Reviews for The Staff of Orkney
Joan chapter 19 . 1/5/2002
I love this story and I want to read the end just please don't kill anyone I hate it when people die in stories don't kill the Snapes or dumbledoor (don't mind my spelling please) please wright the rest soon I am very eager to read it I finished all 19 chapters in two days. I really love this please finish soon. keep up the good work. P.S. I was on the eage of my seet the hole time. _
Satrios chapter 19 . 1/5/2002
How can you stand to strain my nerves so cruelly?

Please continue! *Gets on knees and begs* Please?
summersun chapter 19 . 1/5/2002
argh whats gonna happen next?
c2004a2008l2009 chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
Easily the best story on fanfiction! OMG! Please, please, please hurry!
DALEEEETED chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
AAAAAAHHHH! Another cliffhanger! Please get another chapter out, this is the best Harry Potter story that I've ever read!
Deekz chapter 19 . 1/4/2002 left us on a cliffhanger! .
Gia chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
whoa! i finally got here and read chapters 18 and 19! aren't ya proud? hehe, anyway, i hope dumbledore will be okay! but does that mean, that harry potter will not be the one to defeat voldemort? hm, i guess i'll have to wait more to find out so get the next chapter out soon! oh and email me when you do! my email address is:
Illione chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
Wicked cool! I love this fic and hope to see more soon!
Wolf of Solitude chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
No way. That's just - no way. Once again, how could you leave me with that? I need to know more. Will Harry be okay? Will Dumbledore and the Snapes? Will the Aurors, Remus, and Sirius get there in time to help them? Will Voldemort be vanquished, or at least be stripped of his powers once more? What will happen to Malfoy's mare? If Dumbledore survives, what will he do about the younger Malfoy? What exactly is going on back at the main battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort? How did Harry survive Avada Kedavra?
Uusoae chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
No! Please don't stop there! No! No! Noooooooooo!
Alyosha chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
Holy Ham! What are you doing writing fanficcies? WE should be writing fanfics about your stories...after this one is finished... :)
Jaimie C. JC not signed in chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
ahhh noooo you can't stop here!
Iris C chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
I agree. *Begs profusely* PLEASE WRITE MORE SOON! _
Crydwyn chapter 19 . 1/4/2002
How could you be so crule, leaving it on such a cliff hanger!
Iris C chapter 11 . 1/4/2002
Holy crap, this is seriously disturbingly good. I think I'm going to fidget through out the whole REAL 5TH book when LeSal DOESN'T show up. Characterization at its peak, too suspenseful for my own good! I must go on! Lol. _
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