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Amarin Rose chapter 14 . 12/31/2006
I'm figuratively biting my nails with dread for what happens next, but I also can't help grinning a little that you borrowed my 'fudgecicle' epithet from my Child's Play Secret for your Greta. :) Also, Bart is...well, Bart is love, and is proving that while he's still young, he can be responsible. Good for Kon, getting Cassie to talk, and oh, poor Cassie.
Cranston chapter 13 . 11/4/2006
This is a great story, characters spot on and a fresh storyline. Please write some more!
Chigger chapter 13 . 10/14/2006
*stares mutely, eyes wide*


I can't tell you how much I've been enjoying this story. I can't even remember how I found it; but I've loved every minute of it.

There's a lot I don't know about Young Justice and the Titans; but your story has managed to fill in a lot of the blanks without being dragged down by history and details that more informed people should already know.

And plus, your characterizations are superb! Tim is without a doubt my favorite character in the DC Universe, and I've always wanted to read a story focusing on him, his familial problems, his teammates, and all that good stuff; plus, to have someone write it who can at least sound like they know just as much as he does about computers, government, hacking, Kryptonite, supernatural forces, and the mundane parts of life in Gotham makes this something like my dream story! :D

(The only element it's missing is his strong brotherly relationship with Nightwing. But I think the story is better without the older heroes there to help; so I'm not complaining.) ;)

But I think the biggest thing you have going for you is the pure romance you have here. One thing that I've always loved about Tim is his refusal to get into physical relationships before marriage; and so many fanfiction authors completely ignore that facet of his personality. It's part of what makes him Tim, and I can't tell you how grateful I am that you've kept that intact. :)

I admit that I'm usually a Robin/Batgirl junkie; but Greta is just so sweet, that I can't help but like seeing them together. I honestly didn't know much about her (again, Young Justice knowledge deficiency)and somehow it's hard to see someone having a relationship with what amounts to a ghost; but . . . oh . . . SQUEE! I love this story! :D

(That's only the second time I can remember ever saying "squee," so I think that says a lot for the story right there. You've got me completely hooked, lined, and sunk.) ;)

So anyway, I hope to see an update on this sometime soon. At least they've already found Traya. If they hadn't, I would probably go insane. ;)

Oh, love your portral of Jack and Dana. Jack's perfect - loving but bullheaded about it; and Dana's amazing. Both Jack and Tim are lucky to have her; but I think Tim got the better end of the deal because he gets Greta too. ;) But then I suppose Jack will get to enjoy Greta's company once they finally work through their differences of opinion. :)

Oh, and your Alfred; and your Leslie; and the Kents; and all of Young Justice; and, and . . . have I mentioned that your characterizations are superb? ;)

And the fight scenes! WOW! Man, if I go on about everything I liked about this story, we could be here all day! I just can't stress enough how amazing this story is! I just . . . man, this a great story! :D

All I have to say is that Bruce had better say something nice when he finally comes back (however he plans on doing that without the teleporters). Tim's done some amazing stuff in the last . . . omgosh, has it only been a day? That's a jam-packed day, Bruce! and he did it without allowing himself to lose focus, drop leadership, or make a mistake! Tell him he did good! *glares at Batman*

OK, I'm really leaving now. ;)

God bless!

(Oh, and I loved the little blurb with Bernard! Tim's "normal" friends are so few and far between that Bernard, and all his quirks, is always an interesting read. Hope he has more screen time later.) ;)
Classic Cowboy chapter 13 . 8/28/2006
O me found more ... good stuff dude as always MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE somemorelegacy and MORE MORE MORE
Classic Cowboy chapter 11 . 8/28/2006
thought I already reviewed this one... oh well, tense sitch bro very tense. I liked Conner and Tim's reaction to finding Reddy's remains ... may he rest in pieces ... and the greta/Tim scene at the end was really good.

update soon bud! and MORE LEGACY!
Lou chapter 13 . 8/22/2006
I just keep wanting more of this story. A small notice, they is chapter(s) missing at the beginning, more specificly, I can't find the chapter with Robin rescue his parents. Also, when and why did Oracle put out of nowhere suddenly?
Angel Gidget chapter 13 . 8/2/2006
You know, when I started reading this story, I had the misguided notion that it was complete. Silly me. The fact that is isn't is driving me nuts 'cause I feel so irrevocably hooked. It's wonderful to see such a complete knoweledge of Young Justice put to such wonderfully angsty use.

You've done an awesome job, and I'm glad to now be on for the ride. Please update soon before I and others go bonkers with the tension.
Amarin Rose chapter 13 . 7/25/2006
First off, Reddy's sitch: Oh...fudgesicle. Tarnation, there's nothing that can make this better, is there? *pouts*

Secondly, Secret's new appearance: *snicker* Tim doesn't kow why she'd like to look like Diana or Kory? Poor, deluded boy...

Thirdly, Traya: Oh, dear. She's in bad shape. What's going to happen to her? And who will be her parents now that hers are dead? Cass could use a younger sister - where is she, anyway?
phoenix83ad chapter 13 . 7/24/2006
my god... this is so morbid and yet so exciting. This has to be one of the best Robin stories I've read in a long time. The fact that Harm used the batcave to torture Traya and mock Robin was just... man... that's messed up.

Thankfully Traya is not a complete orphan. Red Tornado's elemental force can't be destroyed and his body can be rebuilt. Assuming the team can rescue him in time.

