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Celebdil-Galad and Tinlaure chapter 5 . 8/6/2004
Sorry we haven't reviewed in a while, life can be so horrible! Not much time here, but just wanted to say that this was a brilliant chapter and YAY! Glorfindel is going to be alright! We lets face it, the Valar would not be too happy if he showed up again and theyhad to send him back (again)! LOL

Hehehehehe. The Elf-maiden was funny. Hahahaha. Chains? Yes, they will definitely need those! LOL Glorfindel complaining about the bed and view and all that jazz was hilarious too!

Anyway, our parents say we are on the P.C. too much and so our time is limited. Gr...

Bye now!


P.S. Michelle Branch is not hard rock or anything annoying like that. Her songs are kind of like Ballads kind of not, can't really explain it. Hm...But we know where you come from.
trustingfriendship chapter 5 . 8/5/2004
Hi, just caught up on the whole fic and I really loved it; it was a nice treat to keep us till the next hopefully much longer fic:-) The conversation Glorfindel/Elrond had was very touching (i.e. Elrond showing him how others wouldn't be alive wo/Glorfindel's sacrifice). The part where Aragorn was drugged and saw Legolas's floating head was funny. This must have been where Legolas first started accumulating his "healing" abilities; I don't remember but maybe Elrond should give him a crash course since it would obviously come in handy with their luck. I really hope you include more Erestor in the new fic, not that I want him hurt, but I'll take what I can get;-) See you later, but not too much later I hope:-)
Firnsarnien chapter 5 . 8/4/2004
Wow, Legolas and Aragorn sure got back to Rivendell three steps from death's door...again, huh? ;) I'm surprised they even got *that* far! Loved the angst, the owies...*sigh* But you know me, I'm a sucker for angst and owies! Especially Elf owies! LOL

LOL I laughed at Elladan's words to Legolas! I could see Legolas' surprise so clearly on his face hearing Elladan right next to him! I didn't think they'd be able to take one step further! Good thing they ran into him when they did and I'm glad Elladan was only joking about the knife to skin, um, well, at least I *think* he was joking.

Poor Glorfindel. I'd never really given much thought to how he'd feel about all that. I guess his dying and then returning to find all he'd died for had been destroyed anyway would be pretty horrible for anyone to endure. Especially an Elf for they feel more deeply than we do. I had an inkling that might have been what was bothering him. But, one can never be sure when it comes to predicting what you've in store for any of these characters. You always manage to suprise me in one way or another! :P And I'm glad talking about it with Elrond seemed to help him. I hope he doesn't fall into such a depression in the future. It's not good to see Glorfindel, of all Elves, so down in the dumps!

LOL I swear, the only way they'd keep either Legolas or Aragorn in bed, *is* to actually chain them! Just like Gaerîn said! LOL Where else would Legolas be but beside Aragorn despite his own injuries? LOL I wonder what Elrond will say when he discovers the young prince at Aragorn's bedside instead of in his own bed? Hm? I wonder! LOL

Well, the end of another wonderful story! I'm glad to hear you've no plans to kill off any canon characters but, perhaps I shouldn't have said anthing! Whatdaya mean you might kill off Isal? *groans then trudges off to a CLF meeting* ;)

Can't wait for another story from ya, just make sure it isn't to long, k? ;)
Nietta chapter 5 . 8/4/2004
*g* Thanks! I'll look for the mistake and fix it, but I gotta say I hadn't noticed it before :S

~Right now I'm in Essex, and it truly appears as if I brought at least a bit of good weather with me! Let's hope that lasts, too! ~ Hmph. I blame you for the floods and thunderstorms now, Nili. You jinxed it! *throws up hands in exasperation*

~Aragorn was bored.~ Yeah, what else is new.? *g*

~“You are his patient. He would never harm one of his patients.
Bookworm .303 chapter 5 . 8/4/2004
Ah, that was really sweet! Poor healers and Elrond - they're going to have fun keeping Aragorn and Legolas confined to their rooms (and I'm not convinced that Glorfindel's going to be a model patient either . . .)

Looking forward to the next story!

ps Sorry I haven't been able to review before now, but the rotten computer broke down and we've only just got it fixed

pps You really don't like Bovril? *shakes head in disbelief* Please don't tell me you're a Marmite person - a bit of Bovril spread on hot buttered toast is the only way to start the day!
marbienl chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
Hi Nili!

Alas – the last chapter has arrived! Ah well, there will always be your next story – I’m looking forward to that one as well… I hope you won’t grow bored with writing LOTR fanfic for some time yet!

Cool – so Erestor is ‘gonna get it’ in your next story. I suppose Glorfindel would make an appearance as well and that there might be some nice scenes between the two when they’re in Imladris?

