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Guest chapter 78 . 6/20
Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a Mountain, is and old saying in Japan. It was also a title of a fiction from the early 70s or late 60 about US Invasion of Japan. The Samurai used the saying a lot and Robert Jordan used it in his book, he based a lot of his Cultures on Japanese culture and evensaid so on his web site before he died.
JoshuaSweetvale chapter 82 . 5/30
My thoughts so far:

Firstly, I think the Gorn's viewpoint is very interesting. They're a lesser power compared to the big Klingons and the Federation, and despite the fact that they're hypercarnivore consummate predators with a very straightforward approach to warship design, they come off as the sensible ones.

With Chang, Klingon culture, and to a lesser extent the social reform happening during the Minbari war, the Klingons come off as decisive, but a little bit incompetent overall.
Conversely, the Federation seems to be a little bit at war with itself. Kirk leads the charge to bully the Minbari into submission, and doing a remarkable job of it, but he seems to be playing to a different tune from everyone else. Even his own side.
While the Gorn, who've shown up for retribution, seem to be as decisive as the Klingons, while being efficient too. They're a smaller force, of course, and not in it for the whole monty, but they provide an excellent contrast to the Klingons, and to an extent, also to the Federation.

Now on the Minbari. There's a paradox to them that I can't quite swallow. They, and even moreso their Ashen siblings, seem to be a very dogmatic, religious, stagnant society. The narrative says: They're essentially primitives, given shiny toys by the Vorlons, and they value the fact that they're even able to exist in a society a lot, as if it were a miracle, which, in a way, it was!

But... The Minbari can't be both completely dogmatic AND relateable. Their supreme ignorance-arrogance that only goes away after a near-endless barrage of violence and put-downs, can't suddenly turn into organized resistance. Uncertainty and doubt are what happens when the pillars of society crumble. The Minbari would never 'roll over' the way they did near the end. No amount of bullying can add wisdom. It can only remove percieved superiority, which leaves you with the savage warrior-brutes that the Minbari are at their core. Religion was their everything, even while corrupted they held onto the lifeline of the Vorlons's narrative because that was all they had. And news broadcasts and defeats cannot suddenly give a collectivist people a culture other than their own. Not in months.

That's my view on things, at any rate. Your antagonists were average-mediocre... but the Federation, the Klingons, and all the small fry, were written very well. The politics, references, etc, provided a good backdrop for great characters, big and small.
gamdori-bil chapter 82 . 5/19
Great chapter, great story. I can't wait to see more!
Guest chapter 71 . 4/9
The Vorlons regardless of how angry and self righteous are screwed. Considering the rate that Fed weapons and defensive technology improves, the rate at which they are able to produce ships and taking into account that an Excelsior class ship is an almost even match for a Vorlon ship and the Vorlons are going to come out on the wrong side. Not that it would be a cake walk. But with the plan for the alpha first ones assisting it seems that it might be the Vorlons that will get played on that fight. In fact if you had not deliberately stepped down the feds power in this story the Vorlons might be heading for the rim in fear.
Anjin-San chapter 53 . 3/31
I wonder who Checkov & Uhura pissed off. The idea that totally inexperienced ship commanders with no training in combat tactics nor experience in the ship type or systems and then assigned a completely untested crew for strategically critical deep penetration strikes, combat recon and commerce raiding is absurd in the extreme. Uhura's unbelievably stupid desire to eliminate intiative amongst her crew (especially her helmsman) is a recipe for distater in combat. what happens when they are being fired on and everybody is asking for permission to do...something?
Guest chapter 43 . 3/28
So 10 or 15 years after the events of Search for spock the kid is only an ensign? even if he was a first year cadet (which considering the access he had to a military transporter facility is unlikely) even a mediocre officer would be promoted fairly regularly to the rank of Lt Commander. Anybody that could not achieve minimal promotion in a decade is almost certainly someone that NO ship commander has any use for. Lastly the propriety and usefulness of dressing down an officer that has committed no error simply is questionable in the extreme. Taking into account that Uhura essentially committed mutiny and several other felony grade crimes when she commandeered the transporter site I dont understand the sheer stupidity of bringing it up. Sounds likea person with zero command experience trying to bluster and bully respect out of the crew, always a huge mistake for a a ship commander and a prime way to ensure mediocre resentful performance from the crew. Anyone in the ensigns shoes would have thrown back in Uhuras face how petty it is for her to mention it and that she was wrong not him and then demanded an immediate transfer.
Roshimon chapter 41 . 3/28
Really going off the rails here, huh? First of all the Vorlons never had any type of shielding in canon. In a matter of a few months the minbari have developed better shielding and superior weapons to the federation..then the result should be a forgone conclusion. even with abysmal tactics the minbari now have superior defenses and armow capable of offering protection from fed weapons in sufficient thickness. The feds should be screwed. Also the "first" ones protecting the Feds have not tipped to the fact that a race stagnant in technology for a millenia have managed to overtake the feds in weapons in a few months which could only lead to the conclusion that the Vorlons are assisting the Minbari directly. They do not have to join in the fighting with ships to be involved. Providing weapons, scanners and other assistance is pretty while the drama and fight scenes in your stories is wonderful the logic of many plot points is abysmally inconstant.
Guest chapter 11 . 3/25
Go and forge an "alliance" so earth force can do some of the dying, but give them no means to actually fight. The height of arrogant, snobby, twisted thinking thinking. If I was earthforce I would take what I could get and then tell the federation to get stuffed. Thanks for the presents but since you are so mature you will not mind fighting without us "primitives" seeing as we would only get in the way.
Pazithia.Gallifreya chapter 1 . 3/22
Erm... It is actually Major Kira, not Nerys; also, she was promoted to the rank of colonel prior to the end of the war!
Wordlurker chapter 82 . 12/29/2014
Aaand finished! Wow! Almost half a million words written, and it's still not done!

That was quite the ride, so much reading... I can normally finish off a story in one go, but this one? lolnope, impossibru.

Looking forward to seeing how this will all end.
EvilTheLast chapter 82 . 11/9/2014
Good update.
ReviewerDWJ chapter 82 . 10/26/2014
Okay for something this long it is impressive. Merging the universes with logic making sense plus all the issues conflicting with the Federation and Earth Alliance seems real. To say you need to watch both the original Star Trek series and Babylon 5 series is an overstatement. I mean I'm a star trek fan and I haven't seen Babylon 5 but I'm okay with this. Plus those personal logs of the future Captain Picard and Sisko is great showing how this story affect the Star Trek line of things. Just don't go very Meta on this and in five years I believe this story will be over two hundred chapters long or until it hits its limit which ever comes first.

Orumon chapter 82 . 10/26/2014
Thank you for adding this chapter. Glad to see this story is not dead.
Guest chapter 82 . 10/23/2014
Great chapter!
Robert chapter 27 . 10/19/2014
A alaman would have just sent in a couple ships first
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