Reviews for Even Heroes Fall
Guest chapter 6 . 3/18/2013
So, you've abandoned this story, after all. A shame, actually.
lilmizzdaisy chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
It's been six yrs since this story has been updated. Please please PLEASE do NOT abandon it. I realize that your life may be different and you don't have the time or interest to continue this story, but it's absolutely amazing and wonderful. The way it is written is just captivating and it would be a shame to leave this unfinished. Please return to this fanfic and complete it. Thank you.
Jack Tamara chapter 6 . 8/25/2009
This story is really good! I don't know why you haven't updated in so long! It's been four years, so I'm guessing that your interests have probably moved on already. Please consider updating though. There's so much that you could go with this story.
jer5667 chapter 6 . 7/10/2007
I love this story! but are you ever going to updatea again
theoneandonlylover chapter 6 . 9/13/2006
Two words: Positively Fabulous
MCa chapter 6 . 8/20/2006
love it! gotta have more! i think this is your most captivating story yet...please update!
InASwirlofSnow chapter 6 . 7/31/2006
Malfoy's actually scary in this one. I love it.

But if I come back in a few months and this STILL hasn't updated, I'm going to either have a heart attack or end up hurting somebody.

Oh yeah - I'm not saying she hasn't been great, but if Ginny's one of the best Aurors in England, how come she takes so many risks and somehow keeps ending up caught?

Just a thought. ]
Astr0turff chapter 6 . 7/24/2006
This is crazy good!
Ori chapter 6 . 7/24/2006
This is so bloody brilliant! Oh I do hope you continue with this story.

So awsomely written! And must I add I love your Draco too, he is so... mysteriously charming. Absolutely brilliant.

I don't write Harry Potter stories, but I surely do enjoy reading them, and yours is at the moment one of those I really want to see continued.

So please, do as you promised in your bio and update.
Gill chapter 6 . 7/9/2006
OKAY... I am really confused. The last time I commented was about, hmm, a year, maybe more ago? and here we are, many, MANY! hours, days, weeks, MONTHS! past and you have not updated yet. Hmm, interesting. What are you doing my friend? Killing your fans? Missing your story. Ciao Bella
lunakmerry chapter 6 . 7/2/2006
I love this story! Please update it son
Mishavay chapter 6 . 12/9/2005
hm very interesting. whens the next update? I shall be tripping over myself in anticapation.
lilmissdiss chapter 6 . 10/25/2005
I really liked the story and I think you should update soon. I just posted my first story and if you get time i was wondering if you could check it out. I only have one chapter up so far and I'm just trying to get peoples opinion on it. Its calles The Game


Resistiance chapter 6 . 10/1/2005
Wonderful and amusing. Please update soon! It's been a VERY uncharacteristically long time.
FireAndIcexX chapter 6 . 9/8/2005
cant wate till the next chapter!
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