Reviews for And They Say Chivalry is Dead
Yulia Aries chapter 14 . 5/5/2005
It was nice very nice (_)
Krissel Himura chapter 14 . 5/2/2005
Yay! Isn't shika a bit over-dramatic? But its still a very COOL story! Romance, humor, drama are all here! I love shikaino! They're so cute and funny! About Sasuke being rumored as a 'gay' er... I'm not a fan of him that much because sometimes he truly annoys me (and I like Naruto so much!) but I think he's not a gay... well that my opinion... I have many reasons why if you want to talk just email me! _ But I think you love Sasuke,ne? You are a very good author indeed! Nice work!
NK chapter 14 . 4/22/2005
NO! This is NOT pretty cute! THIS IS VERY CUTE! ARGH! AND I CALL MYSELF A GUY! NO! NO! I'vE BEEN AROUND ONE GIRL TOO MANY, THAT I HAVE! lol dun mind me... just kinda (in)sane... sequel pleeze?
Ame Mika'zuki chapter 14 . 4/7/2005
you have SUCH a nice fan fic here! i hope i can write like you..._~ dont worry though,i wont copy you style or anything...i just want you to know your fan fic is SO COOL!_ hope you'll write more fan fics in the future! God bless...

ja ne!

-shadow-wind auror
umilav chapter 1 . 4/6/2005
my favourite story. absolutely wonderful!
gamebreaker04 chapter 14 . 3/21/2005
very sweet ending
gamebreaker04 chapter 9 . 3/21/2005
That was an awesome chapter, it connects everything together too
gamebreaker04 chapter 5 . 3/21/2005
ooh, the plot thickens :)
gamebreaker04 chapter 3 . 3/21/2005
Nice job on that chapter :)
gamebreaker04 chapter 1 . 3/21/2005
Ha, this is going great so far :D
WindWitch chapter 14 . 3/19/2005
Oh man... that was great! One of the best multi - chapter stories I ever had the fortune to read. Great job!
Hououza chapter 14 . 3/7/2005
Beautiful story.

Good luck & best wishes,

biyaku chapter 14 . 2/28/2005
Awesome fic
Seiliez chapter 11 . 2/23/2005
I love reading ShikaIno fics and this is one of the best ones I've read so far. I thought it was very cute and endearing. The idea of her losing her memory was interesting and got me hooked. So keep up the good stuff. You made my day. (n_n)
aligrl chapter 14 . 2/21/2005
KAWAII! This is one of the best written shikaIno stories I have evere ever read.i am absolutely is a much overlooked pair But i think it is awesome and this story compliments it in everyway. Once again this is a fabulous story. (And linkin park songs are very easy to get stuck in ur head. Thats why I luv them so much!In the end is my personal favorite.) write more shikaino!
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