Reviews for Part of the Family
planet p chapter 1 . 8/18/2010
An interesting idea, and it's nice that you put in that Ethan would like Jarod and Margaret to finally get to meet. In the second movie, Miss Parker didn't really have that much to say on the topic, from what I remember. Even though she should know what that feels like, going without a parent/parents for so long. She didn't get to have her mum around for very long, then her dad's kinda not been there even though he has... which is probably worse than the no mum thing, come to think of it. Sometimes I think she would act out more, but in a bit of a harmless way, to get his attention, to say, Hey, I'm still here, but I guess even though she considers him her dad, as she has her whole life until she gets an idea that he may not be, she doesn't try to get closer to him like that... when he offers it, she takes it, but otherwise she won't say, Let's talk about this, let's do this together... except for when she wanted to know about her mum, I guess, and then he didn't really say much... or the wanting him to come to Christmas dinner/celebrations stuff...

It would be interesting to see, if they ever make another movie, if Jarod does get to meet his parents - well, he's met his dad (who he thinks is his dad, because there is that speculation, I guess) - because one would imagine he would have just about a truckload of questions, and then maybe some of them would have answers.

I like that you wrote a story with Ethan in it. :-)
Katescats chapter 1 . 4/21/2007

I just read your story it was good. I like storys about Jarod family.
Crystal7 chapter 1 . 6/16/2004
Cute. Too short. But cute.

~ Crystal ~