Reviews for Part 1: It Never Ends
BIG S chapter 38 . 5/1/2014
Good story ! I really like this vegeta. i kinda seen how goku would b defeated coming but then again noone ever wins against goku in a fight. I would have wished for more action but overall a solid read. Ill b checking out your other work !
XXXTITANIA SCARLETXXX chapter 38 . 3/4/2014
Ohh yes a sequel , fast write the sequel.
Princess Jalice chapter 26 . 12/13/2013
Your language and grammer are one of the most horrific things on the planet but ur story line is one of THE BEST!
ANIceWriter chapter 1 . 3/17/2012
Very intresting. For the chapters I read, I would say this certainly sounds like Dragonball. But, I felt as if you used the word "said" too often, and some spots were not clearified as much as the could (especialy if you were not trying to hold back any information), but other than that it was a well rounded story with a nice clift-hanger. This is one I would concider reading when I'm not busy.
Joe B chapter 38 . 12/30/2011
Great story!
xXEndlessImaginationXx chapter 6 . 7/6/2006
great story
Dragoon-Hard Metal System 2 chapter 1 . 5/6/2005
Nice. Peace out! *Thumbs up!*
PhoenixPhreak chapter 38 . 12/26/2004
OHH! That stoty was sick. So exciting I absoluley loved! WO! I am soo happy and hyper loved the story. I know you've already finished n have sequels. But still its so good I had to review. LOVED IT!
zop chapter 38 . 3/9/2003
Why did you make Goten such a shitty character ?
Tony chapter 38 . 2/13/2003
I just want to say it was one of the best fanfiction stories I have read. I liked how you really didn't make just one character the focal point it was a few. Great story. I loved the whole Goten and Soyna thing that was really good and liked how Soyna was Future Trunks daughter that was really good. I liked how Goten played a big part in everything as well.

I just want to say that I hope you would consider in trying to continue with another saga cause this one was really good.
Virginia Madison chapter 3 . 1/16/2003
Great story. I don't reall understand what is going on with Krad and the scars and stuff, and I certainly don't really understand Soyna,but story is developing well.
Netty1 chapter 38 . 11/7/2002
I swear if I was near you I'd give you a cookie!

One of the best fics I've read. Loved it the entire way bs. I'm off to read the others. Laterz
Netty1 chapter 36 . 11/7/2002
Fairy tales can come true it can happen to is taking me forever to read this story with work and classes.
Netty1 chapter 34 . 11/6/2002
OMG...its getting really depressing, in a good way.
Netty1 chapter 33 . 11/6/2002
Why poor Goten?
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