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et-spiritus-sancti chapter 18 . 10/7/2004
*does a standing ovation* First, so sorry i didn't review right away. This week was insane, my best friend was in the hospital and homework was just, oy, bad, and I wanted a time of day when I could read this in perfect comfort without being rushed and now I've found the perfect time!

Wow, Elrond certainly has good timing, doesn't he? The save with the rain was great and I like at the end how the rangers didn't even know it was Elrond who did that. I dunno, it added a bit of, "i know something you don't" to it :).

You had me REALLY scared when that tree fell. I kept telling myself that Aragorn HAS to survive, it simply would be too incredibly mean for him NOT to live, but needless to say, it still scared me witless until Legolas slapped some sense into him, so to speak. Heehee.

I was very curious as the chapter drew to an end just how you were going to end it and who would have "the last word." I'm very glad that Elrond had the last thought for this story while observing his closest family. It was nice to see all the wounds finally healed between everyone (even though you kept us hangin' to the very end!) and all was well. As a side-note, I also really enjoyed hearing Elrond speak of his wife. We hardly hear her name spoken in stories, but I believe she is very important and has something to do with the way Elrond is.

All in all, there are not enough compliments I can fathom to give this story. It was beautifully, smartly written, very well thought out and had rich characters, even those who were there for only a little while (like the boy Aragorn had taken under his wing from the ranger camp, and the young man/ranger who came to Rivendell). Each could be pictured and imagined easily by the way you wrote them.

Elrond throughout this entire story was exactly the way I've always imagined him, as were the twins. Legolas felt as real to me as if he were sitting next to me (yeah, I wish :D ), and Aragorn was so real, you were so in-depth in his personality it was like you read his journal or something, lol.

Good luck to you, Cheryl, and continue to write. Don't let anyone say you can't grasp what you reach for! Till next time!

Deep Sorrow chapter 18 . 10/7/2004
Aw...That was great! I mean, absolutely bloody brilliant! The last little adventure sequence was very, very well done. And then lots and lots of lovely fuzzies.*sigh* Beautiful. And funny! I especially liked the line about it being "less awe-inspiring" to crawl back into camp than be aided. And the scene in the tent with the boots. And, of course, the whole ending with them trying to come up with a "happy ending" story. And the last little secret of Elrond's that really showed how much he loved his son ...amazing. I loved this entire story, and the end was just perfect. Thank you so much my friend for sharing this amazing tale, and I hope to read more from you soon. (very soon. At once. NOW! RIGHT NOW!) Ok, ok, whenever your muse dictates. *threatens muse with an illegal handgun* Dictate! Now! *frowns when instead of immediately sitting down to spin another masterful tale, the muse flees in terror* Oh well. She'll be back.*notices muse on ship bound for Tibet* Crap. Well, I guess it's all up to you! Until next time! *waves cheerily, then nervously sidesteps sunset (those usually turn out to be plyboard backdrops when I try to ride off into them)and heads into the north(there be rangers in them there hills...;)*Bye!
cheryl r chapter 18 . 10/7/2004
aw ! brilliant story! luvd i much. and to put the icing on top, u hav my name too! ah life is great :)

thanku for many nights entertainment

LeifofRohan3891 chapter 18 . 10/4/2004
Hey i got logged in and I am almost read to post it it will be in the Star Wars section and its a LOTR/Epire Strikes back crossove.I have to edit it tonight so I can hopefuly get it up soon ttyl mellion nin oh yeah my new e-mail is Aebbook !
Nerfenherder chapter 18 . 10/4/2004
Thank you so much for the wonderful story! I loved it! You are such a terrific angst writer – but I also appreciate how you are able to put so much heart and humor into you tales. I love how your good guys are so good (I hope that makes sense.) I am very sad to see this story end and truly hope you write more! Thank you for hours of enjoyment! Wonderful writing!
grumpy chapter 18 . 10/3/2004
ah, Elrond shows that he is still a warrior and will fight for his sons, also he is very handy with a rainstorm too. alas poor Aragorn to beat Barion, defeat some nasty heavy trees, survive a fire (what no marshmellows) only to be bossed arround by Legolas. Plus he learned to trust the peaple in his life enough to show his weaknesses.

