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obsidian-fox chapter 7 . 12/20/2005
Very good work! The conversations were delicately done, and explanations were interesting. The copycat ken incident had me laughing.

I can't say I'm looking forward to reading the days from another perspective, as at this point I want to move forward and read what happens next.
Hiryo chapter 8 . 12/20/2005
WOW, that story astounded me! Such a great thought out plotline, such very good portrayed characters, the interchanging between those, and all that . . . simply WOT!

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Wonderbee31 chapter 8 . 12/20/2005
Wow! This story makes me wish that my writing was nearly as wel done, you've got items starting and spiraling out all over the place, your characterization of Nodoka is spot on imo, and the way that things are getting more complicated is just right. Akane is acting like a bit of a brat, again imo, and Nabiki, looks like she's bit off a bit more than she intended. Can't wait to see more of this, or any other story that you may write in the future. Love the way that Shampoo is starting to make some inroads with Ranma, and looking forward to the moment when Ranma truly becomes a man, and not just pretends to be one, as his father taught him.
WarpWizard chapter 8 . 12/19/2005
Wow. House of cards indeed. I'm just waiting for everyone's intricately constructed tissue of lies to finally tear.

Thanks for the two big chapters.
intrasonic chapter 8 . 12/19/2005
Looks like Christmas is early this year...

Nabiki is right - Ranma's mother *is* a ditz. Even scarier, I'd say she's acting quite in character. Small wonder even Nabiki is showing frustration with dealing with her. Between the mistresses and the revised pledge... I'm not sure even Takahashi could have thought this up. Ranma's behaviour towards her is especially neat, especially his desire to be available to her as much as possible.

As always, your characterization is both excellent and diverse. The characters are all very *human* in their thoughts and interactions, rather than falling back on the old stereotypical reactions and lines, and they all seem to be getting their turn in the perspective spotlight. Although Genma seems to be showing disturbing hints of benevolence now and then... For now, I'm left wondering how long it's going to be before one of the (many) situations finally reaches a breaking point.

Rignach chapter 8 . 12/19/2005
Great chapters. And what for a way to bring Ranmas mother in it. But I really hope that it would not end as another Akane Ranma matchup. There are a lot of them. Shampoo or Ukyou are a rare find. Would not mind if it would end up as Ranma with Shampoo and Ukyou somehow. But please whatever you do continue that fantastic story.
Rignach chapter 6 . 10/21/2005
That is so far a great story. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us readers.

I really hope in the end Ranma will without losing to much of his personal honor beat Ryouga in the ground, shows Akane that she really is not what she thinks she is, and is going to be happy with Shampoo or Ukyou or maybe both. Both girls are in my opinion are not ofthen enough paired up with Ranma, mostly Shampoo.
Anonymous chapter 6 . 10/18/2005
If I were in anyway qualified as a writer or an editor, I would give advice. When that is combined with the fact that I have seen only 3 complete episodes of Ranma, I feel even more unqualified.

That being said, I would like to thank you for brightening up my day with a well written (in my opinion) story.
Gmusick chapter 6 . 10/14/2005
This has got to be one of the most well written, thought out pieces of fanfiction i have ever read. I stumbled upon this from a friends request and for two days this has been my bible. With the length of the chapters being so long I know not to expect a quick update, but I anticipate another great chapter. Thank you for such a great story.
intrasonic chapter 6 . 7/21/2005
Oh yes... got my D.O.T.E. doseage. Hopefully it'll be enough to tide me over until the next (two?) chapters are out. Otherwise, it might be time for the Betty Ford clinic...

You'd think after so many years on the fanfic market, people would be running out of ideas for this series. But damn, are you ever proving that notion wrong. This is seriously eclipsing even 'Nocturne', by this point. Had something like this come out five years ago, I can't help but think that A LOT of people would have seriously revised their takes on the series for the better.

