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Claudette chapter 14 . 8/30/2004
Another excellent chapter! I liked the reconciliation scene with Legolas (although as usual, one sees rejection where the other feels self-rejection!) but your take on the comfort felt by Aragorn at his Ada's touch and Elronds joy at seeing it were superb!

Aragorn knows deep within himself that his family do truly love him but he is allowing himself to be so blinded by hurt, rejection and pride that he canot allow himself to admit the truth. Surely he should be able to remember times in his life whennhe has made decisions, only to deeply regret them later, and doubted decisions or carried out decisions for one reason only to later find they were the best thing he ever did?

Maybe he needs to be reminded of that so that he can bring himself to forgive Elrond for one of the worst choices he has ever made - heavens - he's only a elf after all - despite their vaunted standing in the whole of middle earth they are NOT Eru - they DO still make mistakes.
lindahoyland chapter 12 . 8/29/2004
This story is beautifully written with all the conflicting emotions.I do find it hard to understand why Aragorn can't wait a little longer though as he knows enough about healing to realise he is not well enough to fight.I shall read more soon as you have me gripped !
Lady of the Lake2 chapter 14 . 8/29/2004
Hey there darlin'

So glad to hear you are back from your trip, safe and sound. Looks as though your muse traveled with you as well, I know you were worried. I hope the two of you are much rested! Though by the looks of this awesome chapter it appears as though you worked HIM to death. My sneakiest suspicions have me thinking that your MUSE is a scantily clad, lightly stubbled, scented oil coated, Aragorn/Viggo. Oh…, NO…, wait that’s MY MUSE - :o) ha ha ha.

Seriously though, AWESOME chapter!

I was very worried that this horrible stubborn streak in our, oh so lovable, ranger was going to have him lash out again at Elrond and accuse him of only wanting to protect the SECRET and not the SON. I was so happy when Aragorn allowed this slight chink in his armour and while he did not outright admit his understanding to his father’s motives he backed off the argument. You could ALMOST say Elrond won that round by default.

I LOVED when Legolas said “Together we will make our way back to your family
Someone Reading chapter 14 . 8/29/2004

Heartbreaking at moments, but also uplifting at moments.

Thank the Valar Legolas and Aragorn have made peace...the distance between them hurt my very Soul. But to see and 'hear' them once again talk as they did was just wonderful.

And tho there will have to be much more steps taken, there has at least been a beginning for Elrond to make his way back into Aragorns heart.

I suspected trouble when they arrived at the Ranger Camp, but not a full out Battle.

And now, the most evil of cliffies that an Author can give to us...*pouts*

Do not make us wait too very long.

I wonder...Elrond, where was Elrond in the Battle? Did / does he see the arrow coming for his Son? Would he...? would you? *forwns* so many to 'take the hit' for Aragorn, for I do not think Aragorn can take any more damage to his body...

Well, now I'm totally frustrated, and anxious and desperate to read the next chapter.

Thanks for sharing.

Post quickly!
MoonFire1 chapter 14 . 8/29/2004
I am thrilled to see Aragorn actually admit his mistakes with Legolas. It is also a great relief that he is now accepting Elrond's touch, even in the capacity of a healer. A small but encouraging step in healing that rift.

I will say, however, that you leave the most evil cliffhangers. I can't wait to read more.
Deana chapter 14 . 8/29/2004
Great chapter! I can't wait for more! :)
Claudette chapter 13 . 8/29/2004
Oh goody - I haven't missed the ending of this wonderful story. when I started on Chapter One a few hours ago I thought I saw the word 'completed' in the title - obviously not.

I loved the 'white lie' scene in the previous chapter - well done Legolas - a truth-speaker for eternity.

I'm glad elrond came as well - no better way for all of them to show their committment to Aragorn than to accompany him on his journey - at least they'll be there to patch him up when he needs it - as I presume he will.

so, that is why Barion was exiled, well, well. Elladan & Elrohir should have some sympathy for him surely - after all they were in a very similar position - thyue just had the grace extended to them to somehow be able to see that there must be limits. Barion did not get that grace.

Well, death will certainly be his end now - and the most merciful thing that can happen to him - at least then he will be released to, hopefully, see his wife and chold again (in the theology of Tolkien's world at least). He certainly cannot be permitted to live once he finds out that Aragorn is still alive. Hopefully Renan and Halbarad will have the good sense not to let on to him before the party from Rivendell turn up.

Wonderful story - I am really, really enjoying it.
Claudette chapter 12 . 8/29/2004
Well, we progress. My guess is that Elrond will be around the first turning in the rod. Oh boy - is Barion ever going to regret the day he went up against the house of Elrond (& friend)! Bring it on!

