Reviews for A Thin Veneer
Julie Q chapter 73 . 6/13
These 'snake gods' from the legend of Kahless... are these meant to be Goa'uld from the Stargate franchise?

And if so, how in the name of sanity did they travel into a Star Trek universe?
Julie Q chapter 50 . 6/13
The final scene contains a fantastic speech from Kirk, Chang and Lefcourt - but oh, it would have been even better if S'Garak had been standing alongside them! :D Think about how the Minbari would have reacted upon seeing giant reptiles declaring war on them. ;) *hugs*
Julie Q chapter 36 . 6/13
Okay, so I completely understand that your narrative has two important battles occurring at the same time: Acaltha's ingenious misdirection in the Berlin system, and the ginormous epic battle in Sol. And in and of itself, this is no problem at all.

However, with regard to the presentation of these two battles, I think your story would benefit enormously from an easier delineation between which scenes are happening during which battle - namely, by dividing by chapters. Have one chapter or two consecutive chapter showing what's happening in Sol, then switch to a chapter in the Berlin system, then switch back again.

I say this because I frequently found myself having to scroll up to the start of a scene to double-check the notation at the start of said scene to confirm which solar system it was set in. It got a bit frustrating after a while. This is not a big catastrophic problem - but if you ever get the time to rewrite this epic saga of yours, please could you at least consider putting this suggestion on your 'to do' list?
Julie Q chapter 31 . 6/13
Awww... when I first started reading Chapter 31, I wondered if you were going to slip in a reference to Section 31 of Starfleet Intelligence? ...and now I see that nope, it didn't happen. Oh, well - this was a fun chapter regardless. :D *hugs*
Martin Smith chapter 76 . 4/23
What's this about Captain Janeway from another universe sending a message? Did I miss a chapter somewhere?
Naosj chapter 84 . 3/22
This is the one Babylon 5 story where we actually get to see the Minbari humbled and humiliated in totality. Every other one I've seen has stopped updating halfway.
Guest chapter 19 . 2/4
Yeah,193 yrs before earth was a Vulcan client federation didn't happen until 2161.
Raiju001 chapter 28 . 12/29/2023
Wow. I watched bits and pieces of B5 and never knew how bad the Minbari were. If this is accurate then they are dangerous children spoiled by the Vorlon and nothing more than a fighting ring dog to be thrown in when the Vorlon dont want to have to lower themselves. I feel pity for the Minbari, and also reach for my shotgun at the same time.
Raiju001 chapter 3 . 12/26/2023
This is gripping! Before I knew it I was three chapters in! I am interested to see how you blend this all together!
Carycomic chapter 84 . 11/13/2023
#Guest 2: honesty may be the best policy. But, bluntness is not always the best kind of honesty. Regardless of whether or not it's on point!
Guest chapter 64 . 5/17/2023
So,the earth alliance survives because of minbari arrogance.
Guest chapter 9 . 2/3/2023
The minbari lost one sharlin at sinzar,rammed by a nova.
Guest 2 chapter 84 . 9/30/2022
Guest, KBW is right. You may not like his delivery, but the content is on point. This story suffers from several poor creative choices that badly hurt what could have been a great story. As is, it requires Marvel levels of suspension of disbelief or very thick rose-colored glasses to enjoy.
Guest chapter 84 . 8/2/2022
And you, KBW, prove the veracity of the series title. Namely; what a thin veil exists between courtesy and needless trolling.
kevinbarrrywarner chapter 81 . 7/2/2022
Your Ashen "creation" has turned a possibly Great story into a joke! I can imagine a Saturday Night Live spoof of two groups staring each other down, giving each other the Evil Eye and demanding that the others admit that HONOR dictates they admit they are wrong! Kind of like spoofing Worf being handed a spoon instead of a fork and demanding ritual-combat to assuage being dishonored.

You turned a "story-expander" into a SPOOF on the story it was intended for!
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