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Fusion Blaster chapter 3 . 7/20/2004

Sick and wrong.

I knew he was off his rocker but that. Not smurfy at all.
s82 chapter 1 . 7/13/2004
This story has hooked me like I haven't been hooked in a while. You've done a wonderful job of already building up the suspense and, really, nothing of a clash has occured yet. It's just that fact that you've made it so we are able to know things that Tim doesn't know and now how badly the crap is going to hit the fan in, well, maybe one chapter or maybe five. Anyway you slice it though, things are in motion that cannot be stopped.

You also do a great job of characterization. I like the emotion that you've given Batman (sometimes I think authors try to make Bruce too dark because that's how he can come across.) You've done a nice job of keeping us aware of this human side that he had and, although it appears he'll be out of this story now, I was glad for the time he had.

Tim is spot-on I feel. He is easily one of my favorite comic characters and it's a joy to see someone handle him like a pro. You've made him insecure enough that you realize he is still the same boy that will forever have some complex about not being good enough. And yet, you've made it know that Tim knows his stuff. He is not someone that can't handle everything that has been thrown at him even if right now it is so over-whelming. I also like the insight you've given us about him through the other characters, namely Dana, the Commish and Harvey. Sometimes I think people forget that others deal with Robin and they have to have an opinion about him. Robin is, somehow after everything he's been through, still the light in Gotham (or at least in Gotham's vigilant group) and I love getting opinions of other characters. I like the use of Greta in the story and the appreciate that Tim has for her. Plus the fact that you've made her her own person although still so reliant on Tim. I look forward to seeing how she handles this building war basically with Harm. I also look forward to seeing how Tim handles the fact that it's Harm who's back and not just some other crazy.

I don't know if the story is already finished or if you're still writing it. But, I do hope that you will continue this (even in a timely fashion!) because I would be very sadden to see it never end. (Something I think that happens far too often).

Keep up the wonderful work and I look forward to more.
flipsides chapter 2 . 7/9/2004
hi, great story, can't wait to read the next chapter.
ghostninja85 chapter 2 . 7/9/2004
Yay! An Update. I didn't think you were going to continue with this fic. I'm really happy you decided to continue.

Update soon! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Vanbrosia chapter 1 . 7/9/2004
This chapter is very much only an introductory episode, and yet I adore it to little tiny pieces. The characters, their emotions, their interactions, and their conflicts are simply so well done and amazing. I could easily expect to walk into the room at any moment.

My favorite parts are how you characterise Tim - I'm not familiar with him, but you made him instantly loveable and admireable, as well as made him interestingly complex. His conflict with his father and his own emotions are very true too - many teenagers see their parents as overlords. It's true yet unfair at the same time.

And, of course, the Greta/Tim fluff scene. Sigh. You could kill an innocent reader from a sugar overdose, you know that? That was so unbearably CUTE and sweet and yet very real. The realistic little motions - like the bantering, how Tim reacts to Greta, and the bits of humour.

Man I wish I could find a man like Tim.

Lovely work. Well, off to the next chapter. Ho!
Rei Tamashii chapter 1 . 7/5/2004
more please
Vincent Hales chapter 1 . 7/3/2004
Oh me, oh my. I like this very much. Very much, indeed. Of the titles involved in this, I would say that I appreciated Young Justice very much, and was saddened to see it go. This story has a lot of the "cute moments" that series did. There are at least three places I clearly remember chuckling to myself in both amusement and recollection. Somehow, you managed to capture an element in those instances that, though not exactly, remind the reader of a similar instance in their own life. I'm not sure how to accurately describe it, but, I think you've got the basic idea. The point is, I like that. Along with being a good tension breaking device, it is an effective way of identifying with the reader.

Using the established relationship between Robin and Secret (though that isn't who she is anymore, really) was a good and sensible move. I'm glad you didn't try to make this a "dream match" story, in which Robin and Wonder Girl, or worse, Cissie, get involved with each other. It's not that I doubt it can be done, and well done, but that I don't think it would mesh as well as this does. Using established facts as much as possible is, in my belief, a must for any story attempting to retain anything resembling a non-AU story. I'll grant you that you labeled this story as a slight AU, so you get that much leeway, but keep this up, and your readers won't mind.

As far as identifying what it is that you seemed to deviate from canon... Well, Harold was killed in Hush, and I may be wrong, since I've not been keeping up with the Teen Titans as much lately as I'd like, but, I wasn't aware that Bart and Cassie were a couple.

It's been a while since Harm came into play, hasn't it? I think the use of an old, yet new (he has so many possibilites "at his age") villian is just what this story called for. I will reserve judgement on 'Pansy' until I see more of her. I'm not sure about her yet.

I greatly enjoyed how well done Robin and Dana were. The rest of the characters were depicted very well, too, but those two seem to had the best characterization. But that was mostly because they were two of the three POV's. Harm was perhaps a bit too violently bored, but he works well, anyway. The story flows _very_ well, and I appreciate that you want to take time with this, and concentrate on this first, and others second. I expect nothing less of you, after having read this. Please, keep up the fantasic work. I understand if there is a two month waiting period. It deserves careful writing and careful consideration, and I know that you will strive to give both your best efforts.

I await Chapter 2 with great anticipation.
Mina Zummers chapter 1 . 7/1/2004
Cool idea and nice writing style!

You pictured Greta and Robin fears very well.
Rea chapter 1 . 6/30/2004
This has been the best Robinfic I've read to date. The characterization is great and I think the entire plot is very plausible. I'm looking forward to seeing where you're going to take this! Don't keep us waiting too long for part two!
GX chapter 1 . 6/24/2004
That was very interesting. I particularly liked the attention to detail and the character interactions. Also this story was surprisingly easy to get into given the fact that I've been kinda out of circulation with some of the older stuff mentioned, all in all good work.
VirtualFaerie chapter 1 . 6/23/2004
Still as awesome as it was the first time I read it.
Chase chapter 1 . 6/23/2004
Great story so far. It is very believable and well written. Only thing I see as non-canon though is that harold was killed in the Hush incident.
ghostninja85 chapter 1 . 6/22/2004
This is very well written and I am very much intrigued. Please update as soon as possible.
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