Reviews for Cabbie
countessvorkosigan chapter 1 . 7/2/2005
Yikes! I'm so sorry, I quoted the wrong fic title-I meant 'In the Shadow of Stanton'. I realized it as soon as I sent my review...but the stupid site wouldn't let me comment again right away. Sorry! (Picture Oliver Twist banging self in head with bowl in finest house elf style-"bad countess! bad bad countess!")I really do know who you are. So...take everything I said, tear out the wrong title, insert correct title, & replay in suave, sophisticated style & to cover up the embarrassing social gaffe-how's school? I love a capella music (though right now the only group I can think of is The Nylons). Folk dancing is fine-I loved square dancing when I was in school (a scarifying amount of time ago) & my neighborhood regularly had block parties where we'd ring dance & stuff. See, I read your bio!

Have I redeemed myself? Think I'll go read some more of your work while I brood. *beats a sheepish retreat*
countessvorkosigan chapter 1 . 7/1/2005
Not everyone can master the art of brevity for a short fic, but this is good! You really captured the sense of compassionate reserve & detachment that Cooper uses for the Old Ones in her stories. And actually, this would be a good way for him to have a visible means of support that wouldn't require him to be intimate with coworkers or explain why he wasn't aging,etc.

I think I read another of your stories,White Snow,Black Ice or something like that? That was good, too-now get to work & finish it, dangnabbit! Er...I'm sorry, I mean "golly, I *hope* you can get around to completing this fine fic in your no doubt precious spare time and thank you" *grovel grovel* (picture an Oliver Twist with his bowl saying "Please, sir, may I have some more?" kind of thing here)

Well, what else can I say but this is a small fandom, it's hard to get new stories, especially ones I really like,so waiting is *brutal*. Your work is very much appreciated! :)
Eldrice chapter 1 . 7/24/2004
Hey, I liked this : ). I was really intrigued by the cab driver idea myself and was hoping someone would pick it up. I'd love more chapters! Anyway, I have an interesting small story for you about the significance of crossed legs. It's a true story too. Or so I was told.

I once knew a girl whose father had met one of Germany's top spies during WWII. This man was famous for his ability to detect American spies in disguise. As my friend told it to me, he had never once failed or made a mistake.

"How did he do it?" I asked her.

"Legs," she replied.


"An American man will never sit down and cross his legs at the knee. That's what women do. He'll always rest one ankle against his knee, in true masculine fashion. A European man, however, always crosses his legs at the knees. So whenever the German spy saw a man enter a room and sit down and cross his legs by placing an ankle against the opposite knee, he knew he was an American spy."

I always thought that was a pretty cool story : ).