Reviews for The Mask of Perfection
Kasamari chapter 1 . 1/21/2009
I'm not sure if you even write on this site anymore, or if you ever look at your reviews, but I feel that I should definitely review this concidering what the only other reviewer has said. In my opinion "Jason" is a fool.

You do indeed have a way with words that may be difficult for an uneducated or bland person to follow, but those that have any imagination at all are fully aware of the picture that your words have painted. You did a very fine job on this work and anyone who does not agree is entitled to their opinion.

You story flowed well, connecting each person to Lobo in their own unique ways. You showed the sides of each person as just that: a person rather than a perfect ideal. The fact that you were able to delve deeper into each character and their relationships shows good creativity and insight. Do not allow such narrow minded people to turn you away from writing.

By the way, I happen to be an English teacher that has read his fair share of papers.
Jason chapter 1 . 7/2/2007
I am a big fan of fiction that is fun and interesting, and good grammar doesn't hurt either. After reading your work of fiction, I realized that you are incapable of writing a story with any of these attributes. I'm WAS interesting, interesting how I had to try to figure out what the crap you meant by such phrases as "her cold voice becoming warm and wet with concern", and groups of words trying to pass themselves off as sentences like "The future of him and his apprentice." I hope English isn't your first language, because I can't believe that our public educational(and collegiate)system could produce an individual with your exstensive ignorance of the language once used by Wordsworth. If that weren't bad enough, your ignorance is so vast that you have convinced yourself that your writing is of such caliber that you should share it with the general public. You really should have ran this past someone first before posting it, and your mom doesn't count. Just because your mom puts it on the fridge next to your report card doesn't make it anything other then a refrigerator cover.