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bookleaf chapter 13 . 5/15/2010
I'm in awe of this fic, I love this writing style! It's neat that it is so different from anything else I've ever read, a very cool idea to just chop and patse everything up like that. You also did a very good job on setting it up, it felt believable (other than the fact its about ninja turtles and a rat;) ) and that they really were retelling their story. I can alomost see April creating this report. Great job!

I also don't mind the artistic license, it inserts all these unique plotlines that I've would never have pondered before.

All in all, a well done story that was brilliently exicuted. Keep writing!
Reijiro chapter 13 . 12/27/2006
Oh, that was kinda... poignant really. A brilliantly wrought chapter. Especially with the duel at the end. Saw definite bits of the movie in there with the way the guys fought (reminded me a bit of the Mirage comics too when the guys first take on Shredder actually), but liked the variation on the way Splinter and Shredder dueled, and the way the fight finished.

So I noticed this fic isn't listed as 'complete' yet. Is this the end, or is there anymore in the works? Kinda hoping there's more 'cos this is a wonderful bit o' storytelling you got going here.

I will definitely get my butt into gear and read some more of your stuff... eventually at least! LOL!

Thanks again for a great read, and Cheers!
Reijiro chapter 12 . 12/27/2006
YAY! GO LEO! Actually I've only just gotten a complete copy of Art of War, but I've read a lot of quotes and snippets from it before. Nice to see it being utilized to such good effect in a TMNT fic! It surprises me that it's such a rare thing to see actually, but then I guess a lot of TMNT authors aren't really into Asian culture all that much.

I really enjoyed this chapter, but I do have a few picky bits with it;


Finally, there's a break in the shooting, and I leap back out towards Bebop with my sai pulled. I aimed straight for the gun. I was thinking...I don't know, like my sai would slice through the AK. I don't know what I was thinking - it's steel on steel. It was just a really loud clank. But I hit it with a lot of force, and Rocksteady dropped it.' - Raph is jumping towards Bebop, but then disarms Rocksteady? Given the next passage (below) goes on to describe Leo also disarming Rocksteady, thinkin' you may have made a boo boo here!


I leapt over to Rocksteady, slammed my wooden kitana into his gun, and brought it down. I kicked it behind me, and faced him direct.' - wooden katana? maybe it's been too long since I saw the old toons, but is Leo using two bokken instead of live blades in this? No dramas if he is, with Splinters' directive not to draw blood an' all it does make sense, but I hadn't gathered that at all from this fic so far, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me.

'We brought Sensei came along,' - Heh, thinking this is a sentence you've re-worded along the line but haven't deleted all you had originally. To me 'We brought Sensei along' or 'Sensei came along' would have read better here.

Sorry to be so picky, but I mean all this as a critique to help you improve, not as a criticism to bring you down. I am really enjoying this fic, put it on my favs list last chapter! But if I spot something that kinda makes my brain trip up (which is exceedingly easy to do, lol!) I like to bring it to an authors attention. If it helps then great! If not, then just ignore it.

Reijiro chapter 11 . 12/27/2006
Cool first major victory against the foot!

Liked the way Mike twigged to the trap first, he's not as much of an air-head as he tries to seem at times!

Also liked Foot 4 (I think) deciding not to go back straight off, from Rocky's tale it seemed Foot 4 was the smartest of the lot!

Kudos to Splinter too for reminding the boys of their luck and mortality. And poor Casey, doin' his bit but not getting to have any fun himself! lol!

Reijiro chapter 10 . 12/23/2006
Heh , GO boys! Nice to see them getting into some real action and making a few friends... I must admit I prefer the cliche of them having to hide out and people being a bit freaked by their appearance, but you wrote this in a way that made it believable and enjoyable for me anyway.

Only bit I did miss was the way they met up with Casey, guess bein' a Raphie girl I loved his 'micro' comic from Mirage where he butted heads with the vigilante to start off with. But then, this fic isn't based on those comics so I won't bitch and moan too much! lol! I am glad to see Casey present and accounted for!

[That'd be me. - ed] - Heh, liked these cute little inserts from April, just enough to let the reader know why the turtles suddenly started referring to a 'you'. Loved her little comment about being afraid of rats too.

Picky bit;

'Splinter tried to prepare us for what we'd there.' - think ya missed 'see' or 'find' or the like from this sentence.

Reijiro chapter 9 . 12/23/2006
LOL, Loved they way they came up with their masks.

