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Marh chapter 2 . 4/30/2023
Que acaba de pasar?
Mary chapter 1 . 4/30/2023
oh esto va a estar bueno
flutterdash28333 chapter 56 . 9/30/2022
Jesus Christ your double standards and desires for every guy in this fic to be a complete simp lapdog to every girl in it are fucking disgusting. That bullshit double standard about letting girls be right even when they're not is complete horse shit. Any man with any kind of self-respect or dignity will tell you exactly where you can shove that female supremacy garbage. Hermione is just as much if not more of a jealous cunt than Ron in this fic, but of course she'll never admit it and try to find some way to ustify why it's ok for her to be one but not ok for Ron.

Both your Ginny and your Hermione in this are disgusting, egotistical jackasses with a vastly overinflated sense of self-importance and I legitimately cannot understand how any guy could ever want them. They seem to truly believe that the sun shines from their ass and they shit rainbows and pots of gold and can do no wrong or some shit. Women are not always right, and both Hermione and Ginny need to learn that neither of them are nearly as important as they've deluded themselves into believing. God I wish someone would take both of those miserable harpies down a peg. That arrogance and overconfidence is going to get them killed one day when they run into someone who won't put up with their egotistical bullshit. They seem to have truly deluded themselves into believing that they're always right and everything has to be their way or the highway. The world doesn't work like that and anyone who is deluded enough to believe it does is in for a very, very rude awakening.
flutterdash28333 chapter 50 . 9/30/2022
And now you take away Ron's undefeated streak in chess, because why exactly? Why the actual fuck is that you just can't seem to let Ron have anything at all? Fuck this story, I legitimately can't see how anyone can be a Ron fan and claim to like it. I'm done.
flutterdash28333 chapter 41 . 9/29/2022
Jesus christ Ginny will you shut your smug little self-righteous ass up? God I hate your Ginny in this. All she does is belittle Ron every time she opens her fucking mouth and god do I wish he'd curse the little bint already. I legitimately can't fucking stand her. She's not being a little sister, she's just being a massive fucking bitch. Rather you like it or not you little harpy, Ron isn't an idiot and he in no way depends on Hermione to do the hard things for him. He might complain about not wanting to do his work, but he's always stood on his own two feet and did the actual work himself. There was exactly one exception to that in canon, when Hermione agreed to look over that one essay for him that got messed up due to the faulty Quick-Quotes Quill.

Despite what this obviously biased author thinks, Ron doesn't need Hermione to do well in school. If he actually cared more about school there's no reason he couldn't have gotten the same marks as Hermione actually. Hermione isn't some kind of effortless genius who can just do everything perfectly without any practice. She only does as well in school as she does because she actually enjoys it and is invested in it and thus spends a hell of a lot more time studying. Ron doesn't enjoy it and isn't invested in it. That doesn't make him stupid, it just means he doesn't care about grades. When it's something he actually is interested in and cares about, he buckles down and gets shit done. So fuck off with all this Ron's an idiot who couldn't tie his own shoelaces together without perfect prefect Granger. It's horseshit.