I loved this story and your other story, so sad to see it come to a end. hopefully I will see more from you. It really is funny the sound I make when I see that another chapter of yours has come up. Sort of like oh, yeah. No wonder folks arround me shake there heads and try to slip out of the room.

so thanks for the great story, and please let there be more.
Nefhiriel chapter 18 . 10/2/2004
WONDERFUL! What a grand finale of an ending! And a funny one too... : ) If it HAD to end, what a excellent, hilarious way to do it. Really, I admire you writing skills ALOT. Well, if you do write a sequel I'll be waiting to read it!

- Nefhiriel
tychen chapter 18 . 10/2/2004
in the end the angst scales may well just have dipped in'Buried's' takes nothing away from 'Mire',it just means that your plot line and narative skills have developed even ,yes that is where their greatest strength lies,through life death and beyond I'm sure Legolas has the right of it their love binds them together for duel between Elrond and Barion's men was very well done,he took no pleasure in his task,but nothing short of death could turn him from it,and so the victory was ,as it should ,finally winning the day.(Muddy boots and all!)Glad Aragorn finally understood that accepting help from those who care about us is a sign of strength not weakness .Now perhaps he can also allow himself the comfort and support of Halbarad and his fellow as ever has shone as a beacon in the darkest of times,with the light of his unconditional friendship .Elrond has faced the past,and realised just how much Aragorn means to him,the Twins have their brother back,all is as it should be.I hope you feel inspired to post again soon as I will miss you,by all means give them a rest,but please bring them all out to play again .Till then I will finish as I .
koriaena chapter 18 . 10/2/2004
nope, nothings ever simple! murphy's law rules all!
Lenneth chapter 18 . 10/2/2004
It's over? NO! *pouts* I dont want it to end! lol I loved your "war of stories"! It's always so fun to read when those reckless four actually think that they can travel somewhere without incident. I mean seriously! Do they even understand what they have been through in the past? *mutters* stubborn, reckless, self blaming immortals and ranger...(sigh) but I adore them anyways! lol and you'll never let Aragorn die?...good. Ive only read a few stories when he has but I'm still naturally anxious. I guess it's better that way. Like I said at the beginning, the story kept getting better and better and I never had the thought cross my mind that you would disappoint me! AWESOME JOB! Thank you so much for giving me the pleasure of reading an extremely juicy, angsty, and wonderful piece of work! Namaarie until your next story...*hint hint* lol :D
Kathira chapter 18 . 10/2/2004
This story has been just excellent. You have handled both the action and the emotional content very well. I have enjoyed your other stories as well, and especially appreciate seeing your development as a writer. This is defintitely your best yet. It is more fully developed, in terms of plot and character, with great clarity of action, and depth of emotion. I encourage you to continue developing your already considerable skills as a writer.
sielge chapter 18 . 10/2/2004
This was an excelent end for an awesome story! And I do not think that you will miss me if you come again with a new story! If this will have Aragorn and his brothers and friend in I will be there to read it and review.
Claudette chapter 18 . 10/2/2004
Wonderful ending and thanks for the extra portion of Ranger angst. Tired of it? Are you kidding! I NEVER tire of superb writing of your standard. I've been known to stay up till 3 am reading such stuff - and for me that's a REAL sacrifice.

I'd love to read more of your stories - they are superb! I really hope you decide to post some more.

I saw the nod to ELladan's muddy bed - great touch of amusement - especially at Elladan threatening Elrond and then rapidly backing down - NOT a good idea Elladan.

The 'happy endings' challenge was so funny - and the thought that they continued it for so long! and stil didn't manage to get an uninjured ending - plenty of material for you to write about then.

Best wishes and again - PLEASE keep up the good work - you can be assured that I will be more than happy to read more of your writing!
Elven Kitten chapter 18 . 10/1/2004
_ *Huggles Aragorn* mine :P Luved the ending! Sad it's over tho :( Can't wait for your next! :P Keep it up! _


T. A. Hagen chapter 18 . 10/1/2004
Sigh! What a story and what ashame that it's over. Thanks for the humor and the last special moments between Aragorn and his father. I now have to go back and reread the entire 18 chapters so I can enjoy it all over again. I look forward to your next endeavor. Please drop me a line via my e-mail address sometime. I would like to stay in touch. Take care.
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