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Destined Knight chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
Though shalt not have perverse thoughts around a telepathic female... ouch...

Great stuff. Psi Corps will have a field day with a government that doesn't discriminate between the mind blind and "teeps". Can we say "mass defections?" Illegal immigrant TPs hiding in the back of old Ferengi freighters trying to get to the Federation for a green card?

The Preserver thing has always been an interesting. The level of technology (or just plain power) that it would take to create nearly identical Sol systems, down to the geological features is totally mind blowing. In fact it just about screams Q. Or maybe Organian, Metron, (insert omnipotent being's name here). I can just see it. "I am the omnipotent Q! You know Jimmy Boy (Kirk) you're just a bit more interesting than Jean Luc... Let me turn you into a girl, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

For the Minbari not to have noticed a not one but two nuclear detonations within a few light-minutes or even light hours distance would be like someone not noticing that they put their hand down on on a hot burner. The question is, will they see it as a Federation thing, and will they begin the Battle of the Line earlier than B5 cannon in response to it?

The Vorlons and the Shadows must of had encounters with the Q. Kosh's take on Q, "When you see him, run."

Keep it up.
Hyper Deathray chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
Connies in the DW? What? I never heard of that.
Flying J chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
Excellent, things are progressing nicely. However culture shock could turn into an exceptionally horrid issue.

Im happy to see Sheridan around as his characters war years were never explored. And as a character I always liked him, he was in essence much like young Kirk.

Finally, the Minbari have to know that something is up, as they are for sure watching the Earth system. What are the Minbari going to do? And lastly of all, I cant seem to find my comments on Nukes, are you speaking of Sheridans usage of them?
johnlao2004 chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
This is so damn good. Please continue. Fast :) I'm addicted and need my fix.
Bolo chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
The whole Idea of Hybrids wouldnt be so much of a big deal to a people who had overcome the "Color" Issue, but by the war the few "PURE" ideas were able to grow and spread to the people as a whole. At this time the Feds have a chance to cut off this Idea before it it gets too ingrained.
Gyre chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
Oh my, this is very, very good. There is obviously a very steep learning curve, and likely not a lot of time. I do like Sheridan's open mind. He will be one of the ones to accept the Federation for what it is most quickly I think.
Serran chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
I love this Story.

The Idea, that the Klingon- Federation Treaty, in ST Movie 6 without the Bloodsheed of the Ambassador of the Klingons is cool.

That would take a lot of Strain of the Relationship between Klingons and the Federation.

Especially now that they are going to War together.

I like that.

But I would like to know, if they actually share Technology.

I do not know, when the Treatery of Allgeron happend, but the Idea of Federation Ships with Cloaking capabilities is cool.

Some big Question, I have left to ask:

1. How is the Mainfleet going to come to the Space of the B5 Universe?

The Federation should not take it kindly, when the have several hundred Klingon Ships right next to Earth.

But if the do, that would be in enormus Step to a Permanent Alliance of both Powers.

They could also use Warp Drive in Hyperspace (in your UOC Universe, that had many Problems, they could not get over Warp one, here they have nearly every Research Station for finding such a way)

And even if they dont find a way, to go more than Warp one, with Hyperspace, the Federation and Klingons are the biggest Power in the Alpha Quadrant

2. Is there a Conection between the Preserver and the Aliens that four billion Years ago seeded the Galaxy with beings after their Image (STNG The Chase)

And do they have anything to do with the Volorn, or Shadows.

And do the Sauroid Aliens (STV Distant Origin) have anything to do with the Volorn, or the Shadows? (they do have Transwarp capabilties)

are the Technologie Levels, if a Federation Ship can take on one or even two Minbari Sharlin Cruisers, a Ship, that is nearly four Times as Long, and has maybe ten or more Times the Volume by Energie Levels in the same Levels by both Vessels (Federation and Minbari) than they are Significant more Advanced than the Minbari, maybe nearly at Volorn or Shadow Level, maybe even higher.

