Reviews for Knock Knock
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
This story is so short and yet so hilarious!
Kina Kalamari chapter 1 . 2/28
This is absolutely brilliant. I laughed the whole way through.
Nyimphadora chapter 1 . 1/25
well that was a very good idea and it really made me laugh a lot ! I love Luna and I really can imagine both of them acting like that :) Thanks for this ! xx
PhoenixFireHope chapter 1 . 11/28/2014
That was hilarious! Really made me smile.
DaughterofTheHuntress chapter 1 . 11/28/2014
Haha! That was cute!
LeahDarling chapter 1 . 9/25/2014
This is hilarious! I almost started crying from laughter, and now people are giving me weird looks. I am so going to do this the next time someone tries to tell me a knock knock joke!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/27/2014
this is so hilarious.
i can imagine this being exactly how luna reacts to the concept of a knock-knock joke. It does seem unwise. oh hahahha.
Now i'm really curious about the joke.
Maybe it went like: Knock knock! who's there? You-Know. You-Know-Who? Lord Voldemort, boo!
timelordin221b chapter 1 . 7/21/2014
Youve changed the story so many times...
TotallyAwesomeMe chapter 1 . 6/12/2014
Your stories are awesome (like me)
dovakini-1 chapter 1 . 3/16/2014
Guest chapter 1 . 2/21/2014
I honestly cracked up... and people looked at me weirdly.
BlackSheep the Sage chapter 1 . 1/23/2014
Silvers45 chapter 1 . 10/18/2013
I absolutely adored this! Only you, Luna, only you!
Foreign Language chapter 1 . 9/25/2013
Highly amusing!
Well done .
Lily-Magnolia chapter 1 . 8/14/2013
Trust Luna to perfectly complicate a simple joke, lol! How cute!
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