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Lenneth chapter 14 . 8/31/2004
o0o0o0o A Cliffie! Does that mean we get more angst? *yea!* And Aragorn and Legolas are friends again? *double yea!* I understand now why you put that view on hope in here! The story is still become better and better! Though, I think I already have a favorite chapter picked out! Thanks bunches and review soon! I get to worked up with this story! :D
Aebbook chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
NO! CLIFHANGER!that was and exelent all of school starting and all I was worryed I might not get to review.(School here in colorado sucks)That was awesome and I hope you update soon!

No Big Deal chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
Holy Christmas! That was amazing!

Thank you, thank you and thank you again for a wonderful chapter. The subtle recovery of the friendship was dead on perfect in my opinion. Not too much had to be said, but it was all in the actions...nice, very nice.

I'm loving every dirction you take with Aragorn and Elrond. Your use of his names is accurate for each moment and I think you are right on target with how Aragorn would respond in each situation you detail for us. The falling to sleep scene was too sweet(as in very good!). also, I enjoyed that it took seeing Elrond willing to commit murder to protect him to reveal the truth about how much he is cared for. Good starting off point, but I KNOW that's not all you have up your cliffhanging sleeve. Yeah, that was sickly the most haneous thing you've done yet. (at least it is now because it just happened to leave me totally freaked out :p)

I know he doesn't die so i'm not EVEN going to be anxious for the next chapter...

...O.K. I lied, please hurry with the next one. :)
Joslin chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
Oh NO! Poor Aragorn, Yeah him and Legolas are friends again! Plz update soon, oh and i hope you had a good trip!
Deep Sorrow chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
Ah! *grabs chest as heart threatens to stop beating* What an awful cliffie!I can't take the suspense!*flops to the floor twitching* Of course, if I die down here,I'll never find out what happens...*slowly stands up and sheepishly brushes self off before sitting down to complete review* Yay, Estel and Legolas are getting along again! That is so good to see. And the reconciliation scene was very well written too, so double bonus! I loved the insightfullness of Elrohir, that was really cool. Thank you so much for giving the twins their own personalities. Too often I see them written as basically the same person with different names, so your stunning character portrayal is a welcome relief. It was cool to really see the depth of Elrond's love for his son, the lenghs he would go to to protect him. Very intense, I loved it. And unfortunately, I don't have a real life, just a series of annoying responsibilities that constantly horn in on my delightful little fantasy world. Sad, I know.*sigh* Oh well, at least It's kinda pretty here. And the foods free! *looks back over her writting* Ok, that's pretty weird. Anyway, hope your not to disturbed, loved this chapter and can't wait for the next one. Really. I can't wait. *puts on bad Shwarzenegger accent* Give it to me now...Please? :)
Soul of the Evenstar chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
i promised i would start reading your other stories, did i not? here i am now and i am not happy with you *glowers at cheryl* we definitively did not deserve this cliffie of yours. we are all (well let's say almost) innocent readers, just reading along and then there comes this huge cliffie, leaving us standing in the rain. wuah... *cries* that's not fair *cries louder* but i will refrain from throwing any objects at you, i am after all "innocent". *puppy eyes* just post your next chapter soon.
et-spiritus-sancti chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
This chapter was just...oh, gosh, wow, okay, where do I start? I love that Legolas' and Aragorn's friendship is on the mend, and it looks so between Aragorn and Elrond, but I'm not so sure. It's such a large rift between Elrond and Aragorn that's going to take a while to pull back together. But I love the way you're doing this, keeping Aragorn realistically and understandably mad at Elrond, but just giving us a glimpse at the thought that Aragorn will forgive him in time...I mean, if forgiveness is even an option...

The pre-battle teaser at the end here was wonderfully written. You have a true talent for writing action sequences which I know is SO hard. I can never quite balance it so as to make sure there's enough detail, but not too much. You've made it just right. I know what's going on, I know how big the battle is, I know who is doing what and how they're doing it, but I'm not overwhelmed. You keep up the fantastic stuff, and your time between updates is a heck of a lot shorter than some ppl, which is awesome, especially since your chapters are pretty thick, so keep on writin'!

