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K. A. Maples chapter 20 . 4/16/2006
This story absolutely floored me. I love it with the kind of passion that's almost frightening.

JP: Almost?

Okay, very frightening. And I truely hope that this isn't the last chapter. I'd love to see more.
K. A. Maples chapter 19 . 4/16/2006
Do I get a prize if I say that Bobby is reading "I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League"?

I was going to review with the next chapter, so I could praise you for everything you've done in this story, but I just had to say something now.
Jo the Phoenix chapter 20 . 2/24/2006
Whoa. Just... whoa. That's how a Speedersicle fic /should/ be done. Amazing. Update! Now! soon? maybe? *sigh* I need more fluff to counteract the angst. ;)
TheDreamerLady chapter 20 . 2/1/2006

argh! Left me hanging too.. More now please. *pokes Author*

Please more? Even if I am suppose to be doing a project, I really wouldn't mind reading another chapter or four.

Five maybe?


amanda and Lanco(the super duck)
EE's Skysong chapter 20 . 12/24/2005
Wow. Altogether one of the best fics I've ever read. I just... wow. Good fic makes me incoherent.
Moxie-Proxie chapter 20 . 12/21/2005
I am loving this story thus far. I started reading it last night thinking I'd read three or four chapters and head to bed. Well eighteen chapters and roughly four hours later, I had stayed up until four in the morning reading the eighteen chapters you had posted on your website.

I could not stop reading it. I love the slow tension you have built between Bobby and Jean-Paul, and I can't picture them apart now. I got up this morning and first thing I did was come to this site and read the last two chapters. I have to say I'm really glad JP didn't just "forgive" being thrown through the window. I would've left too, even though I know JP's running more because he's afraid to see Bobby die, then having to do with being put through a window. I hope they get back together, I really think they belong together, but I also think Bobby needs to work things out with his father first. I'm both looking forward to that and anxious about it.

I have to admit - and this no dig at you as writer, because I've really enjoyed what I've read of your work - but Warren seriously bugs me in this story. Usually I don't mind him, like him just fine, but in this one he just ... squicks me. I don't know what it is but I still get a creepy jealous vibe from him. And I'm still can of baffled by what happened between him and Bobby, well I know what *happened* I'm more or less confused about how that got healed, so I may have to go read some of those chapters again. Like I said, twas up till four so I may have glossed over some stuff. I just can't figure out his motivations. Part of me thinks he's just guilty and wanting to protect Bobby, and a part of me thinks he's jealous of Jean-Paul. Just the way he kept saying "but you love ME!" basically. Again, I think I'll have to read those chapters once more.

I hope you don't take a offense from the above paragraph, just don't get him. I feel like there's something squicky going on in his head. Now Jean-Paul? Love him to bits but at the moment I would like to kick him in his French-Canadian arse. I think he has valid reasons for leaving because of what Bobby did, but he's also running and scared and bitchy because he's afraid. He's afraid to lose Bobby. But if he doesn't pull his head out of his ass, he's going to lose Bobby all together, so make him pull his head out of his ass! Please? *smiles innocently*
Amarin Rose chapter 20 . 11/27/2005
Very interesting take on Bobby's personality and forgiveness. I hope that the next chapter has Jean-Paul's side.
Aquila Tamyrlin chapter 20 . 11/22/2005


And filler. No sex. No real plot advancement.


I'm glad you've finally updated though.
marais chapter 20 . 11/19/2005
Isulet of the Snows chapter 20 . 11/17/2005
NO, Don't seperate them. Get them back together, they make such a nice couple! I feel like crying...this is so sad! Sigh... Anyways, I'm glad you got back to the plot. The angst was good in its own way, but progression with the plot is always necessary. Keep up the good work.
Isulet of the Snows chapter 7 . 11/16/2005
I LOVED this chapter. It was really well done. The awkwardness, everything was amazing. I like how you didn't just throw them together right away. Alot of fanfics do that and it annoys me. This seems more realistc. Keep writing!
Ruby631 chapter 20 . 11/16/2005
You updated! THERE IS A GOD! Break ups are a pain in the ass, arent they? I don't think Mr Drake is going to be happy...
Polka dot chapter 20 . 11/16/2005
I don't care if JP and bobby get back together, I'm just happy he's not dying and getting on with his life. This was be a nice ending, IMO.
Cetsunai chapter 20 . 11/15/2005
Woah, yay new chapter! This chapter is so pivotal in the shaping of a new Bobby Drake and I enjoyed the interaction between Warren and Bobby. It explains how and why Bobby is growing and felt very natural. I can't WAIT for the next chapter to see what happens between Robert :) and his father (and what happens when he calls Jean Paul)!
Rhea89s chapter 20 . 11/15/2005
You know? Bobby calling his father is cute... But I want make up sex. Really, they need it, we all do. (*nods*)

Lately Im finding Warren... I dont know. More like he was in the original comics (when he was my favourite character...), must be that I read too many fics, but I like this change.

What else? Hmm... I dont know, I really like this story and I hope you continue it soon, because you cant just leave poor JP without his Bobby.

Thats it.

C-You _
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