Reviews for A Thin Veneer
Guest 2 chapter 84 . 9/30
Guest, KBW is right. You may not like his delivery, but the content is on point. This story suffers from several poor creative choices that badly hurt what could have been a great story. As is, it requires Marvel levels of suspension of disbelief or very thick rose-colored glasses to enjoy.
Guest chapter 84 . 8/2
And you, KBW, prove the veracity of the series title. Namely; what a thin veil exists between courtesy and needless trolling.
kevinbarrrywarner chapter 81 . 7/2
Your Ashen "creation" has turned a possibly Great story into a joke! I can imagine a Saturday Night Live spoof of two groups staring each other down, giving each other the Evil Eye and demanding that the others admit that HONOR dictates they admit they are wrong! Kind of like spoofing Worf being handed a spoon instead of a fork and demanding ritual-combat to assuage being dishonored.

You turned a "story-expander" into a SPOOF on the story it was intended for!
kevinbarrrywarner chapter 77 . 7/2
You keep moving the goal post. I can QUOTE you that the Extinction Event was threatened for the destruction of Colonies, yet you nearly-instantly altered the text to MEAN "if you don't surrender before we show up in engagement range". The Hell?! Kirk's promise means the Minbari Homeworld HAS to be obliterated!

You allow hundreds of Federation Vessels and Personnel to die because for some odd reason you took Transporters off the table nearly instantly! First they were saving individuals on ships breaking up, and NOW everyone simply dies on BOTH sides! WHY were unshielded vessels' crews allowed to continually mass-murder Federation and Klingon Crew/ships when matter-transfer would send MILLIONS of enemies directly into space?!

Reduction of Combat Ranges to allow effective combat for the Minbari. You COULD have used Starfleet Ethics/Rules of Engagement to limit things rather than NERF Federation Technology! You've LITERALLY made Tie-Fighters a danger to Federation Vessels (example)!
Donald Tenney Jr chapter 84 . 6/1
It's a really good story so far, you guys did a great job! I would suggest going back through and fixing spelling and grammar mistakes, they make it hard to read after a while. I love the Andorian Commodore, he's my favorite character very original.
WDWormack5114 chapter 37 . 4/11

WDWormack5114 chapter 10 . 3/20
Just what 'cleavage' is this female Excelsior Starfleet crewmember showing, that has so 'enraptured', John Sheridan? Starfleet uniforms, for male, and female crewmembers, are very "conservatively cut", to put it 'gently'!
WDWormack5114 chapter 10 . 3/20
JUST. A. FREAKIN'. MINUTE! Sportsfans!
Your crossover story, takes place, when Starfleet has 'adapted
WDWormack5114 chapter 28 . 3/12
That's because "The Mighty Vorlon Empire", is absolutely TERRIFIED of You, and "The UNITED FEDERATION of PLANETS. Because you in the UFP, aren't 'conditioned to see them the races, of this Region of Space that they, (The Vorlons), call their Domain! They are unable to 'manipulate' you into seeing them as "Devine Beings of Righteous Light". Committed to the Unswerving, Eternal Defense of Order.
WDWormack5114 chapter 73 . 3/9
The real 'criminals' in this Cosmic Debacle, are the Vorlon Empire. They fight this war through their Minbari vassals.
WDWormack5114 chapter 73 . 3/9
Due to their cavorting with the Vorlons, the Minbari became ASTOUNDINGLY ARROGANT. Their participation in a war, fought a millennium ago and finding themselves on the "winning side", led them to believe they were on the verge of becoming "first ones".

They arrogantly ran roughshod over all of the other so-called "younger races", in their sector of space! The Minbari, presumed to call themselves a 'Federation', with no understanding of just what that implies
WDWormack5114 chapter 28 . 3/1
Can you please, PLEASE, explain the obsession you seem to have with having the Vorlons, and their Minbari vassals continuously rant about the UFP forces, "NOT POSSESSING the 'MATURITY' to USE the TECHNOLOGY that THEY'RE WEILDING!"
WDWormack5114 chapter 23 . 2/28
Can you PLEASE, explain why you're making the Minbari people, come across as having ABSOLUTELY NO GRASP of LOGIC, or CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS?
WDWormack5114 chapter 23 . 2/28
The Minbari triumvirate are simply arrogant vassals of the Vorlon Empire. Due to their listening to the cryptic crap that their Vorlon overlords are sanctimoniously spewing, The Minbari Federation is waging their "War of Righteous Retribution against The United Federation of Planets.
WDWormack5114 chapter 11 . 2/27
If the Excelsior's phasers can pick off Minbari fighter with such ease, why would Sulu let Earth Alliance starfuries, get close enough to launch 2 missles at the ship?
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