Reviews for Teaching Rin
Alluranna chapter 57 . 5/5
You have done an amazing job. You fanfic is one of the best I have came across! Much appreciation for your wonderful mind and writing skills, keep up with the amazing work!
knightind chapter 57 . 2/1
This was an amazing piece of work and I got attached to the characters you created. Thank you for it. btw, from eastern nc
knightind chapter 56 . 2/1
I love your fight scenes improved with each one you gave a depth to the fighting and the anguish of the characters that is rarely found.
knightind chapter 55 . 2/1
I wondered if one of the sisters were involved. back when kiada was poisoned and few knew the poison to put in the well.
knightind chapter 52 . 1/30
Holy crapola
knightind chapter 51 . 1/30
I am feeling so much emotion for the 2 lost souls as they finally realized what was lost and are battling their own demons
knightind chapter 47 . 1/29
You hate it lovie, I loved it. stories need fillers to show the depth of characters and story lines. life isn't a perfect outline, it follows pretty much how you wrote.
knightind chapter 44 . 1/29
This story has me entranced. Each chapter is hinged on bated breath
knightind chapter 38 . 1/28
I'm laughing at this chapter and the last sentence has me losing it. My family probably thinks I've lost it for good.
knightind chapter 33 . 1/28
I'm glad to see she's able to prove she's more than just a noble daughter. We've seen her teach Rin, now we see more of her natural side of a warrior and a leader. This is amazing
knightind chapter 18 . 1/28
I love seeing rin as an teenager. I usually gravitate towards her being a small child still, story wise but this has me hooked
One thing I've noticed ppl don't include in their stories, if Sesshomaru wanted too, could he not have found a way to make his ward at least part demon?
knightind chapter 15 . 1/28
Little late for a review but I'm hoping they end up together. And I agree that Sesshomaru would be fighting his own thoughts and demons. There a lot of argument over him. Was he preparing and testing his brother so he would survive and be worthy of their father's fang or was it pure malice? Was Rin's selfless acts when they met what urged the tensegia? Or was it pure experimental? If it was experimental, why keep her around? Why defend her? I always believed there was a lot more depth to Sesshomaru.
knightind chapter 14 . 1/27
I love this! My eyes are burning bc it's time for sleep now but I can't stop reading!
knightind chapter 8 . 1/27
Loved this chapter! Poor rin
knightind chapter 6 . 1/27
I love the fight scene
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