Reviews for The Batman Vignettes
this account will be dead soon chapter 6 . 4/15/2006


Wow, that was RANDOM!

Just like me!

...Wait, who are you and why am I here...

DLFreakKelsey chapter 6 . 8/4/2004
Bwahaha! I have power over you! *points and laughs for no apparent reason*

MorphManiac chapter 6 . 8/3/2004

that's hilarious. when i saw the preview, i was like O YAY! and then, I read this vignette, and I was like EVEN MORE YAY!
The Spastic Forkie chapter 6 . 8/1/2004
Hello, new best friend! Thought I'd check out some more of your stooff.

I simply adore the randomness of this fic! Even though it's not really random, but it's absoulutely huhl-AHHrious! It made me giggle with delight. YAS!

I'm off to church now. Tootles.

Freak of DLKelsey chapter 5 . 7/30/2004 email is weird. :] All the more confusing shall it get.

Yay, more Vignettes! *explodes in happiness* These Vignettes rock. I demand more!

The DL-inatorKelsey-person chapter 4 . 7/30/2004
Ah, so the secret is out! Robin likes Raisin Bran! [insert dramatic music here] Dun-dun-daaeuanenneiorthatnn!

Uhh...I think it might be getting a little late. I'm high off of oxygen, too. :D *scampers away*

MorphManiac chapter 5 . 7/8/2004
haHA! nice one!
MorphManiac chapter 4 . 7/8/2004
high off oxygen...that sounds familiar...perhaps...because...I SAID IT?

But, lovely. quite funny.
MorphManiac chapter 2 . 7/6/2004
this is GREAT!