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Dragen Eyez chapter 16 . 9/23/2004
hmm..i'd be rather..really pissed at Quatre still... but quatre n' duo! hmm.. is this gonna be a 2x4...? it certainly seems like it :S h mm...
dodger chapter 16 . 9/23/2004
Chibi-spork chapter 16 . 9/23/2004
Hazel: Sorry about your poor finger. Such a long time! Oh well, at least it's not forever

Beka: I didn't think Quatre would ever do anything like that! He doesn't deserve Duo!

Hazel: I know! I mean, he knew all about Heero. How could he? I feel betrayed. v.v At least Duo forgave him which is more than I would have done. This was an excellent and unexpected chapter. Update ASAP!
anissa32 chapter 16 . 9/23/2004
First of all glad to hear that your cast is off and please be careful with the physical therapy. I just injured myself recently and had to undergo physical therapy so I know how easy it is to reinjure yourself. Whoa! You really know how to throw a twist into the story! I was surprised to see that Quatre had not been intergrated, but I'm not shocked. I'm just glad that his intentions toward Duo are really pure and that he is not out to hurt him. Heaven knows that he has had enough of that. I really like seeing Quatre and Duo together. It is really sweet. Well at least now he will be able to not only see Trowa, but learn more about Wufei and Heero. I still say that he is settings himself for a fall with Heero, but I know that he wants to see for himself how Heero will react to him. In the end I hope that you have something extremely nasty planned for Relena and Une. I want them to be exposed to the world as the monsters that they truly are. This story just gets better with each chapter! Keep up the good work!
Pia Bartolini chapter 16 . 9/23/2004
*cries* Quatre...what a turd! I really feel bad for Duo now, if I were in his position I'd be seriously pissed off. He just gets betrayed at every turn, ne? God, this better end up quasi happy...I NEED it to, for my sanity's sake (or whatever's left of it!)
Ayr-Ren chapter 15 . 9/21/2004
whoot~! great story so far. Please keep up the good work. I don'tknow if i've reviewed before, but I seriously should have...

Anyways, keep it up. I eager to find out how this story turns out. I've stayed up to read this thing even though I've important stuff to do tomorrow (it's supposed to be a compliment on the quality of you work :P) Keep it up~!

Yuy Ren
Raichuu chapter 15 . 9/21/2004
This story is taking a lot of turns and I'm loving every minute of it! You have a great writing style and really bring everyone to life. Keep up the good work!
Link Worshiper chapter 15 . 9/20/2004
Damn, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to catch up, though I'm glad I had two whole chapters to read! Oh, poor both of them. Duo just wants Heero back so much, and Quatre's so lonely! I do hope things work out well for them. Say, was that lover who left Quatre before Tro's Intergrated persona? That would be so sad if it was! Still, I can't wait 'til Duo gets further on his quest to win Heero back. Heero doesn't deserve the hell he's gotten either, and I sure want Relena to pay. (OMG, but I keep having nightmares that they might have a child or something. Goddamn that stupid Relena, ruining both Heero's and Duo's lives. *runs off to find 1x2x1 fluff for cheer*)
Merit Somnia chapter 15 . 9/18/2004
I really like this fic. It has a wonderful detailed plot and with great structure. The characters with their new added personalities are well developed and quite realistic. The OC were good, not too unrealistic but rather normal. I love this so far.
priscel chapter 15 . 9/18/2004
oh man, Quat's crying... but ya know, i have to wonder what Duo bought for a little bedroom fun with quat.
Kisara chapter 15 . 9/18/2004
I know it's a 1x2 fic but... quatre should keep duo and duo should stay with quatre (and had his revenge on Une and relena). keep writing please
Tabu chapter 15 . 9/17/2004
I supposed if you dumbed this story down to a high school story with the characters acting like idiots and a plot that changed constantly that you'd actually get a response from readers. But please don't do it for the rest of us who like a story that is above playground antics. I like a good 1x2 story, but you're beginning to convert me to liking a 2x4. I don't know if I've ever read a memorable story with that pairing. I have no idea what you're going to do to solve their dilemma, but I'm enjoying the story until we get there. Unlike other readers, I won't try to persuade you in either pairing because YOU ARE THE AUTHOR of this story. Write what you like and ignore the whiners who limit themselves to one pairing. If they don't like it, let them write their own stories.
lg chapter 15 . 9/17/2004
*Gack* Don't make me start feelin' bad for Quat! Yes, I've read your disclaimer about not second guessing story plot - cuase you just might never know... but, I'm feelin' sympathy here for Quat and from your fic "Dark Side of the Moon #1," it wouldn't be so hard to for them to end up together. Dying to read 'bout Heero and Trowa though not to mention the titilating tid-bit 'bout Wufei and Zechs you tagged on earlier in story.. so much more *ACK*
Chibi-spork chapter 15 . 9/17/2004
Hazel: I like 2x4 It's so cute! But it's so sad that they're gonna have to break up. Ah well. I prefer 1x2 and 3x4. Poor Quat. If only he had Trowa.

Beka: Poor Heero! He's married to Relena of all people! And of course, poor Duo

Hazel: Yeah. Not many people are happy in this fic, are they? But they could be so update soon!
anon-anna chapter 15 . 9/17/2004
well, i was really getting into the fic until i read all the 2x4/4x2 but i'm gonna step out now since it seems it's not a 1x2 fic at all like your others. it looks like it's going to be a 2x4/4x2 fic from what i can see or at least that seems the direction it's going in. too bad. i wanted to add it to my favorites.
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