith in him, Elly,” she insisted.

“Well, I have to. Nobody else seems to have any,” I smirked.

Hee. Go Elly! :)
Starlight77 chapter 18 . 7/30/2005
Aw...I love this: “You constantly surprise me,” he whispered, not bothering to take his mouth away when he spoke. “I don’t think I’ll ever understand you.”

And a kiss! Not a full-on-the-mouth one but still...*sighs*

You've led up to that lovely little scene wonderfully.

And now, oh! Hope the militia will be able to help them!
Starlight77 chapter 17 . 7/30/2005
I really felt this chapter was so important with them stopping at the cemetery and him opening up to her about his family.

It seems fitting, seeing as he knows all about hers and of course it helps her to understand more about him as a person.
Starlight77 chapter 15 . 7/30/2005
Just going to tell you that yes, you were right - I did think it was Nerroc at first. And also yes (again you are right) it works better this way with the Denlieff ambassador.

So I freely admit that you are indeed good and wise and I'm glad for it because how can I not be when I get to read a story with both good plot and good writing? :)
Starlight77 chapter 14 . 7/30/2005
Well, I have to say that (so far) this is my favorite chapter in the story as well.

Ok, where do I start?

First off, I love that you had her ponder on how bad things always happen around him when it rains and then she decided to get him to let loose and have fun by breaking this 'curse.'

I find it so awesome that they were being all playful, but of course something had to ruin it at the end there.

I really like that you brought up the fact that she hates his Court mask. She knows there is so much more to him than he lets on, than he lets other people see. I think she might be the only one who does see past the reputation he hides behind.

The thing that especially struck me about this chapter was how far they or maybe she...has gotten. Because when he told her to go take a bath, she could've easily huffed off and just left him but no...she confronts him. I think it's a great contrast to my second favorite chapter in this story, Chapter 10, where at the end he withdraws again and she lets him stalk off.

Like I said before, she could've done the same thing here but I'm pleased that she instead confronted him over the fact that he is not an entirely bad person. I really like that you took what she said in Beauty and put it in here - her explanation of how everyone she knows is a mixture of good and bad.

I also like that she mentions how she is completely aware of all that he had done 'pre-tree' but that doesn't keep her from thinking the way she does about him.

Anyways, I hope I explained myself clearly above. Again, I really did enjoy this chapter and I can see why you like it so very much.
Starlight77 chapter 13 . 7/30/2005
I just want to say I completely agree with what you said in the author note at the end of this chapter. I find it very realistic that Elestra would cling to this relationship with Phillo, though she does not feel as strongly about him as he does her.

There are people all around me that I know of who are/have been in a similar situation.

Because after all, not all of us are lucky enough to find a love like that of Vidanric and Mel, Nee and Bran, Tamara and Savona.

Sometimes people are forced to settle (sadly) with what they can get.

In Elestra's case, she cares for Phillo but her affection for him is nowhere near as great as his adoration for her.
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