Nice lead into how they started their battle with the foot too, rather than the usual way it's portrayed as a bit more of a 'plunge'.
Reijiro chapter 8 . 12/23/2006
'DONATELLO; As money's gotten a bit better, we've expanded our menu somewhat. A few times, we've even gone out to eat - to hell with people staring. But I'd still rather have Michelangelo's pizza than anything else in the world.' - At first I thought this was exactly the same as a quote from Donnie in the chapter regarding Mike, and it is very similar. Just wondering if this is deliberate? April re-using the same quote since it fits well in both instances? I like that idea, if that's the case. Kinda makes it seem more 'realistic', that April's maybe taken a bit of a short-cut that an 'author' might not since they'd be more concerned about 'how' the tale is told rather than 'why'.

Also liked all the details about how they set up their lair (Eew about the fridge, lol! Loved the song -grin-). I actually thought their beds were rather cool. And the flood, a nice addition to their history.

Also liked the thought you put into their diet. It's probably not hugely obvious from reading my fics, but whenever the guys are having just a run-of-the-mill dinner (ie not a special occasion or getting take-out) I usually have them eating fish of some sort. Usually tuna since it's cheap, readily available and can be stored for a while at room temperature when it's tinned. But I kinda figure they'd still like something akin to their 'traditional' diet a fair bit, lol! Does kinda make me think though, why wouldn't they like anchovies? Then again, who the heck *does*? LOL!

Reijiro chapter 7 . 12/22/2006
They came back from patrol, and I was napping. Raph nudged me awake, and I said, "What? What is it?" He just stared at me for a minute, then said, "I hate you, y'know that?" Then he smacked me lightly on the head and left. - Classic.

I liked the way Raph kinda woke-up to himself in the end, regarding his lack of control, and in relation to his problems with Leo. Loved the way they 'resolved' their issues without being 'led' to it by Splinter, or any major disaster really forcing the issue. Gives a real sense of the two of them maturing and learning to cope with things themselves.

Proper review-type bit;

'You read books or see movies and you hear people saying, "I didn't know what I was doing." I was thought that was such a load of crap.' This second sentence reads a little awkwardly to me. I guess you originally thought, or had written, 'I was thinking...' but then decided to change it to the past tense. I think it is better in the past tense, but to me it may read better as 'I always thought...'. Nyeh, no biggie.

Reijiro chapter 6 . 12/22/2006
As our lives have been somewhat of a struggle, especially early on, I have attempted to keep a positive outlook on life. Michelangelo is invaluable in helping me maintain that outlook. - Aw-w-w-w!

And I loved the bit with the sushi too!

Reijiro chapter 5 . 12/22/2006
(sighing) Yeah, I'm the smart one who cries at sad movies. Can we move on? - LOL! Can I give him a huggle already, huh?
Reijiro chapter 4 . 12/22/2006
Like the little 'added' details like Splinter's flute that you've come up with. It's been many a year since I saw the original toon, or read the Archie comics, but I can't remember seeing Splinter playing any sort of instrument in them.

Heh, and I like the idea of Leo drawing. I actually see him being quite a good artist, though I doubt he'd agree.

Reijiro chapter 3 . 12/22/2006
GO Splinter! Not letting that jerk get away with being rude to ya.

Gotta agree with Raph's last sentiment too. One of my greatest hero's is my Mum-in-law, she did an awesome job of raising my hubbie on her own. And yeah, I know it's been said thousands of times before but what are the TMNT if not family. -grin-

Reijiro chapter 2 . 12/22/2006
Loved Leo and Raph's comments regarding what happened directly after they mutated.

Cool way for Splinter to earn some money too!

Reijiro chapter 1 . 12/22/2006
Finally got my butt in gear to read this (ie: I've got a shitty head cold today so I'm reading rather than writing, lol!)

I haven't read anything else done in a style like this, but I'm really enjoying it. So kudos to you for creating something original!

I've always though such a sudden change like the guys went through in the earlier incarnations must've been unbearably painful. I kinda take heart from the new toon that they seem to have changed more gradually. Probably still wouldn't be pleasant, but not such a great upheaval for them.

Heh, and I always wondered if OT Splinter had just a little turtle DNA and vice versa for the guys... I must admit I preferred the OT 'history' when I first discovered the Mirage comics, since having Splinter being human originally made more sense to me in terms of how he knew martial arts and the like. But after learning a bit about genetics I had a change of heart and tend to back the 'humanising mutagen' idea these days.

I still think it's a bit of a stretch that Splinter could learn so much from Yoshi via mere mimicry, so my theory on that is the rat and the man also shared a bit of a mental link too, especially given Splinter's love of meditation. Nyeh, I just love nutting out these useless details for myself...

Anywho, enough ramblin' from me... onto the next chapter I go!

Swallowraven chapter 13 . 10/28/2006
I just discovered this, and I have to say, I love it. I love the format, I wish I'd thought of it. It's like watching a documentary with the camera cutting between all the different interviewees with all their different perspectives combining to give a composite picture. I love the character insights, their views of each other, the interesting events in their lives both large and small. Great work, I'm a fan!
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