Reviews for A Thin Veneer
seym56 chapter 82 . 6/30
I really enjoyed this. Is there plans to finish it? It seemed like there were only a few more chapters to go. It would be a shame to not finish it.
Difdi chapter 40 . 6/17
By the standards Doctor Khali is using to declare the UFP a 'mongrel power' the United States of America on EA_Earth was also a mongrel power - instead of one ethnicity/cultural background being enforced for immigrants, their USA embraced diversity. The Earth Alliance is mongrel too, for exactly the same reason.
Difdi chapter 24 . 6/17
If the Vorlon device truly does jam subspace systems, it would impact more than just propulsion and sensors.

The transtator is the basis of all Federation subspace technology. Phasers use them, impulse drives use them, warp drives use them. Sensors, communications, the ship's main computer, they ALL use subspace one way or another. Even photon torpedoes use subspace tech in their propulsion and targeting systems.
Difdi chapter 14 . 6/16
You have a recurring typo. It's Alyt Shakiri, not Alyt Sharkiri.
AkiraWolf98 chapter 36 . 5/23
Commander M'Zell is my new favorite character. Followed closely by Acaltha.
AkiraWolf98 chapter 34 . 5/23
That Code! Days are hours, hours are minutes! That's a reference from The Wrath of Khan! Nice!
Pazithia.Gallifreya chapter 81 . 5/10
Very good B5 / Star Trek crossover. I hope that this will be updated soon!
viciousmalacite chapter 81 . 4/25
i hope u manage 2 finish this story soon cuz i'd love 2 c how it ends and i'd love a sequel 2.
Grovtech chapter 82 . 4/13
This was a very interesting different view of B5. The mixing of all the first ones and their interactions were great. I think you nailed many of the Star trek characters dead on and I very much enjoyed their many quotes.

I do hope that'll there will be more of this someday since it's so close to being finished.

Great Stuff!
shadowwriter01 chapter 49 . 4/10
I am surprised that nobody ever pointed out that the so called "attack" by the humans ultimately happened because a Minbari officer made the idiotic decision to approach their ships with open gun ports.
The entire war is only about the Minbaris inability to take the responsibility for their own stupidity.
Red Death chapter 82 . 4/7
Please sir...may we have some more?
(exorcises the ghost of Oliver Twist)
Err...uh, yeah. The finale would be very very welcome!
denaumo chapter 82 . 3/29

Please finish it. You are so close!
David chapter 82 . 3/29
Epic - but please tell me you will be finishing the story!
budrick1701e chapter 82 . 3/18
Enjoying this fic as well as the others but I am wondering when you are going to complete it, hopefully it will soon.
Mechanical Booby chapter 82 . 3/8
Wish you'd finish this it's been such a great story. But enjoying your latest stuff too so can't really complain...! :-)
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