Reviews for Guardian's Mind
Toboe LoneWolf chapter 5 . 2/2/2005
*delayed reaction sits in*

LoneWolf16: ;; Late, me? ...No really.

XD Splattered Kuriboh. Love that phrase. *looks at Kuriboh* Not that they approve, but the notion is funny...pipsqueak splats everywhere *sees fur fluff up* HEY! IT WAS A JOKE!

"You can quote me on that!" *waves hand* I am! ...It's such a political thing, you know?

O_o They'd might as well put blinkin' wards around the whole city. Little innocent Yugi, who cares about everybody? The definition of "hikariness?" *snorts* Knowing Yugi, and knowing Yami, and the stubborness of yamis (and hikaris) that would mean wards on every house on Yugi's street, and everyone in Yugi's class at school, the school itself (wait, minus that), Duke's store or whatever, and random people Yugi met on the street, stroked up a conversation and then stalked -I mean followed- back to their house because it was friendly-like. O_o

Gee...Marik got hurt! Yamis are in trouble! I sense Man-In-Black returning! Shadow Power Unite! I'm tired!

Djanil: Yes you are.

LoneWolf16: -_- School sucks it outta ya. Really. Ja ne!
Phoenixfire-k chapter 5 . 1/11/2005
Gah! So many computer problems! I have to make this quick before the #$* ! thing dies again... I thought laptops were the pinnacle of technology! Anyway, the time and place you specified for meeting at Ohayocon is fine. I haven't replied to your e-mail because my computer somehow forgot how to access a yahoo inbox. I've switched over to gmail to alleviate this problem. If there's any other last minute things I should know, tell me at PhoeKun at gmail dot com.

Actual review: I love this chapter. I love the connections between the yamis and their hikaris involving mortal wounds, even when cut off from one another, and I especially love seeing Seto become re-aquainted with his former power. You're right; too few people do this. I don't like that Seto-kun's in love, but then again, neither does he, so it balances out. One thing I noticed, though, was this: "Duel monsters of every size, shape, and strength were crawling all over the city, so thick that cars couldn’t go anywhere unless they wanted splattered Kuriboh all over their front end."

It seems to me that the good people of Domino who were out had more pressing concerns than furballs... just a thought. It is nice imagery though * imagines a squished Kuriboh on the front of a car * Ah, priceless.

As my battery is almost dead, and as my charger is in another state, I have to end this. If things go well (ie: I can get this thing to stay on long enough), I should update my story by the end of the week. Look forward to it!

Toboe LoneWolf chapter 4 . 11/24/2004
O_o Now how does a chibi know stuff about the Armlet and transfering energy? Sheesh, she must've had a rushed education...I mean, isn't that kinda...grown up? "Chibi" acts way too grown-up than her name suggests...-_- Of course, it could be that Naid just happens to be way too serious, even in her childhood, but...that's really depressing. Kids...just aren't like that. Most of them, anyway. I think. Yeah.

*taps jaw* Methinks something happened to Marik...*taps head* Head thingy...

Okay, if Naid is in...pseudo-mind-past thingy, how did Mr. Scary I-Haunt-Bathing-Places Man get in there? Shouldn't there be some...I dunno...time problems? I mean, "Chibi" saw /herself./ You know Harry Potter #3? The one w/ Herminone with that turner thingy to turn back time and must NEVER be seen w/ her, well, double self? Isn't this the same concept?

O_o Now just /when/ did Yami believe the Armlet was infinite? Hello? Pseudo-Millenium Item? If the PUZZLE is not infinite...then the ARMLET is certainly not.

_ Mortal yami. In an item. Is that...possible? ...XD...Genie from Disney's Aladdin! "..COSMIC POWERS!...Itty-bitty living space."

O_o (I seem to be doing this a lot.) The Rod HEALS? ...Such an oxymoron for Marik...

...Quote of the chapter! "Then gravity kicked in. 'Get your foot off my face, tomb robber.' 'Only if he gets his rump out of mine!' " XD

*waves hand* Heyla! One-year anniversery! ...'Course, I'm late, but hey! Celebrate!

I think Djanil's"fuming" heh...sorry 'bout that. *waves* See ya!
Toboe LoneWolf chapter 3 . 11/24/2004
O_O Symbols are THAT precious to you? ...*thinks* You know, I could've made money if I sold the solution...XD that'd be funny. But no, I'm nice, I hand it out free.

Whoa. /Kaiba/ ask about /shadow realm/? Wow, new doors have opened in Kaiba's mind...I like keeping them locked and knocking Kaiba around, but an open-minded Kaiba is new and uncharted territory. XD

Hm, back in pseudo world of yami sickness and Armlet doing some preliminary protecting. ...Er, if Naid is the yami...shouldn't she /know/ that the armlet is protecting her against something? Considering that she lives in the thing. Whee, monsters!

