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VampedVixen chapter 3 . 7/4/2004
Nice idea with the gloves and surgical caps. Next time I rob a bank I'll be sure to remember that one. Heehee. That was a perfect pick of a song for Angel to sing for Lorne.
VampedVixen chapter 2 . 7/4/2004
Nifty little magical item. It's intriguing what role it could play out in the rest of the story. Also, Gunn's voice in this chapter is so very in-character.
shahid chapter 5 . 7/3/2004
hi, i would have liked to see Angel beat Conner more thoroughly. come he's afraid of gwen. he kicked her ass in s4. also...wouldnt Spike's reaction to an electrical surge be the same as Angel's; it would make him horny and pumped.

show more of Wes and Gunn.
VampedVixen chapter 1 . 7/3/2004
I would have never pictured Gwen and Connor together, but ooh.. the potential! The bit about how a husband would have to stay loyal to her if they would up in jail was very in-character for Gwen. You get extra points for the X-men reference.
Imzadi chapter 5 . 7/3/2004
Rescues & Death? Whose death? He didn't stake Harmony, and I'm sure neither Angel nor Spike is deader than undead. Anyway, Connor & Gwen make a great team. Too bad they're on the wrong side. I really like this story, Dana. Good job.
Tariq chapter 4 . 6/30/2004
Queen Boadicea chapter 4 . 6/29/2004
Okay, now this time Angel had better turn the damned thing over to Giles or I'm going to be seriously peeved. :E
Darklight chapter 4 . 6/28/2004
Heh heh heh, Angel definatly didn't want top get that picture in his head of Connor and Gwen.

Harmony was great to bad she didn't throw Andrew out of the building, liked Kate's reaction to the stealing, why use force when you can use the law and be scarier.

Keep the chapters coming, can't wait to see who next gets his hands on the stone.
Imzadi chapter 4 . 6/28/2004
First of all, I much prefer Gwen's ideas of R&R to Connor's. An ice hotel indeed! Give me Hawaii! And they also have some pretty kinky ideas for their sex life (where's Lindsey when I need him?). I'm really enjoying this, but I'm a little sad for poor Kate, who has no life. Or maybe she does, but they just don't know about it at work? (Although I'm sure Angel could sniff out Lindsey on her!) Andrew is so annoying, isn't he? So officious!
shahid chapter 3 . 6/26/2004
COOL! update soon.
Queen Boadicea chapter 3 . 6/25/2004
He's there for the beaches, what else? :D (By the way, that's a Fyarl demon.)
Imzadi chapter 3 . 6/24/2004
I too thought the figure in the cowboy hat might be Lindsey. So he's still alive? Evidently. So I hope we'll see him soon. Kate is a good member of the team and I'm glad to see her return as a character-most writers have forgotten her. I think even if Angel is unhappy that Connor is a thief, he should be glad the boy is happy. He & Gwen do make a great couple (even though she must be a few years older!). Good chapter, Dana. I look forward to the next one.
Darklight chapter 2 . 6/23/2004
Get harmony to be the ond to bring it backto it's rightfull place, no one would believe that Angel have Harmony do something so important.

Keep the chapters coming.
Queen Boadicea chapter 2 . 6/22/2004
I know that Angel wants to work with his friends. But he's the CEO of a powerful corporation AND a master vampire. That means that he should have final say in making decisions not argue them endlessly with people who have differing opinions. I can see a world of trouble happening because of this dithering around and having Spanky in the mix isn't going to help.
Imzadi chapter 2 . 6/22/2004
Omphalos? Makes me think of Willy Wonka and the Oompa-Loompas! Can't wait to see Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka! But I digress.

Did you know Christian Kane's name was mentioned when they considered including Gambit in X-Men 2?

Another digression.

So Kate is back! Good! I've missed her! And Harmony didn't leave. Good again. If this is AU, why not a pairing I love (Kate/Lindsey)? He sounds like someone who might sing at the Whiskey Lullaby!
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