Reviews for Waking the Witch
Marie chapter 23 . 6/1/2009
See how I sometimes come back to check on this story? - It's a pity it seems to remain unfinished...
Marie chapter 23 . 8/9/2006
Hello Leah!

It has been a long time since I last checked on your story. Computer problems. :-( Are you going to continue with this fiction? I would love to hear its end...
NativeMoon chapter 3 . 1/27/2006
Hey just a note to let you know I have started reading. Harry Potter, Wolves, Kate Bush, a triangle with Snape and Lupin - and excellent writing and characterisations - brilliant and I look forward to more!

"A mystery that Lupin wanted to solve and a sparkle that made him want to howl." - that is one FANTASTIC line!
Princess of Amethyst chapter 23 . 1/9/2006
Hey there.I love your story.I think Rosey should end up with Lupin -the guy's got such low self esteem!We need to do something to make him love himself,don't ya ,she's got that chemistry thing with Sevvy...M,I'm not sure whether it is anything deeper or just lust,but you will decide on up the wonderful job of yours!
Angel of Harlem chapter 23 . 12/28/2005
HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I WANT MORE! :) Poor, poor Lupin.
Katie Scarlette chapter 23 . 12/28/2005
Awesome chapter! It was wonderful! I'm interested very so much in the items that Severus gave Rosaleen. I think I might have a clue into what you may be doing later on with those heirlooms. My heart still pains for Lupin, but I'm so caught up in your story now, that I have thrown aside what I might think and just wait to see what you will write. Awesome, once again, and I can't wait til the next chapter! Great job!


Katie Scarlette
AstaraelUndomiel chapter 23 . 12/25/2005
merry christmas! a less romanticized chapter but lovely all the same. i'm actually liking snape and the way you're portraying him. it's a pity he isn't like this in the books. oh, can't wait for the next chapter!

Liv chapter 23 . 12/24/2005
Woot! What a nice little Xmas pressie! ;

I still feel sorry for Lupin though, and hm...I know this is probably wrong, but sometimes I think it seems like Snape really does kinda like Rose. Just a little.

Hm, how about a nice little New Year's Eve pressie next? :P
Pickledishkiller chapter 23 . 12/24/2005
Poor Rosaleen... the perpetual high school outcast. Of course, I must honestly say that I feel a fair bit more pity of Lupin and Tonks than for she.

Nice writingoscity.
Jack's Wench chapter 22 . 12/10/2005
I think I reviewed before but it's due again... love the tension between Snape and Roseleen. So real in the adult world. The torn feelings are quite legit. Pure and unquestioned love and the ability to get everything from one person are not common in reality. I have been happily married for 11 years yet still feel this at times. (Good thing I don't the opportunity to meet any guys like Snape.)
AstaraelUndomiel chapter 22 . 12/9/2005
yet again, i am hooked. can't wait to see what happens next! ciao!
Angel of Harlem chapter 22 . 12/9/2005

I'm so behind! 11th grade is eating my life! I'm sorry! AH! The madness! THE MADNESS!

Okay now that I've gotten that out, I don't suppose I need to tell you that I am positively ASTOUNDED and HORRIFIED (in a good way, of course) and that my heart aches for Lupin. (Ha, we were just talking in English class today about how in literature men are referred to by their last name [Chillingworth, Dimmesdale, in our example] and females by their first [Hester, Pearl]. Yeah, random.)

Anyways, I find the dream idea intriguing, but I hope you don't intend to deny that they was anything going on between them even before the dreams, becaues I think that would be untrue in the context of the story. Still, like I said I find it intriguing.

Eagerly anticipating the Christmas chapter - right in time, too! :) We got a foot and a half of snow today. Good good news. Update!
Pickledishkiller chapter 22 . 12/6/2005
I think this is a pretty nifty story. My only issue is that I kinda think Rosaleen is actually acting more like a 20 year old, and not someone who has centuries of experience of hardship, and would thus have the wisdom that aged people seem to. But I really like the plot ideas, and the denoument (Wow, Lemony Snicket has tought me new words.) at the opera. Peace out.
Liv chapter 22 . 12/6/2005
Woot! The next chapter! But can't just end it like that! Atleast not without the next chapter immediately following...

Anyhoo, I love the Severus/Rosaleen thing happening, even though I feel really sorry for Lupin. (Sign of good writing when you feel for a character) ;

Can't wait for more. o;
Katie Scarlette chapter 22 . 12/6/2005
Ah ha! So someone is tampering with Rosaleen and Severus! Yay! So that gives me hope for both Rosaleen and Remus! And you are not pervy, my dear, but quite amusing, for I do like the lustful parts. I very much did enjoy this chapter, and I love the fact that you left us off at the part right before the mistletoe kiss! Very mean, I wanted that kiss! lol. I want to see what happens next with these two and I cannot possibly wait for another chapter to come out! Although, I am absolutely thrilled that you've been updating so quickly! I can't get enough! Oh, and as a side note, I've put a new chapter out for my Harry Potter story, and I would be absolutely delighted if you read it! (The later chapters are better, for I started it when I was a Sophomore in high school). Please keep updating! You know I love your story!
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