Lata! ~sancti~
LaurelinX chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
Thanks for such a good story. It's very emotional without beeing artificial or exaggerated. The interactions between the charakters especially between Aragorn and Elrond and Aragorn and Legolas in this chapter are so detailed. There are so many little gestures and implications that I had to read the last chapter two, some parts three times today :).

I like especially your Elrond very much. Althrough he is very ancient and wise he makes mistakes. That makes him more human in my eyes. Sometimes his human side has to come forward. I think it shows especially in emotional things when he is angry or afraid. What's the reason behind his rejection of Aragorn? I think after all his losses his deepest fear is to lose someone else he loves. And so he protected himself and let no one else closer. He could not prevent the hurt he would feel by losing one of his children (twins and Arwen) but he could prevent that someone else would sneak his way into his heart, especially a human child which is destined to die.

Long story short I like your story very much and I hope I dont have to wait to long for the next chapter.

One of the many lurkers around
BM originally chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
yep-it's me again. This just keeps getting better and better! I was glad that Aragorn has finally started pulling away from the immediate hurt to look at the situation more objectively. And I'm glad that he finally got it through his thick skull that Legolas is his friend! Now, if he'll just take things a step further and realize that the twins are just as innocent in this as Legolas is and realize that the guilt he felt for what he said to Legolas and the fear that their friendship was irrepairably damamged is a small sample of all the guilt Elrond is feeling right now, maybe he'll start to have the same understanding for his elvish father that he had for Barion and take a lesson from Legolas about love and forgiveness...

Though I'm holding out for something like that at the end-but hey, don't end it too fast for my account! I love all this suspense! NOw I just wonder who's going to end up with the arrow in their chest...You wouldn't really let them shoot poor Aragorn now, would you? The poor guy has really been through enough and he's going to need all his strength for his coming face-off, right? Hm. How about an Elvish Lord defending his mortal son? THat could be one drastic means of proving his love, especially if it leads to an angsty scene with Aragorn fighting to save his father's life...

And it was a very pleasant revelation when you noted in a previous review that you are a Christian. I am too, and it really gives me some hope and happiness to find other Christians in the fan-fic realm, especially when they keep to the Christian values in their stories. I find it to be a great relief to me, because I know I can trust them to keep their stories clean cut, without certain elements that greatly wear on my conscious.

Thank you for that, and please keep writing! You really have talent! I think I can safely say that you are one of my most favorite LOTR writers! And now that you're back from vacation (which I hope was restful and relaxing for you) I'm looking forward to more excellent posts. Great job and keep up the wonderful work!

PS-Have you written anything professionally? There's a Christian writer with your name and last initial whose works I dearly love and every time I see your penname, I'm reminded of her...
novelteas74 chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
You are an awesome writer! I love this story so much. When I was a teenager I read LOTR three times and couldn't seem to get enough of it. I read it again when I was in my twenties also. Now, thank goodness, I can tap into that need for more LOTR satisfaction through the works of fantastic FanFiction writers like yourself. You are performing a seriously needed public service here I can assure you.

Anyway, loved this chapter. I feel so bad for Elrond. What a position for the poor elf to be in. I loved the scene where Elrond is stroking Aragorn's hair; so poignant. And Legolas' statement, "I forgave you your words the moment they were spoken."

I also want to personally thank you for promising me more "ranger angst." You are so kind and understanding. (Not to him, of course, that wouldn't do, no, not at all, just to me). Does seem a little evil, though, to leave us with such major angst. Who's going to step in front of that arrow? I'm betting on Elrond. I love him in the protective/righteously indignant father role.

Please don't make us wait too long. We are suffering here!
Ithil-valon chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
This chapter was certainly worth the wait! Oh my, it was incredible, just incredible! I had to re-read it just to be sure I was absorbing everything you put into it.

Let me just begin by saying, "Chuckles!" We got chuckles in this chapter! It ONLY took fourteen chapters to get here, but we made it, lol. By golly, our beloved characters fought hard to get to a place where they could chuckle and they deserve them! Teehee, they were WELL worth waiting for. (And I needed them!)

