Reviews for Incident Behind the Curtain
Nelras chapter 4 . 1/14/2008
*blinks* Ah... *shuts mouth with snap* Congratulations. This is the first time I've favorited a piece containing slash- the first time I've read slash that didn't become so soppy or implausible that an otherwise well-written piece was ruined for me. *sheepish* Sorry. That sounds really harsh coming from someone who can't write it herself. I just thought I'd let you know that you surprised someone in a totally unexpected, very good way.

Aside from writing believable slash, you did that other impossible task- you made the story sound like it could be part of the original play. The overall tone never wavered, and the dialogue and characters were... *wracks brain for adjective that isn't cliche* *fails* brillant. The only jarring point was the use of the abbreviations, and it was a very, very, very minor bump in the road. *nods* You're REALLY good. Like, like, like... yeah. Really good.
FinniganToldMeTo chapter 4 . 6/4/2006
umm... wow... Can I say more than that? I think not. I'd never thought of them writing their own play before, with their own beginning, middle and end... and yet..

Good job.
alicia chapter 1 . 3/29/2006
I just had to leave you a comment. I think that you captured the characters beautifully. I wanted to thank you for the story.
xyxyx chapter 4 . 3/15/2006
You are absolutely fantastic.

I've been toiling over a few RosenGuil fics of my own, one of which is in this sort of absurdist style, two of which are... well, not. And just really, really bizarre. I don't know if they'll ever show up here, but you've inspired me and given me a few new ideas.

Wonderful job!
Faust Prouvaire chapter 3 . 1/6/2006
"PLAYER: If you don’t mind, I do wish you would stop referring to me as ‘Player.’ I have a name, you know.

GUIL is stunned by the proposition.

ROS (thoughtfully): No, you don’t.

PLAYER: No, I don’t."

Possibly my favorite moment in fanfiction history. Ever. As well as one of my favorite fanfics in total. Everything about it is so expressive and comprehensive and...amazing. Not to mention R/G slash is some of the most in-context stuff around; it's nice to see more of it. Great job.

Noia chapter 4 . 5/19/2005
That was so brilliantly disturbing and touching!
LavenderBlue chapter 3 . 11/29/2004
Brilliant! A fantastic story. You really did capture the style very well.

And Ros/Guil just rocks anyway...;P *waves slash flag*
Sam chapter 3 . 9/27/2004
This is going great so far. Hope you continue soon. You've really captured the...Stoppardness (for lack of a better word) of the dialogue and the story within a story within a story is brilliant.
Lowri Smith chapter 3 . 9/9/2004
this is aboslutely amazeing. it's almost like it's straight from the origonal. i can't waite for it to contiue.
Sharma Wild chapter 3 . 9/9/2004
Hey there :) I just wanted to say that I really liked the story and I'm looking forward to the next chapter of it.
Mirabehn chapter 2 . 8/6/2004

(Sorry to be confusing - this is a PS to my comment on Chapter 3!)

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the story progresses. I meant to say that in my review but was being dozy. :)
Mirabehn chapter 3 . 8/6/2004
Ooh, wow!

This is wonderfully done. You capture Stoppard's dialogue beautifully, and the story you've spun around Ros and Guil is entrancing. *smile*

Just a couple of points of criticism: firstly, it jars a little that Ros and Guil call each other that (or "Crantz") right from the start. In R&G those are just convenient abbreviations for the text. I can believe that after Guil's declaration of love they might start to do so, but perhaps there should be some comment on that?

Also, do they always get their names right now?

I'm being ultra-picky because it's worth it. I'm deeply impressed by this piece.

*adds story to favourite stories list*
Curtangel chapter 3 . 7/29/2004
What a great story! Keep it up! Keep it up!

I definitely look forward to more, the relationship is well done as are the characterizations. Several lines made me laugh out loud.

Found through the livejournal site. I once had a name, and I actually have a Ros and Guil story around here somewhere. Too lazy to look up my old name and figure out my password right now though.

Thank you so much, this is my favorite pairing and the usage of "Crantz" is so cute!
LadyKay chapter 2 . 7/28/2004
Cute! *glomps* More pwease! Tank yoo!

Saiyan SandBoarder chapter 2 . 7/26/2004
This is great! I love it. I hope you continue soon. Lol, I love the humor, especially

"The question is, if Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s deaths were inevitable, what are they still doing here?

ROS: Laundry.


PLAYER (resigning): I have no response."
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