I just hope he gets his just deserts but not in a way that poisons their hearts. they have to be creful here - if you try to exact vengence on someone you are in severe risk of allowing their poison into your own heart. Justice, yes, vengence - no, not a good idea.
Claudette chapter 10 . 8/29/2004
Well, you do do this so well! Yes, what would Legolas be willing to lose in order to keep Aragorn alive? Logically, if he keeps his friendship but Aragorn loses his life, then he loses his friendship anyway - as well as the friendship of Elrond, Elladan and Elrohir - as well as quite probably earning their emnity!

No, I reckon logically Legolas must stop Aragorn from going.

Of course the most obvious thing to do, now that Aragorn has been doped up, is to keep him doped up for a week so that he is recovered enough once he finally wakes up. they could try lying and saying that they 'forgot' to wake him but I don't recjon that will work for longer than a thousandth of a second.

My guess is that Aragorn finally falls prey to that fever I was wittering on about, about 3 chapters ago.
Claudette chapter 9 . 8/29/2004
Ah ha - the ring has turned up - and so has Barion's death sentence. So, Elrond and the twins know him of old? Well, well, that's not too surprising. Let me guess - it was because of him, and his humanity, and his deceitfulness and his corruption that elrong lost hope in the line of Elros and wrote those dratted letters in the first place right?

So what did he do? Threaten to tell Sauron about the ring that Elrond carries? Nearly get one of the Twins killed? Rape one of Elrond's female elves? Or just try to grab power as the leader of the Rangers? no matter - I dare say we'll find out in good time.

Great story - I love all the angst. Goodness we must be really sick people to want to put those we like through all this pain!
Claudette chapter 7 . 8/29/2004
I'm catching up - chapter 7. Oh dear, why did I guess that? Why didn't I keep my fingers still?. Please ELrohir - don't do anything STUPID!.

Excellent chapter, building tension, opening awful possibilities. All we need now is for Aragorn to get delirious and start throwing unspecific accusations around about supposed friends around the campfire attacking him after betraying his trust! Oh Valar.

BTW - why has no-one missed the ring yet?

I love this story - I do hope you'll write some others!
Claudette chapter 6 . 8/29/2004
So, Legolas has finally caught up with him - and about time too! (grin). I just hope Elrohir doesn't go jumping to any conclusions - after all Legolas will be carrying the letters, Legolas will looks like he's just climbed out of the Halls of Mandos as well AND, if Aragorn gets a fever, he'll probably start talking in his sleep about people betraying him - and if he mentions Legolas in the same sentence...Oh dear.
Claudette chapter 5 . 8/29/2004
Goodness - ho got the two miles to Rivendell without collapsing. what strength!

but where is Legolas - would he not have caught up with him by now or is there a time lapse going on here? I guess Legolas must have got the the tomb long after he escaped. Oh well - at least Elrong & the other's can treat Aragorn & he won't bleed to death.

Great story - good job I don't have anything else to do today!
Claudette chapter 4 . 8/29/2004
Yeh! He got out! you know, I thought he'd end up using the boy's bones.

That reminds me - just as couple of points.

1) Aragorn is a man. In Tolkien's world only the elves go to the Halls of Mandos. Men's souls 'pass beyond the confines of this world' to who knows where. That's what makes Aragorn's & arwens romance so tragic. In choosing to marry him she chooses mortality. In time she too will die as a human and her soul, rather than passing to the Halls of Mandos to be with her kin, will also pass beyong the bounds of the world as did Tinuviel before her and her light will be lost to the elves.

2) You said in chapter three that the tomb was built 70 years ago, and yet in chapter four that Aragorn touched the boy's body. After 70 years I think the body will have rotted away, leaving only bones.

That's what I had pictures of Aragorn using the boy's bones to dig the ground lose and using his skull to shovel the soil away for the opening he was making. Sure it's desecration of the dead of a sort but look at it this way - the boy was a ranger as was his father. Aragorn is the leader of the rangers and the heir of Elendil. Had they known surely both the boy and his father would have been more than happy to help Aragorn escape from this evil fate?

Never mind - hes dug his way out. Now, to find the baddie!

I suspect said baddie has taken the ring to go cause mischief with Elrond by perhaps telling him that Aragorn had been killed/eaten by orcs/taken by the enemy & using the ring as evidence?
Claudette chapter 3 . 8/29/2004
Hi, sorry to have been so long reviewing after you finished the story. Just found this one. I read 'Mire' months ago and loved it. I checked for other stories by you but obviously before this one came out.

I guess this may be set before 'Mire' since Aragorn still has problems with knowing he is loved and valued by his family.

Cahpter's one and two are good - I'll read on & review again. boy oh boy - I'm glad I'm not in his shoes!
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