Aragorn and Legalos:

Obviously it did my heart good to see Aragorn and Legalos coming back to place where they belong, at each other's sides. I had to laugh at Aragorn's "Is this your subtile way of asking if I need help getting on my horse?" That is so typically Aragorn and Legalos. It truly did my heart good. And Aragorn certainly did "know" that look of stubbornness on Legalos face when he took the reigns, and "knew" that he would be stopping for rest! Legalos' faltering hand when Aragorn said, "You should not be here", revealed his doubts and fears that they had truly breached the wall between them. Thankfully Aragorn was displaying his own thankfulness and...dare I say surprise, at the fact that Legalos could continue to remain his friend after all that had been said.

Elladan and Elrohir:

Aw, I feel so much for them. It was bittersweet for them to see Legalos mend his relationship with Estel knowing that their own was still tenuous. Elrohir's "We will have no worry about seeing in the darkness this night for your glow could lead us like it were day time" was hilarious. Yet you tinge it with the regret that the twins still feel. Ever the optimist, the sensitive one, Elrohir vows that they will have their brother back. "But will Ada have his son back?" (You know that one broke my heart) I think you have the twins perfectly cast. Elladan is take charge and ready to do whatever it takes to keep Estel on that bedroll if that's what is needed. Elrohir is more sensitive to his brother's feelings, indeed to every one's feelings. There is just a wealth that could be written about these two characters!

Lord Elrond:

You wrote three words that very nearly killed me, mellon nin...three words that Estel saw in his Ada's eyes, "vulnerable, wounded, and desperate". Those words sum up much of Elrond in this chapter, for he is struggling to hold to that oh so slender thread of hope that exists between he and Estel. I can feel him, with every fiber of my being, longing to reach out to strengthen that thread yet afraid at the same time to jeapordize so fragile a thing. It was heartbreaking to see him come to Estel as the only thing Aragorn would not reject: "the healer", when what he (and I) wanted to do was gather his son up into his arms soothing, loving, healing, protecting him! What control it must have cost him to touch his son clinically! Yet joy was found for us both in Aragorn finding comfort in his Ada's touch and relaxing into sleep with his father's hand on his head. That was a precious moment for us both.

Philosophy 101:

Well done. You are truly wise, my friend, when you let Aragorn realize that "the words will always be between us." Perhaps it's easier for an elf to let go of words than it is a mortal. There is much to ponder in those words, as there is in Aragorns reflection that Elrond killing Barion to protect his life could willingly lead them all into darkness.

What more could there be (oh yes, BESIDES that dastardly cliffee you left us with, lol) for us? I think that it will not be Aragorn that is struck by that arrow, but I fear who it will be. I can think of four elves who would willingly and gladly take an arrow for Aragorn.

Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing that touched me. When Legalos led Aragorn "back to his family". That was so symbolic for me. It was almost as though he were being led back into a cirle of their loving arms, figuratively if not literally.

And for once he didn't bristle at the mention of family!

And, teehee, one more... I had to laugh at the mental picture I got of Legalos and the twins sitting around the fire, no doubt trying to look nonchalant, listening to every word between Elrond and Aragorn, and holding their breaths for his answer.

Sigh. :) Did I say it was a beautiful chapter?
koriaena chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
*winces* why do i have a feeling that a certain elf is going to get in between aragorn and the arrow? *cheers* yeah! everyones forgiving eachother! kinda... sorta...
Tailspin chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
I think I like reading your responses to the reviews almost as much as I enjoy your story! You mentioned I prompted the Aragorn/Legolas reconciliation scene. If so, I'm sure glad I did! I especially loved Legolas pulling Aragorn down to lean against him as he waited for the pain to subside. You just gave me my hurt/comfort fix of the day. Thank you!

I might even forgive you for the cliffie...
Elafacwen chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
grumpy chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
what a wonderful chapter. I don't know what was the best, that Legolas and Aragorn have regained thier friendship, or that Aragorn was comforted by Elrond's touch. Poor Elladan and Elrohir have yet to get thier brother back, poor twins.

Good thing that Lord Elrond did bring along lots of bandages, because it looks as if they are going to be needed at the ranger camp. And there is Aragorn going after Barion with no thought to arrows flying arround.
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