Reviews for A New Cause
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 18 . 3/28
This was possibly the saddest chapter out of all this story, especially the ending. Oh Tsunade, How Foolish!
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 15 . 3/28
Oh, PLEASE tell me you're doing what I think you're doing. I loved the scene of giving Naruto a wakeup call, though. This story is going to take a turn for the better.
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 10 . 3/28
Wow, Naruto was cruel, although it was fun watching Sasuke getting his butt kicked.
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 6 . 3/28
Wow. Naruto is really knitting the team together, but how does that affect the leadership dynamic?
Yuki-kyo-kira chapter 21 . 3/2
This is one of the best stories with Naruto leaving the Leaf that I have ever read! I have yet to check if you made a sequal or an after-stroy one-shot. I hope you did. If you didn't, then I guess all my questions will never be answered.
I have to admit that I wish you kept Sasuke alive.
That Girl Toni chapter 21 . 3/2
OMFG, some f my favorite characters die and i should probably hate you for that but i'm stuck with this weird since of contentment, weird right
good job
kiki chapter 21 . 2/26
Really enjoy it. You did a good work and I just wanted to thank you!
lazy to sign-in chapter 4 . 2/17
This has some potential (though it was already done) but from the chapters I've read it has weak plot. Don't get me wrong (I suck at writing). I'm not insulting you or anything, but this story feels like a child's play. The characters are off (especially Naruto) and Akatsuki is not that stupid, let alone Itachi (he's probably the legendary) and would never accept the Kyuubi especially if they needed the vessel the most for their future plans. Why train someone who could go against them afterwards? It's stupid to add more people getting in their way. But, it's not my place to judge. That's all, author-san. (:
Alex TF chapter 21 . 1/29
This story was really AWESOME, thanks for finishing it. Keep up the good work
mark a chapter 21 . 1/22
I really enjoyed your story and think it is great. I liked the way Naruto grew and developed over time. it's nice to see konoha reap what they have sown in a believable way.. just not willing to backdown.

Thanks for all your effort and hard work
Thank you for sharing.
RubberxxFacexxPalm chapter 21 . 1/16
This story was so beautiful. It made me want to cry*wipes tear* and jump in joy at the same time
slytheringeekfreak2017 chapter 17 . 1/8
and the shit hit the fan
Fairiewalker chapter 6 . 1/5
hey, I guess that by now you already know this, but the cannon members of akatsuki are: nagato (pain), who posses the rinnegan a legendary dojutsu,Konan who is Nagato's right hand, Itachi and kisame, Sasori who is a suna-nin and is a puppet user and his patner is deidara a iwa-nin who uses explosive clay, zetsu not much is know about him, and the real leader of the akatsuki is kakashi's ex teammate who gave him the sharingan, Obito uchiha, also known as tobi.
And Naruto's father cannon name is minato namikaze
felipegnedel chapter 21 . 1/2
Great ending and overall story ;)
Wolf and MR Lover chapter 21 . 12/23/2013
Loved how it turned out! And, actually, this is what I would call a happy ending. Here's how I describe a happy ending; favorite character, almost always main character, ends up alive and happy. Here's how I would describe a non-happy ending; favorite character either ends up dead or miserable.
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