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shetan83 chapter 2 . 11/27/2010
You know, I first read this years ago, at least as far back as 2006. Re-reading it again, it's as fantastic as I remembered it to be. The writing, the symbolism, the characterization. The tongue-in-cheek comments. That tragic twist of an ending which left me... I don't know... suspended. Much like SKU did. And in a way, even though my heart breaks a little at the ending (like it did four years ago), I kind of feel like there would be no better ending.

I just wanted to show my appreciation for your writing, yet again.
Tonnerre chapter 2 . 10/16/2009
Another wonderful chapter. Goodness, it's sad utena doesn't figure out till later how selfish her own desire to keep Anthy was. And you really can set a scene, it all played out in my head beautifully.
sharnii chapter 3 . 9/16/2008
Hoo boy...what an ending. :O I like, I like-ee very much...

Very SKU feel, and as always just what I think Anthy would prob end up doing. And how tragic, just like *coff* SKU.

Some final quotes to comment on:

It was a game show, currently involving naked middle aged men being tortured with scorpions and honey. Utena felt the familiar confusion that someone could be so very, very dear and precious, and still so alien.

* * *

Heh heh so Anthy to watch that, and great symbolism of the torturing Anthy is doing at that very mome in the emotional realm.

Anthy continued to look gravely at her from behind the circles of glass, while shrieks and wails rose from the television. "But it's still alive and beautiful. I thought that it was spoiled, but you see - it was too pure. It survived handling."

* * *

Well I think your readers all know what you mean, and it's beautiful, which is more than I can say for Utena getting it!

She felt if now, now, she managed to reach the real girl, none of this Champion and Bride nonsense, it would be possible.

* * *

A mistake here...the last part doesn't make sense. Is it a typo? Do you mean "none of this Champion and Bride nonsense would be necessary?" or smthg like that? It'd be good to fix it up, cos that's a very powerful point in the story so it needs to be clear. :)

The tears rose and spilt from Anthy's eyes so quickly that there seemed no buildup, just sudden droplets caught by the rim of her glasses and making the sides of her nose damp. She flung her arms around Utena's neck like a child, but the mouth that caught at Utena's was not a child's mouth, not in the way it clung to her lips and let the tongue dart against hers,

kissing, kissing...

* * *

Boo-yah, what a brill fanfic kiss. One of the best I've read, and entirely Anthy. XD

* * *

Well, you're a great author Kanna, and I'm astounded that there's good Utena fanfic I haven't read here. Must've been unlucky up to now - I came your way from a link somewhere else. Yay for your Utena fic! You got a fan.
sharnii chapter 2 . 9/16/2008
No one in the Student Council could just stand there enjoying a pretty scene like a nice, normal person, oh no, they had to pause dramatically like some pre-Raphaelite maiden watching ghostly visions.

"But I won't play along. Himemiya is a nice, ordinary girl, who deserves to be happy... and I am, too. I have to remember that, no matter how it seems. I have to remember that, or I'll lose," she finished with conviction.

* * *

Great quotes. First one is very tongue-in-cheek. Second is so very Utena. Almost a bit heartbreaking.

You have such a nice feel for the world of SKU. Well, time to read the final chapter (gasp). I don't know if I can expect a happy ending or a crushing one...
sharnii chapter 1 . 9/16/2008
Amazing story. I'm actually reading it you know how rare that is for me? O.O I think it's the beauty of the wording. Not to mention the incredibly in-character Utena/Anthy, and the spot-on Utena psychology. Also your hints of menace regarding Anthy...and in line with the show. Yet not many people manage to see these things, let alone put them into fanfic! Wow.

Some wonderful quotes:

"She idly put the loosened petal in her mouth and chewed it, the slightly sour taste, as unlike the scent of roses as was possible to imagine, rolling in her mouth. It was wrong, all wrong, to think of the rose on her pillow as, well, meaning something."

"Where have you been, Himemiya, why weren't you with me, why didn't you stop me, why didn't you save me from yourself? Unfair, unfair of her, and speaking unkindly to Anthy was like shoving a kitten who was already kicked from pillar to post several times a day."
Alphawolf69 chapter 3 . 5/20/2008
This was incredibly bittersweet. You really did a good job of showing Utena and Anthy's pain...I might forgive you for the ending...eventually *smiles*
spheeris1 chapter 3 . 2/13/2008
I cannot believe that I never reviewed this fic... Anyway, I love it. Great use of words, very good Utena introspection. And lesbianism! I can't live without it. ;)
shetan83 chapter 3 . 1/3/2006

That was so good. Ah geez, why do I like tragedies so much? That was really sad. Anthy's self-inflicted pain was totally unnecessary. Utena and Anthy were totally in character, and ah GEEZ! Why? T_T
illuminated bestiary chapter 3 . 5/26/2005
well, you know what...

Utena is in complete, utter and absolute denial. Hm...and who WAS Anthy apologizing for? and why doesn't Utena remember?

Neat story.
KyaniteD chapter 3 . 3/2/2005
Wasn't it more like it all *did* happen and just Anthy's kiss made the memory of something real fade into the vague memory of a dream? Like she was feeling guilty and felt obliged to *fix* things and save/restore the purity of her noble prine's heart & love? A rather sad ending to such a nice story. I also liked the Juri/Utena bit. I have a secret soft spot for this pairing, though Anthy and Utena actually belong together.
Reiyuka chapter 3 . 2/20/2005
Sometimes I dislike Anthy so much... A really wonderful story; Utena and Anthy are so sweet together and even if their love is also lust, it'll always be pure; as pure as a white rose. A lovely story.
Scatter Plot chapter 3 . 9/29/2004
That was absolutely beautiful, my heart was aching in longing to read the next word. You captured the essence of the series, and utena and anthy perfectly! Keep up the good work. That was truly brilliant!
Kikirini-chan chapter 3 . 9/4/2004
Kawaii. This is the first Utena fic I've read, and I really enjoyed it. Though at first, everything seemed loose and confusing, you brought it all together in the end nicely. I love it. Please write more on this wonderful pairing.

(Juri/Utena? Never heard of that one...liked it anyways though!)
Firestorm-244 chapter 3 . 8/22/2004
Uh, What Sarasusamiga said.

Though the end seemed a bit rushed it was forgivable.

The only thing that I have a major (though not overly) problem with is the fact that you've implied that in their relationship, Anthy's the weak one that needs to be supported by Utena. While that is true for her physical being, as the series prgogresses, her emotional being gradually becomes more and more independant. However this is forgivable seeing as this was Utena's dream and thus projects how Utena sees Anthy.

Other than that good fic.
Sarasusamiga chapter 3 . 8/21/2004
::stares:: Beautiful. You capture each of them so well-and open the door into Anthy's psyche just a tantalizing hint more.

The part that packed the most wallop for me was Utena's "introduction" of herself and her describing Anthy-naming what is true about her. But the whole chapter was powerful, offering depth to canon without betraying it.
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