Reviews for Fortune's Loss
Beloved Daughter chapter 2 . 7/28/2012
Um, I think you need to do a little research on your information about how many men the Dauntless could carry. The ships are simply not that big. Several hundred men could live in them, yes. Maybe up to 400-500 if you cram them together for a short voyage. But not 800 or 900.

Especially considering that the voyage Gibbs shared with Norrington was across the Atlantic Ocean. Even if they could somehow cram that many men aboard her, standing room only probably, there would not be enough room for food for all of them. The average ocean voyage across the Atlantic took 2 to 4 months. (Granted, because of wind patterns and water currents, it was/is faster to sail east than west on the Atlantic). There is no way there would be enough room for both the men and food for them for that long.
Raphe1 chapter 5 . 5/6/2010
Any chance you are going to finish this? Please huh? You did say you never abandon a story . . . GLOMP!
xChristabelx chapter 5 . 11/20/2006
Oh, I love this. You portray the characters really well. Also love the way Anamaria and James fight and the thing about andrew heritage. Please update soon.
lostwiginity chapter 5 . 11/20/2006
You know that I heart this story? That I feel a lot of love for it?

Well, now you know!
vintagecherry chapter 5 . 10/21/2006
when I put 'from an unfaithful and wicked lineage' in babel I got "d'une lignée infidèle et mauvaise"

when I put in 'Le lignage desloial et felon!' the results I got were "Chalk-lining desloial and felon!" I think the language may have changed a bit.

aww Andre and Theo are so cute... *giggle_snerk*

“And I insist you call me Theodore. If plied with alcoholic beverages, I might even let you call me Theo.”
vintagecherry chapter 4 . 10/21/2006
"The crew parted respectfully before him to let the Commodore pass"

"Anamaria stared after him, looking like she’d been slapped in the face"

..Would that be The Pearl's crew and Anamaria understanding that James isn't prejudiced.

I'm so glad you made that point about racism and sexism, I often forget that it wasn't so long ago nearly everyone had those views.

Poor Jack he keeps bieng confused.
vintagecherry chapter 3 . 10/21/2006
Cal rules.

Sounds like he's been listening to Jack and Gibbs too much.

"Ye was hackin’ left an’ right wi’ yer magic sword an’ cuttin’ through their bones like butter ‘till they was even more ‘fraid o’ you than Mad Barbosa an’ some ‘o them even went an’ hid below wi’ yer crew they was so scared-“

poor Jamie

“I’ve just the thing!” The Captain exclaimed, and rolled over right on top of him.

“Sparrow! What do you think- mmphff!

vintagecherry chapter 2 . 10/21/2006
Cal made me grin..James made me giggle..and Jack is the highlight of the story.

"a complete prick with that lovely Turner blade of his shoved up his arse Norrington may be, it was also true that the man was damn impressive, even ill and half-conscious." true, very true XD
vintagecherry chapter 1 . 10/21/2006
I love your characterisation of James it's perfect.

..“You know, Mr. Sparrow, you are correct. Absolutely correct. It would serve no one’s purpose to shoot you now.” His smile widened, and more than one person on deck looked as if they thought he’d lost his mind. “But tell me, Mr. Sparrow, how do you intend to get your ransom money...” he cocked the pistol and very firmly set the end under his chin, “...if I’m dead?”

On to the next chapter!
Wind'ssong-Water'scall chapter 5 . 7/23/2006
Lovely story, but is there any chance of andre and theo getting together?
Rachael chapter 5 . 7/16/2006
Never abondon stories, eh? Well hop to it then, it's been a little less than a year since your last update on this wonderful story.
Morganfae chapter 5 . 7/11/2006
I adore this story and it is definitely one of my favorites! James and Jack are one of my all time favorite couples, and you write them beautifully. Please, please update soon! :)

Cyprith chapter 5 . 7/3/2006
I'm not stalking you. o.O What made you think that? The link in your lj was just so glaring.

I absolutly love this. You're a brilliant writer. Very happy to have found you. I'm going to go wander off and read everything you've ever written now whilest waiting for you to update. Much love.
Samson28 chapter 5 . 12/7/2005
Utterly adoring the story so far.

You write all of the characters fabulously and the plot is just fab. :O)

Looking forward to more in the future.
Q chapter 4 . 11/19/2005
great, but please don't tell me you've abandoned this story. It's too good to not continue.
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