4. Does the Federation share Technology with the Earth Alliance?

It would be a mayor Change in Technology Levels, the EA would jump from nearly bottom to more Powerful than Minbari.

5. How big is the Fleet, that the Federation and the Klingons are going to send?

In the War with the Dominion the Federation could muster 600 Ship's with several hundred more on the Way to retake DS9.

And even then, the Federation was not defensless, even after major losses at the beginnig.

At this time the Federation is maybe half as big, but they had to be Ready for a War with the Klingons, or the Romulans.

And than there are the Klingons.

I wonderd, if they are really going to have fewer Ships than the Minbari.

(That would be an intresting Way of showing Force)

My English is not the best.
Aaron chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
Excellent chapter, cant wait to find out what happens when the Fed/Klingon fleet arrives. By the way, will the Feds and Klingons arrive before, during, or after the Battle of the Line?
He who Lurks chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
He he he he he he he he he

The Excwlsior isn't a diplomatic carrier she's a battleship!

Plus the part with th teeps was great
Janusi chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
Can't wait to see how the general and captain Sheridan will react when they see recordings of the battles the Federation has fought with the Minbari.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Great chapter as always!
X-Over chapter 10 . 9/9/2004
Liked reading this new chapter of yours. Again, I look forward to reading what happens next. Please keep up the good work as always. Thank you! :)

Destined Knight chapter 9 . 9/9/2004
One more thing...

Yours is the worst kind of story...

It's the kind that is so good that it makes people want to scream their heads off when they get home from work and find that there is no "update alert" email for it in their inbox...

Other than that, WOW. Can't wait to see what you'll cook up next.
Destined Knight chapter 1 . 9/6/2004
Wonderful story, although the common history thing would be a little hard to explain unless the Preservers or some other higher power were somehow coordinating the cultural development of the separate Earths, or you bring in the old "Hodgkins (?) Law of Parallel Planet Development." After all, there are several TOS TV episodes that showed other Earths that were almost exact duplicates except for some event in their history, like the Earth devasted by a Cold War plague, or the Earth where everyone who had experienced puberty turned into a raving monster then died. Then there is the example of the Earth replica that wasn't an exact duplicate geographically, but had a globe spanning Roman Empire with 1960s tech.

Tactically and strategically, there are a lot of possibilities that that could be explored, for instance, will the Klingons thirst for glorious battle make them very difficult to control should the Minbari sue for peace? Klingon cloaking technology that even Federation tech has problems with will give the Klingons a very heavy advantage. In your latest chapter, you give the Federation the ability to detect Minbari ships in jumpspace, thu nullifying one of their most dangerous attacks, the precision jump. All in all, the odds seem very much stacked in favor of the Federation/Klingon Alliance. What will the Vorlons and the Shadows take be on this considering their own manipulation of the younger races? Will the Vorlons take umbrage at the interference of an external power with technologies that will rival their own if it already doesn't? Will the Shadows manipulate things to further diminish Minbari power, or will they recognize the threat of Federation order and attempt to sow chaos between the Federation and Klingons? Will Buzz Lightyear make an appearance?

I'm eargerly looking forward to seeing more of this story as well as your other major works of fanfiction.
Zelda chapter 9 . 9/5/2004
Absolutly awsome story i can't wait for the next chapter.
Aaron chapter 9 . 9/3/2004
Now its really starting to get interesting. When will the minbari find out about the federation arriving. Also, when will the Fed/Klingon fleet arrive. By the way, you may already know this, but at this time in startrek history Excelsior and Constellation class ships, which are both bigger than Constitutions, Mirandas, and Soyuz class ships have supposedly been in production for a few years. Both ships are bigger than the latter three, with Excelsiors being the biggest. By the way, could this conflict by chance see the introduction of the Ambassador class starship ahead of its original arrival?
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