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Guest chapter 23 . 3/18
More pls
LeafeonLover chapter 23 . 2/19/2015
I don't know about people flaming this story I like it. It's interesting I wish her powers were used a bit more though
Amayra chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
Hey! I like it so far. I
botanbutton chapter 23 . 11/5/2004
I love this story! I like how you made Seto's personality! And totally hot I must add! Keep up the good work and PLEASE...update soon!
Master Ruby chapter 22 . 8/28/2004
Ah, yes, good old Otogi to spice things up a bit. - I love spice, especially in food. (Stories will do too.) Its so delicious in both categories! _ Am I confusing you? OO' I'm sure you never heard a story was delicious or with spice. ' Well, I'm weird, with it. School starts next week for you? Me too! _ Anyways, I read the editing. Good on Sophia's part, four or five year olds can be so bossy. But Seto... I dunno. He seemed a bit out of character the way you said he talked sarcastically and how mean he was to Keiko. That's just my opinion. He COULD ignore Keiko if you wanted to re-edit, but thats up to you. Heh, gomen for troubling your mind. And I'm happy Riley's back! Theres something about him you gotta love. Just like theres a part of Seto you gotta love. - As always, update! I await here patiently.

josephine jekyl chapter 21 . 8/20/2004
that was a funny chapter! that part where he called him solo made me chuckle! update soon kay?
Master Ruby chapter 21 . 8/19/2004
Yeah, i gues he had to meet 'em sooner or later too. Poor Seto, I pity him too. -; Well, the chappie was good, but entertaining! I love it! Its a tad bit funny too... but weird more! Hehe, hey where did Riley go? He's cool too! Sophia's dad is so hilarious I just gotta laugh at him, but he's acting weird for the love of his daughter so I guess that's a good enough reason. ' Well, as always, UPDATE! Ja matta!

Master Ruby chapter 20 . 8/15/2004
Whoho! An update! I'm so happy! Wanna see? _ Yep! That's how happy! I'm so happy. Today was one of those days for me when life just treats you the right way and you made it better! I congradulate you! Well, it seems Noah is the annoying type of cousin, eh? LOL! Glad i don't have cuzins like these. They're either too old, too young, or too busy to bother me. Yup, you gotta love the quiet life I have. Aw, Seto must be so mean. Sophia too? I thought she'd have a heart and pity Noah a bit. He's so unloved, or as I would say, unHabibi. (That's a little Arabic I picked up in a lil research. -) That's my new fav. word. I decided to make it my unofficial middle name. And, update soon. PLEASE! *puppy stare* And good luck with the band camp thingy too! I wish i was in band... *sigh* But I'm glad ur not like me and actually know how to play an instrument. I must go now, ja mata!

~Ruby Habibi Emerald. (My fake full name used for online purposes. .' I like it, ne?)
Master Ruby chapter 1 . 8/14/2004
I don't wanna sign in. Couldn't help but read ur bio (and still waiting for an update *taps foot patiently) Kisara is the woman Seto is holding in his arms in front of the Blue Eyes tablet in that vision he has when duels Ishizu. Does that clear it up? Email me and I'll give u what I've lately picked up on it if you wanna really know. Hurry and update soon! Oh, and thanks for the recognition in ur bio. I would do the same for you, but then it'd be for everyone and I have too many favs. _ I'd be dizzy and that'd mean no for me resulting in me not getting read ur fic whenever ya update. So... UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE! (I'll forget what happens.) Ja mata!

~Master Ruby Habibi Emerald~ (I finally gave myself a full name. Whoop! _)

P.S. Since this review is annonymous plz remove it. it really doesn't have to do with ur story and it seems rather... immature to me for doing this. Gomen.
Pharaoh'sJewel chapter 1 . 7/16/2004
this is really cool even if i don't like seto much. sorry go ahead and kill me. LOL well um... let's see... it's interesting and i want to read more. MAYBE if i try really hard, i can make fun of SETO! sorry, sorry! but i can't resist due to the fact that i am a Yami fan. sorry. well if Master Ruby can put up with me...(not that she has a choice) then you can too. LOL! R&R my storys plz!
Master Ruby chapter 19 . 7/11/2004
Well, i'll review now and think later, ok? OK! Now, i think i said i was ur official fan in m/story, right? Cuz i remember saying that, but i looked into m/reviews and it didn't say that there. But i'll say it now, "I AM HIKARU HAYASHI'S FIRST AND OFFICIAL FAN AND NO ONE CAN TAKE MY PLACE CUZ I'M THE FIRST AND ONLY ONE PERSON CAN BE FIRST AND THAT IS ME THEREFORE NO ONE ELSE CAN BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE OF ME! GOT IT? GOOD!"

LOL! I hope i didn't embarrass u. BUT i just wanted ppl to know. And um, i started the sequel to "Healing A Lost Soul" so plz R&R that cuz no one has reviewed yet. U can be the first one and fee special! Well, i guess u can tell i'm a little high on the sugar, right? LOL! I will go now. (Oh b4 i forget the sequel is called "Go Light, Dark, or Die Trying" Catchy title, no?) I will now stop blabbering! Sayonara!

-Master Ruby (Going on fav. stories list cuz i just realized it wasn't and fav. authors just in case it isn't.)
Cameron chapter 18 . 7/9/2004
Glad we're not enemies. I don't like having enemies... it seems pointless, especially over the internet. Rivalries always end in flame wars and that's no good.

Anyhow, I'm beginning to change my tune. I thought that this chapter was very plot-efficient, not to mention a great improvement. It was character-accurate even for AU. The bonding between Kaiba and Sophia was very smooth. You're better at revising than I would have given you credit for!

Your chapter nine edits were spectacular, by the way. Not only did they make sense, but they helped the story itself. Way to go.

XxMemoryLainxX chapter 18 . 7/9/2004
that was really good!Update soon and btw; never mind that flame pleez! whoever that is is just jelous take it from . kk ur fic rox!

Master Ruby chapter 18 . 7/8/2004
You ask rhetorical questions? I always think of putting them in the end of my chapters, but then i think my reviewers would think i'm crazy. (Which i probably wil be from time to time) (Too much sugar) Now, wow! Chappie was good. I laughed to think Seto would say such things. And thanks so much for the review! I got 3 Author Alerts and after reading my review (urs) I decided, 'Heck, i'll read her chappie first!' Thanks much! You have inspired me to do better! (And to tell u the truth ch.21 was the only chapter i put thought into to make descriptive.) ; Thanks much!

-Master Ruby
Cameron chapter 17 . 7/8/2004
I admit: I hadn’t been aware that your fic was AU. I realize now that it was stated in the summary. There is no excuse for my error and I sincerely apologize for it.

It sounds to me like the editing you’ll be doing will clear up quite a bit of my quipping. I know it didn’t sound like it in my earlier review, but I think you’re a talented writer. I know that I’ve seriously offended you and I probably can’t change it, but I also know that many writers would shrug off a flame’s advice with everything else in it. You’re acknowledging that there’s always room for editing, and you’re doing what you can about it. I have nothing but respect for that.

I’m also sorry that you weren’t able to finish your chapter to the extent you wanted. Do you write multiple drafts of your chapters? If you’re aiming to post once a day, I would assume you don’t. Try it. You know: quality over quantity. If you’ve got close friends who are members of or are familiar with , ask them to be your beta-readers. It’s amazing what an outsider’s perspective can uncover.

You and your reviewers probably think I have a lot of nerve to be reviewing again. I know we’ve got bad blood between us, but I still wish you luck with your editing, your story, your manga, and…heck, with everything else.

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