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tineryn chapter 2 . 7/19/2004
Oh, yes i think you've mentioned your aversion to slash. I only mentioned it to clarify exactly what I was reading-I would't want to accidentally send you to something you'd not like! But yes, slash, het, or no, still very cute characters, even if i like Erestor a teenie bit more. Make sure you include more legolas angst! Wouldnt be the same without it. Update!
Red of Rivendell chapter 2 . 7/19/2004
You were right. Aragorn is having a very bad day.

I love the image of Glorfindel covered in blackberry tart! :D That was the best segment in the chapter!

Hm, I do wonder if that's why he doesn't like the attention. Glorfindel doesn't want anyone to know about the humiliation he's gone through.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Noldo chapter 2 . 7/19/2004
I love this story. I really, relly do.

The thought of Glorfindel covered inblackberry juice - well, I've already done a story with him covered in paint once, so juice seems...well, interesting.

Anyhow, the cliffie is evil. That's all I can say, really.
Crippled Raven chapter 2 . 7/19/2004
Of course I remembered! For one thing I had a post-it note stuck to my computer for a month or so...

Eh, either I'm pyschic or you're getting predictable...I read the note about 'a little cliffy' and thought 'why do I not believe the 'little' bit?' And oh look, I was right! _That_ is not a 'little' cliffy! So...where did Aragorn go? Was he abducted by evil orcs, or did he simply stagger off to relieve himself? Personally, I'm voting for the seems like the kind of stupid thing Estel would do...but maybe I'm underestimating him?

Yep, I do think Legolas can sometimes be mistaken for Barbie in the movies. He's pretty to look at, nice to hold, but he really has to watch his mouth

On the subject of movies...I WANT RotK EXTENDED DVD VERSION!

I've watched the other never should have taken out some of those scenes, in my opinion. Especially the one with Faramir and Boromir in the Two Towers...I love those two. Evil Denethor! *growl*

Just one thing I'd like to ask you, if it's okay? Could you possibly explain the significance of Aragorn being one of the Dunedain? Aragorn says that he's 87...huh? Wha? Eh? And so forth...

I'd be really grateful if you could explain that for me... _'

Hehe, I'll be waiting to see if Aragorn has been abducted or if he just decided he was well enough to go scout the area...or had to answer nature's call...

grumpy chapter 2 . 7/19/2004
great chapter, got to feel sorry for Elvynd to be stuck out in the wild. with the four troublemakers. And trouble there was, you did a great fight scene. Already Glorfindel and Estel are down. (Could Glorfindel's problem be that he is in love, or somebody forgot his birthday) Meanwhile where has the ranger got off too, tried of pretending to be a bush and went off to be a tumbleweed? looking forward to more
xthinkxhappyxthoughtsx chapter 2 . 7/19/2004
Sorry for not reviewing the first chapter in time, my school has blocked so i can not go on it as often as i would like. You know you wrote this story because of the one line in AEFAE well now I think you're going to have to write your version of how Aragorn and Legolas met, because you hinted on that now as well.

The first chapter was very good, both me and my sister are intrigued by whats bothering Glorfy, I hope it can be explained soon, not knowing things drives me mad. And I love Elvynds thoughts at the beginning of this chapter, very bloodthirsty.

“If I really needed some advice, I would most certainly not go to either of you. You would only tell me something like ‘If you don’t like your food, you may throw it at Glorfindel’.
AngelMouse5 chapter 2 . 7/19/2004
Another great chapter my friend, I'm loving this short story of yours! LOL

Good cliff hanger, not too evil.. lol
Maranwe Elanor chapter 2 . 7/19/2004
Hm, I should probably listen when people tell me something isn't as bad as I think it is, but I can't help feeling awful about the review. I considered simply X-ing out of it and coming back to it later when I wasn't so pissed, but I know myself too well to think I actually would have done it. *g*

lol. You can actually get a meter-long list even if you *are* a native speaker. But you've corrupted me. *smiles widely* I'll be writing and suddenly come to an it was situation and put 'were' instead. Two words later what I wrote actually catches up with me and I have to go back and change it. *sheepish cringe*

True. I think at some time I'd go for their eyeballs or wrists (my brothers swear I'm trying to kill them). Strike out at what annoys you, ya know. Fingernails are really good for stuff like that. And you can't drop them if you're surprised. *g* lol. I'd be very, *very* surprised if that was the first joke. Very surprised.