God how can anyone say this story is a good Romione story when it goes out of it's way to shit all over Ron every time Hermione or this god awful insufferable bitch interpretation of Ginny opens their fucking mouth? And what's this utter bullshit about Hermione learning to bend more and give in when Ron's right? Because she doesn't, at all. She just continues to disregard everything he says, belittle his opinions on everything and steamroll all over him to get whatever she wants. Hermione in this is just as awful if not worse to Ron than Ginny is. And you mentioned way back in an earlier chapter that Hermione got upset because Ron genuinely believed she'd mock him and laugh when he's upset? Yeah, maybe because she fucking does several times throughout this fic. Ever think of that? Oh wait, I forgot, for you to think of that you'd have to admit that Hermione isn't perfect and that wouldn't suit your agenda with this fic at all. I don't see how Ron can stand Hermione at all in this fic, let alone want to be with her.
flutterdash28333 chapter 79 . 9/28/2022
You seem to have a very negative view towards men, as several times you insult them in favor of women throughout this fic, most of the time you do so it's complete bullshit. It's also obvious you don't care much for Ron, either that or you think it's ok for women to treat their partners like shit, which Hermione does a lot in this fic to Ron. She's verbally and emotionally abusive several times throughout this piece and no one ever calls her on it. It's a well-written fic, but god the Hermione in it is a bit of a scumbag, as well as being the dreaded Super!Hermione deus ex machina. It's kinda sad how misandrist this piece is and it makes me even sadder that it's one of the most popular Romione fanfics out there. The fact that no one calls it out for how bad the misandry is doesn't really surprise me though, mostly because a lot of authors and readers of HP fanfic are females that share that anti-men attitude.
Luxaeterna809 chapter 79 . 9/27/2022
I got so caught up in the story that I didn't comment on every chapter. So good. By the way reading this in 2022. I love to see what writers cooked up in between books. This was such a great way to get together the couples while making the adventure even more interesting. The soul sharing was a imaginative. Thank you for sharing this and taking so much of your time to write it.
Luxaeterna809 chapter 2 . 9/13/2022
Wowow did not expect that. Thank you for writing this a d thank you for sharing it
Ronnie11 chapter 1 . 3/31/2022
still the best fanfiction I ever read love it why u stop writing u r amazing and very talented
crisTM chapter 79 . 11/23/2021
I don't know if you're even still getting these reviews. I read your fiction ages ago and just now finished re-reading it...still just as amazing! I can't believe there's not more reviews!

On the slight chance you still are notified, I discovered Checkmated no longer exists :( Did you post the unedited version anywhere else?
duchessduchie chapter 79 . 11/14/2021
This is absolutely amazing work you wrote! I so enjoyed reading this. Thank you for all your hard work because this was just so perfect!
Puff20 chapter 58 . 6/10/2021
I don't completely know how these reviews work, since I'm writing without an account, but as you might know from my past reviews I like Harry and Ginny together, but somehow, reading this, I didn't get too mad. The thing was, I think, I knew that Harry fancied Ginny, so when we started doing...his and Parvati's thing, then I didn't kind. I knew it was just... well, I don't know what it just was, but I knew that he didn't fancy Pavarti. Also, I really like how the Patil twins looked in the movies, but it annoys m more than it should that they made Padma a Gryffindor. Maybe it's because I just really like Padma for reasons unbeknownst to myself, but its just like, that would've been ten more seconds of dialogue explaining that she's a Ravenclaw, but no, other houses don't matter, do they? Wow, my reviews are loooooooooooong. Bye! :)
Puff20 chapter 49 . 6/9/2021
Seamus makes me laugh at points in this. Argh, I need Harry and Ginny to get together! I don't know when it is time wise in your story, but we haven't had Christmas yet, and Harry and Ginny get together like, deep June. I feel like it might happen faster though in your story, hear me out, he's got love and relationships in his mind with Ron and Hermione, so he might realise he likes Ginny sooner, maybeeee have a conversation with Ron about himself and Ginny getting together, seeing as Ron is probably feeling a lot more romantically knowledgeable, but it seems unlikely that he would. I'm so weird. I write long reviews then send them to strangers, never to be seen by my eyeballs again.
Puff20 chapter 48 . 6/9/2021
And to think that at the beginning of this chapter Ron was calling firsties troll names. Also, were they real troll names? Like, names of trolls that actually existed? 'Cause that's what I thought, and if it is, that's pretty clever, 'cause it would help him remember in History of Magic. Because, no matter what those dang movies tell ya, Ron ain't dumb.
Also, I totes agree with Ron with why he wants to do this. The second Harry started talking I was like IT'S COZ HE LOVES HER BRO. Like, loves her as in they officially get married with a real wedding and all and they have two children together love. Just wondering, do they have a pet? Did Crookshanks die? -gasp- Where did Crookshanks go in Deathly Hallows? How have I never thought about this? I kinda think GInny took care of him, or maybe Hermione's parents.
I'm really happy it's done tbh, the ceremony I mean, just coz they were going on and on about and I'm like I NEED FLUFFFFFFFF.
Ya, I know fanfic terms.
Romione2323 chapter 1 . 5/14/2021
definitely the best fanfiction I’ve ever red, hope you’ll come back one day and finish this story, I red it a couple of times and still can’t get enough of it!
Hope you are doing well:).
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