...Gee, Bakura must have done a lot of thinking too. He's almost (or more than) stubborn in his anger against the Pharaoh as Kaiba is. XD Bakura wants to save the world!

Unknown Female doing her Fear-the-Female thingy and booted some dude in black to kill Sola. Hm. So, how many underlings does she have? Petra, Falcon, and Dude in Black. Assuming Unknown Female is head over all these people with a mission to kill Sola/Naid.

XD. "That, Pharaoh, was a brief moment of insanity. Insanity is like a bad habit, when you’re trying to get rid of it, it kinda takes over for a few minutes, or days as the case may be." Well, that must have been a long moment of insanity. Battle City and the preperations before it took a long time.

Hm. Small child. Missing Mokuba. The same? It could be somebody from Naid's past, I character or something... ! XD NOA! Though how in the world Naid would know Noa is beyond me, but XD that'd be super wierd. N&N. O_O My brain is DEFINIATELY mush. Note to self: never say N&N again. Bad, LoneWolf16.

Doctor is Dr. Tofu from Ranma 1/2. Eithier that or you were eating tofu when you needed a doctor's name. ;

And now, Djanil would like to have a few words.

Djanil: Did I mention that I am a WOLF? Specifically, a LONE WOLF? One who likes PERSONAL SPACE?

LoneWolf16: Not to mention a certain sarcastic temper, a nasty growl, and an affinity for meat.

Djanil: *glares* Us WOLVES like our TERRITORY. And anyone who comes into MY TERRITORY without PERMISSION will have to deal with me and my fangs.

LoneWolf16:, I take it you didn't like the fur job.

Djanil: NO.

LoneWolf16: yeah, SJ...Djanil can only put up with so much. ; Usually me. Because I'm a lone wolf too. *sees Djanil growling* Eep. Moving onto next chapter before he decides to multilate something. Hope next chapter will reveal explanations of who and why and where the heck Naid is. *click*
Phoenixfire-k chapter 4 . 10/17/2004
... wow. I feel really bad for not reviewing for the last chapter. But I've been so super busy with college classes and... oh, the heck with it. There's no excuse. I'm just really sorry.

Now, the story is becoming increasingly interesting, which to be honest, kind of surprised me, mostly because it was interesting to begin with. In general, I dislike author-created characters, because most people are so loathe to see their creations get hurt that they make said characters invincible gods. But you seem to have no trouble beating Naid to within an inch of her life, which makes for a far better story. Good job!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter here, especially since it will in all likelyhood feature Seto-kun!

Congrats on lasting a whole year! When I first got a review from you, you seemed so unsure of yourself, but now you've become such a fantastic author. I look forward to seeing more, and finding out just how far you will wind up going.

Now, in celebration of your anniversary, here's a some fire in a bottle. Use it to burn flamers, or whatever you like. I know, its a dumb present, but its the best I can think of. Hope to see more from you soon!

- Phoenixfire-k
Toboe LoneWolf chapter 2 . 9/10/2004
_ I'm alive and haveth connected!

Djanil: As you would say, "I am logged in, therefore I am." -_-

LoneWolf16: *nods solemly* How true. But whatever, storytime!

*cocks head* So Naid's like this American tomboy who rides motorcycles (strike up a conversation/arguement w/ Malik over the best motorcycle is?), carries a small sharp pointy object and knows how to use it, Sola's...a guardian...that kinda failed...*hears denying yells from said character*...Well if you're a /guardian/ why's your /hikari/ in a blinkin' COMA? It's usually the other way around!...GUILT FEST!

Djanil: .

LoneWolf16: ...Sorry. *sighs* And we haveth a enemy. Along with a screwy Shadow Realm. And a buncho monsters. ! Thought: Falcon or Petra fighting w/ Naid in her mind, thus her being in a coma and using the Armlet's power. Or Petra/Falcon locking her in her soulroom (like WSJ's Ryou) and thus needing...a savior...or rescue team (aka Bakura/Ryou, Yami/Yugi, Seto (;;))...via...let's see, traveling through a messed up shadow realm? Yeah, that'd be fun. (Rescue team: .
Phoenixfire-k chapter 1 . 8/6/2004
Ah, good old 1 AM. A time when, evidently, I'm incapable of sleep. Anyway, I decided to read this, not really stopping to consider how confusing things might be considering I haven't read the early parts of the story, but... meh. I also noticed you didn't have any reviews for this one yet, so...

Moving on. It took me a little to catch on to this one, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I don't enjoy how Seto-kun seems to be a whipping boy in this story, but seeing as I'm a fanboy, I'll accredit my displeasure to that and drop the subject. You know, its interesting that one of my idols would be younger than me, but again... meh. I'm not sure exactly where you're going with this, but I am intrigued enough to want to read more. That being said, I'd prefer more En Media Res up first.

Interesting note: In two weeks, I start college in... Ohio. Authors appear to be congregating there, ne?