Now: Funny. Excellent. Suspenseful. Intriguing. I'm caught in the wrong story. lol. Now I'll explain.

I thought the thing with the stag and Elvynd getting caught in the middle was funny. The ambush, with Aragorn getting hurt *eg*, was excellent. Love it. And, of course, the chase. Artful. Always interesting to loose the pursuers without knowing if you've lost them or not. Then where did the dear ranger go? And did he leave on his own? I can think of two answers: 1) he was found and dragged away, or, 2) he decided Legolas had been gone far too long and dragged himself up to go look of the elf. I vote for the latter. *g*

As for me being in the wrong story... *coughs* I've been watching/readng (both, not either) Pitch Black and reading Chronicles of Riddick for the last week or so, ever since I saw it in theatres. I tell you, when obsession strikes, it strikes quick and never looks back. But I've got the quiet, enimatic, aloof Riddick stuck in my mind with those wizard eyes (I *so* want eyes like that) and I'm sitting here reading Glorfindel, and I'm hearing Vin Diesel. Low, deep voice, sort of gravelly, and I'm thinking "NO! Glorfindel's not got a deep voice. Stop it!" And it didn't really work. lol. I'm so pathetic.

Let's see, favorite part... Still looking, but the pace was wonderful. Boom, boom, boom. Event after event. You caught the chaos beautifully. I could picture the retreat perfectlyy... Well, I actually like all of it but:

"Every time Glorfindel thinks something is wrong I end up in the hospital wing," is precious. *g* Can't do better than that, nothing sticks out. Not that that's a bad thing. Think we've been in this situation before. Ah well.

I think I'm going to go try and dig myself out of Rid-pry myself *away* from Riddick long enough to actually write the next chapter of my story. *g* Can't wait till Thursday.

Oh and, me and my mother don't really work things out, so much as simply forget there were things between us in the first place. *shrugs* We get tired of screaming at each other, pretend the other doesn't exist for a few hours, then go on like nothing happened. Probably not healthy, but it works. *smiles wryly* Thanks for the thought though.

See you next chapter. (with only five, I think I can manage to remember to review all of them. *g*)
Firnsarnien chapter 2 . 7/18/2004
Oh goody, I come back from vacation and find a nice new story from you! :) Woo hoo!

It's turning out to be great so far! I loved the first chappy. It was so light and fun. And the joke the twins and Leggy played on Aragorn was priceless! I never even suspected Legolas was right behind him till, poof, he got a bucketfull of cold water dumped over his head! LOL I loved that!

But what's this? What in the world is wrong with Glorfindel? Whaydayamean we're not going to find out till the last chappy? That's just horrid, making us wait so long! Horribly unnecessary! And cruel! ;)

Egads! Orcs, yuck! Always detest those wretched creatures! Oh, I thought Leggy was really going to get a big owie for a minute. Thank goodness for Aragorn but now, poor him. *He* got the big owie! Hm, this is not looking very good!

Now, before I forget, tell me one thing...are we going to have to start up a ELF too? Ya know, Elvynd Lives Foundation? Yes, I know Glorfindel is the one who's hurt, but, Elvynd just seems like your typical, expedable, handy little disposable Elf! :( Maybe I should start one anyway, ya know, just in case, no? Heh, heh!

*Stands on soapbox and shouts to crowd of reviewers* Sign up, anyone who does not want to see Elvynd die a needless, horrible, self-sacrificing death! I've lot's of forms for you, here are the pens, right here, make a line... ;)

Hurry with an update, please! :) And maybe, just maybe the ELF will be nice for this story! LOL Not to mention the CLF too, it's always a good thing to keep that one in reserve, just in case too. You never know when you'll need reinforcements! LOL
lindahoyland chapter 2 . 7/18/2004
Very exciting,poor Aragorn,what will happen to him ?
TrinityTheSheDevil chapter 2 . 7/18/2004
Ack! *twitch* Aragorn! *twitchtwitch*

Cliffhanger from hell. Evil. Terrible. Mean. Gah! *twitch, shudder, collapse*

*wakes up*

*grabs Aragorn and escapes* :) LOL.