Despite heavy competition, Kodachi takes first place this chapter. It's a little bit of a stretch on her character, but you handle it fantastically, without her losing any of her intensity during her diatribe. Her analysis of her brother's worldview is quite good, also. I'm rather curious as to whether you intend to bring her back (have her meet up with Mousse, maybe?), or if this is your way of thinning out Nerima's population for the rest of the story. Time will tell, I suppose.

Akane is a close second, I'd say. The way you have her go past the 'pyscho-bitch' bit, into actually forcing herself to control her temper and see things more clearly, was a refreshing change, as most fics don't bother progressing past the first stage. And when she does get angry later on, it seems fairly clear that it's in a different fashion than normal, and her arguments actually make a fair bit of sense. And Ranma doesn't appear to have actually pursued the matter far enough to get a definite response from her on her motives. Definitely looking forward to seeing how things turn out for her.

And somehow (despite the earlier chapters), it slipped my mind that you were using the anime for this piece. And that Nodoka was the breaking point for Ranma taking the curse change in the first place. This should make for some interesting happenings as well.

Locke1 chapter 6 . 7/21/2005
You continue to amaze me with your masterful weave of Character thoughts and plot flow. You can absolutely feel each and every character's element as you read about them in your story.

The Kodachi bit is quite bold of you. To change a character so drastically. It works, but seems a bit too bold a move to me.

Ranma seems to be developing quite a bit in this chapter, and with so much happening to him, his heart to heart with Shampoo, the extremely tense confrontation with Kodachi and the the events with Akane, it doesn't surprise me. What DOES surprise me is how Ranma seems to be turn out to be. From what I read in the earlier chapters, I tend to get the feeling Ranma is developing into a less confrontational person but more understanding person instead of acting now with all the eggs in one basket type moves. His methods of handling the problems he had was to understand the roots of it and trying to avoid major confrontations. Maybe I'm reading into this wrong, but just a thought...

Quite ironic how you got Ranma thinking about the different elemental arts and actually have him guess right about Ryouga and him learning the "earth" arts. I had to chuckle a few times for that.

Seems like you're setting up Nabiki to be the main antagonist, and she is scary the way you portraied her in this chapter. She seems less... maniplitive in past chapters, but in this one, expecially the last part of this chapter, Nabiki seemed to have switch to overdrive and turning from "Ice Queen" to "Psycho Ice Queen". Freaky...

Well, anyways, all in all, I'd say you out did yourself this chapter, and I don't care if you take two years to grind out the next chapter (Oh, by the way, please don't take two years...) if it is as good as this one, I'd wait for it no problem.
Eden's pseudonym chapter 1 . 7/20/2005
Another brilliant chapter.

It's a pity they're released so infrequently, but their length and quality definetely make up for that.
ChaosRune chapter 6 . 7/20/2005
Man, this chapter was great, I really like the way you are developing the characters, specially Ranma, Kodachi and Shampoo, but about Nabiki, I hope you have something nasty in the future for her, the way she acts just makes me want to slap her, but anyway keep the good work
obsidian-fox chapter 6 . 7/20/2005
Beautifully written.

I /still/ want to reach in and slap Nabiki, but she's well written. I have a feeling, however, that she's lost sight of whatever original goals she may have had for Ranma; her behavior has decayed into a sort of 'I want to control him and punish him' thing.

The training-Akane scene with Ranma was good, and I loved the Genma/Soun interaction.

The Kaito scene was just... weird. It is definitely not too far beyond Ranma 1/2 to have alien technologies, but I was left wondering whether it was a crossover of some sort.

I liked the Cologne/Ryouga scene, too.

I don't have any suggestions for improvement. I look forward to next chapter.
Himitsu the Hunter chapter 6 . 7/20/2005
Truely Beautiful as always... While i can hardly still myself to wait while the next bit of beauty is created i have to say, Take your time as you see fit to do it right like you always do.

Us fans will be here still, and those of us with the understanding of the effort put in will have the patience to wait for it and be happy when it finally come.

-Himitsu The Hunter
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