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James Helton chapter 19 . 2/1
Carycomic chapter 82 . 1/26
I can only paraphrase the late, great Karl Malden when I say: "Kirk and Chang. What will they do? What WILL they do?"
AkiraWolf98 chapter 82 . 1/25
Finally got around to write a review.

Compared to the previous version of this chapter, this redo is amazing. The previous was felt very lacking in details but this... just thanks for coming back to this fic!
madsloth chapter 82 . 1/24
great update, can't wait to see how this all ends.
Ivy Gort chapter 82 . 1/23
Great chapter! Much better than the last version, though I saw nothing wrong with it.

Thank you for coming back to this story! Its one of my favorites.
Illuviar chapter 82 . 1/23
It's great to see an update!

Why do I have the feeling that Chang would give the Gorn another reason to think that a lot if not most Klingon officers are idiots?
The Sithspawn chapter 82 . 1/20
Much better chapter.

Glad to see more of this. Can't wait for the final showdown, especially between Chang and Kirk :D

So please update again soon please! :)
Firemane chapter 82 . 1/19
Great setup. I am really looking forward to the finale, especially Kirk versus Chang ;-)
Chatokay01 chapter 81 . 1/18
Excellent update. A long, a very long wait but it was more than worth it. Looking forward for the next chapter.
High Plains Drifter chapter 82 . 1/17
Excellent. Its been a long wait. So happy to see this brilliant, creative, true to the source material stories continuing. Can't wait to see how the end game plays out. Cheers!
dagadget chapter 82 . 1/17
Excellent chapter the revisions are spectacular and you added a bit of tension to the Klingon Leadership specifically Chang Nicely done.
justjoe chapter 2 . 1/17
This is for Ch 82.

There was too much exposition dumped into this chapter. This information should have been split between the "dream sequence" with the Minbari/Ashen and the initial meeting between the Satais and Kirk. This came off as a pure data dump that I was forced to power through. I really couldn't get into the characters because the exposition had bogged down the flow so badly. It was good information for those who don't don't know B5 mythology, it was just not presented well.

Also, I don't feel the tension of the situation, because the Minbari/Ashen fighting is told in the 3rd person and we have virtually no points of view observations from any of the SF/EF captains. This is a huge event and I don't know what the crews are thinking or feeling.

I don't know what your objective was for this chapter. It did move the plot along a little, but it still represents a missed opportunity of seeing the human aspect of the conflict and everyone understanding their places in history.
ThanosofTitan chapter 82 . 1/17
I'm very excited for the conclusion
Inquisitor0 chapter 82 . 1/17
Thx for the re-update, not sure if u want to unlock the ATV thread in SpaceBattles but would like to discuss this with other readers though. At this point, i think Kirk should had switched position and let Chang be the bait. It's not that difficult to hide their signature or at least go to warp in the general direction of Chang's ship the IKS Black Storm. Let Chang deal with the majority of the Ashen ship that's targetting the Enterprise. Although that kinda seems to be an insult to the Klingon pride if the Ashen had really wanted Kirk killed.

Anyway the best way for Kirk to resolve the issue with Chang is just explain that since Kirk can't give away the honor or the prestige that the Ashen had given him, it's up to the Klingons to properly respond to the incoming Ashen fleet. Kirk should explain that he expects the hyperspace window attack with the Ashen's entry into normal space at his position. Kirk should demand and expect the Klingons the glory that they deserve for the prestige that the Ashen had given him and show them the Klingons' honor. Since most Klingons have no idea of Kahless' honor, they'll probably kill themselves trying to prove and gain their glory in battle. The same goes with Chang, he'd rather die in battle to show the Klingon's glory than live up to the expectations of honor that the new Klingon government wants to display to the other races especially to the Federation.

If Chang even survives, he should lecture the remaining Minbari ships with one of Kahless' famous quotes. Maybe the next in command to Chang like Colonel Worf should do it if Chang didn't survive his battle against the Ashen.
tlhIngan Hol: meQtaHbogh qachDaq Suv qoH neH
Literal translation: Only a fool fights in a house that continues to burn.
tlhIngan Hol: noH QapmeH wo' Qaw'lu'chugh yay chavbe'lu', 'ej wo' choqmeH may' DoHlu'chugh lujbe'lu'
Literal translation: Victory is not achieved if an Empire is destroyed in order to win a war, and it is not failure if a battle is backed away from in order to preserve an Empire
tlhIngan Hol: Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam
Literal translation: This day is good in order to die.
Not sure if the Andorians would want a part of this glory or honor as they too have their own honor code.
oddhack chapter 82 . 1/16
Between "The wonton acts of killing" and the previous chapter's "Better to die fighting the larger darkness with our teeth on their throats
than to live under its yolk.", I think there's a food-based undertext to this whole conflict that hasn't emerged yet. Best laugh I've had in weeks (sadly, I have severe bronchitis, so laughing is not so rewarding as I would wish currently :-().
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