The strain this is taking on Tim and Greta is getting more intense. Again, I can't wait to see the final confrontation. I hope Robin kicks William's pale ass all the way to New Genisis.

update soon

Iudex Acerbus chapter 13 . 7/21/2006
Wow... just wow. I'm alwaysed amazed how well writen all the chapters are this current just keeps up the magic.

Definate yay for getting Traya back with the group... I wonder if the fortress has any protection from magic...

Anyhow, keep up the great work!
RobinofYJ chapter 13 . 7/20/2006
wow, good job potraying billy as the sadistic bastard he is. Hm, i dont remember him being adopted, but i'll take your word for it.
Tressa chapter 13 . 7/19/2006
Oh my goodness! This chapter! Poor Traya. And poor Tim. He has to be going on the last little bit of sanity he has left. Which isn't a lot. This chapter was very well written. The emotion in this is unbeliveable. It just jumped off the page. And if I didn't just really dislike Harm before this (which I did), this chapter just did. The whole first part just got my cringing. And poor, poor, Traya. I loved the emotion that was put into finding her. You could really see Tim's feelings. And this last line . . . I felt like slapping him and telling him that even Bruce would've probably ended up in the same situation he's in. Looking forward to the next chapter!
s82 chapter 12 . 6/24/2006
I am not surprised I haven't reviewed this story yet because I am terrible at it even though whenever I get a review it is the greatest thing. Oh irony. What it does mean, though, is that this is gonna be one long review and more general than not.

From the very beginning I have loved this story. One thing about the Batman genre and especially about the Robin aspect is that it can be difficult to find a longer story; the shorter ones are great mind you, but sometimes one wants a story that isn't over in a chapter and you want the depth and life that comes with something of a longer life. Stumbling on your story, I found all these things.

I think what first grabbed me was how well you handled Tim. Tim is by far my favorite Robin and one of my favorite fictional characters and I love when I read someone's work and think 'that is how Tim is suppose to be.' From the get-go you had Tim be the character we all know and love; smart beyond comprehension; strong physically and mentally; caring and loving, stubborn almost to a fault; and, above all brave in all areas of his life. He is such a dynamic character and you've done so well to capture as many of these dimensions as one can and solidify them into a completely feasible representation of Tim.

Next was the use of Greta. I don't remember the last time someone wrote about her in a manner other than Secret and on a superficial level (I put myself into that category as well). You've made her into a character and given her a life of her own while still using her within the confines that we got to know her in the comics. At every chapter I find myself learning a little something more about her that makes her seem more real and makes me sad that she didn't have her own time among Young Justice to be better developed (not to say she wasn't but you've proven there was much more to her). And the relationship between her and Tim is just... it makes me just go 'aw' in that good way. You've made them act their act and yet be more adult then, well, the adults. You've shown that their love is innocent still, but there is a sense of reality to it that life has brought to it showing that this isn't just puppy love, but has stronger roots than we could ever imagine.

And what has kept me around after being grab so quickly is your writing. I remember reading the action scene of Tim at his home trying to save his dad and Dana and I could just picture what was going on. You do a great job of balacing description with action, dialogue and thought. I find that I'm never bored when reading whatever the scene may be about and I've also found that I don't skim over things because it moves too quickly. You also handle dialogue (external and internal) well so that it is easy for the read to step into the story line and not feel awkward.

Since this review is getting long (or is well past that actually) I'll just touch on the final point I wanted to make which deals with relationships. I already talked about Tim and Greta's, but you have other ones going on at the same time which help make smaller problems or concerns among the larger one of the whole "earth being destroy aspect." I love that we see Tim and his father both at their worst and at their best (given the circumstances previously and presently). You see other families and how they deal with the being a superhero parent. I love that the children are the ones taking care of the adults and no one (save Jack probably) questions it. You also have great inter-team relationships with Tim finding out a little more where he states amongst his peers.

I look forward to more of this. I look forward to figure out what the heck is going on, how Greta (now Secret I suppose... kinda) will come into play, how that affect her and Tim, what happens with Tim, Traya and everyone else. you've already shown us that this is not going to be the typical Good v. Evil story with Good automatically winning. There will be losses, there have been, and I know more will come. I am just curious how, after the dust settles, everything will be (aside from never the same I suppose).

I do hope you keep updating somewhat regularly... I am always saddened when stories I adore just go away when the author leaves or something. Keep up the fantasic work and I shall try to review more readily.
Tressa chapter 12 . 6/21/2006
Oh. My. Goodness. Bewteen finding what was left from Reddy, and finding out what happened to Kathy, NOT knowing what happened to Traya, the reaction of the Titans, then Hal Jordan's little visit, I thought my heart was going to burst. These last two chapters have been one emotional rollercoaster.

The writing and description in this story continues to astound me. You've really managed to capture emotions in your writing and are able to help the reader to feel this emotion as well. It's very descriptive, not too much, but enough to get the feel and idea of what is happening. Characterization is right on. I love the dialogue. I especially love the moments between Tim and Greta. Everything about this is flowing together. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Iudex Acerbus chapter 12 . 6/20/2006
o good twist with Greta, this could really give hintings that an actually happy ending can be achived! It'll be intersting to see how everything pans out. Ironicly, I know Traya and Tim both have to be ok in the futured if he trains her... or so I keep telling myself. It'll be a crazy battle when they actually find the little girl. I can imagine the baddies are spoiling for a big fight again.

Keep up the great work!
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