Templa Otmena chapter 2 . 7/18/2004
Before I start raving about how excellent and equally-as-rivetting-as-your-other-fics *this* fic is I must first apologise.

*sigh* Long have you been on my Author Alert list and even longer have I been a reader of your work. Alas, I discovered the wonders of your fics during a particularly icky period in my college 'experience'. But know this... updates provided me with solace in those dark times! And now it is summer where back-back-back logs of reviews will be caught up on and I look forward to re-reading said fics and *finally* reviewing them...


Anyway, as stated, *excellent* fic once again! I adore the humour, the tone, the characterisation, the angst and of course the good ol' h/c that you inject into every chapter of every fic ;) Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

TrueWill chapter 2 . 7/18/2004
Well i am definetly hooked. Please feed me with more of this awsome story. Hmm... Cliff hangers, ya gotta love them. Well can't wait for the next part, so please hurry. See Ya!
Kathleen LaCorneille chapter 2 . 7/18/2004
Th'was won-der-ful! *bright smile*

I admit to have checked nearly twenty time for the chapter two just yesterday... Well, it worth it! But my poor Strider... Where is he? Did he leave by himself, or someone forced him? Did the knife that hit him was poisonous?

Valar, I'm yet again wondering all that could have been wrong!

How can you call it a, how did you said it, again? Oh, yes, a "little cliffy"! LITTLE? Glorfindel is hurt, perhaps even dying, the twin are probably having a few "scratches" too, Legolas is alone, the rest of the party is somewhere between Imladris and the orcs, and Strider is, well, I don't even know where is he! It's awful, I truly don't know how I will can wait...

I truly hope the chapter will be there Thursday morning, cause I have the wedding of my mom in the evening... Maybe I can leave sooner of her wedding? * shook her head in despair* No... I can't! * sigh * Well, I suppose I will just have to hope that everything will be rigth for my dears elfs and my favourite ranger! So, I wish to read soon your third chapter of Everlasting, cause it's very interesting! Once again, you're really good. Your fanfictions are the ones I like the most and I wish to read them during a long moment again!


PS : Poor Elvynd, I didn't wish to be at his place! He have luck that Legolas insult the noldors...

PS2 : Indeed, it will be hard to wait fot the sequel of "To Walk in Night"... If only teachers could understand how much it's important to write, and not to make futile homework... Anyway, good luck and keep writing!
marbienl chapter 2 . 7/18/2004
Hi Nili!

I tell you; even if you were to do a piece on Gollum or just one of the elves you’d attract a lot of readers… So that’s certainly the case when you hurt our favourite ranger (and elves)! ,’)

Hmm… I don’t remember you ever telling us whom you preferred best: Aragorn or Legolas? Or do you like them equally? *prods author* but if you really had to choose between these two, whom would it be?

Nili: *looks cross at marbienl and keeps silent*

marbienl: o-kay… guess I better go on with the story then…


*makes herself comfortable in a comfy chair; laptop on lap, soda in one hand, the other down on the scroll button* Ah… the good stuff is gonna happen! :D

So I guess I’m likely the only one other than you right now who knows what’s wrong with Glorfindel? Then again, I still don’t know why it would be after all this time. Perhaps the position of the stars is the same? Or he stumbled upon a book in the library? I’ll just have to wait until the last chapter then… I’m patient… No really, get that grin off your face! With this I *can* be patient…

So no holidays for you then… or is it different in Germany and do you have it later? With us it’s from about July till the end of August…

#but Estel didn’t forget such things easily.#

Ah… that’s a very familiar thing. Me neither…

#A spluttering, choking sound could be heard from the twins that resembled the noises of two gagging chickens#

ROTFL! *tries to imagine the sounds and shakes her head*

#but he was still not entirely sure about what Legolas would do or not do in certain situations.#

Well, you know Gandalf was still amazed even after a hundred years with hobbits… See how Legolas even now made no exception by saying “Noldor and a human
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