#chapter 5, in which Aragorn and Legolas get back to Rivendell in a shape that, with a bit of imagination, could be called "alive",#


#Erestor's new arch enemy#

I wonder who that is…

Very nice that Estel can’t remember what and that Legolas had only been asking him a couple of seconds ago… He’s deteriorating fast… ,’)

O_O Wow – but the human still has sense enough to sense Legolas’ injuries… *pats the ranger on the head*

#and the one or two drops of blood he still had inside of him#

ROTFL – I’m looking forward to the reunion with his family already. Reading this story has made me really realize that there is ‘fine’ and fine ‘fine’ and when Legolas said what he did in AEFAE about that situation being worse than the trolls, this could be compared to the fine ‘fine’ in that this actually seems worse to me. Have I confused you yet? *rubs hands* Excellent! ;)

#Your brothers will skin me alive if they find out about all this.
TrueWill chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
Hey! We have decided that this was a very good chapter. good good, yes, yes good it is. thank you for such an awesome story. you may sleep peacefully, percious shall remain hidden. Nai amaniel cel le. Nai hir-uva-lye Valimar. Namarie! (Be it that blessings go away with thee) (Be it that find-wilt-thou Valimar) (Farewell!) See Ya!
elvendancer chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
you are most certainly right. terrifying is a much better term! glad to see this chapter up but sorry that the story is done. (though i dont doubt for a minute that had it continued much more you would complete your "terrifying" experience!) looking forward to your next story!
Crippled Raven chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
Eheheh, I'm glad you don't come to England for the Bovril...I'd like to think we had more attractive attractions than that...such as hoverflies, of course - word of warning - if you are anywhere near East Anglia, avoid the beaches! I went to a beach party on Saturday and was literally _swarmed_ by hoverflies *shudder* Ick...

Of course, that might only be in my part of Essex, but Essex beaches are rather skanky anyway - all that sewage, dontcha know... *double shudder*

Heh, I laughed my head off the whole way through this chapter (apart from during the solemn and meaningful Elrond-Glorfindel talk, of course *grin*)You really do have an extraordinary talent for amusing banter between...damaged...characters. _

I particularly loved the "a horde of three-headed ravenous flesh-eating squirrels could have appeared and performed a dance" line! This chapter was definately worth the wait!

I'm just sorry it's finished...*sob*...but I'll console myself again with the thought of the next story *runs off to find post-it note to stick to computer* And yep, if the reviewers have their way, you will be writing an 'Aragorn Meets Legolas' story. Consider yourself forewarned...*grin* Who knows, between then and now, I may actually have summoned up the effort to read the book. That _would_ be a good start, after all...
nestea chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
we're not getting more until august 25?

Radbooks chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
First of all thank you for the chapter and for the wonderful story. I have just started writing my first fanfic and have written 4 chapters and while it is so fun, it takes a lot of time and so it makes me appreciate you even more. I love the way you have written Erestor and would like to see him in more stories like you mentioned in your A/N. I have seen him written so poorly and in such strange ways in some stories. As if Elrond would have such a strange elf around him. I am sure that Erestor would have been an incredible warrior in his younger days as well.

I loved the talk between my Glorfindel and Elrond. I just knew you you would make that a wonderful talk and you did. It would be hard to feel that your sacrifice had all been in vain but I was glad that Elrond was able to help him see past all of that. Good friends are able to help us in those down times!

And Legolas and Aragorn are on the mend and Aragorn is bored on the first day. Not a good sign for the healers! :) All is back to normal in Rivendell.

Thanks again and looking forward to your next story.
Celebrean chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
To lazy to log in _ Really really good, great, you really showed emotions well in this chapter. I'm hungry...o right review. Anyway this was a REALLY good story and I'm REALLY hungry so bye bye
crazyLOTRfan chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
Hm...let's see what you've written today, shall we?

*he didn’t care in the slightest if Legolas claimed to be a master healer or even Estë herself*

Hey..wait a second...HERSELF? Ha! I knew it!*points wildly at Legolas* You ARE a female in disguise!

Yay! They're safe in Rivendell again! And Elrond almost had a heart attack when they got there, from the look of it! *claps*

Aw...poor Glorfindel...he thinks he died for nothing.*sniffles*

But! It's all better now! I think...*shrugs*

Legolas has a body? Lol! Thanks for pointing that out, Estel. I mean, I never would have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out!*grins*

It's your lucky day, you know. The T-shirts come in every color *except* pink and purple. I hate those colors too.*wink*

*That you've stolen one of my characters and are hitting him with a shovel?*

Gah! Who told you? *looks around frantically for a place to run* hey.. wait a minute...

*Nope, I definitely didn't see that...*

Oh. Hehehe...well...right then. Er...bye!

*grabs box that says "this is NOT Nolad" and runs*

*comes back* Until the next story, that is.*large smile*

*turns and starts running again, and is severely hampered by the large box*
Noldo chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
I must confess that I like Feanor too. But out of all those Noldor, my favourite is Fingolfin, I guess. Him and Glorfindel.

Noldo IS better, isn't it? I was quite surprised that it wasn't taken, but who am I to pass an opportunity like that up? *grin*

Silliness aside, I have to say this: I really, truly love all your work.

You probably hear this very often, but still! I have to say it, anyway.

I hope that you have your next story done with soon, as I can hardly wait to read more of your stuff.
tychen chapter 5 . 8/3/2004
Hope your enjoying youself,any delay in posting is more than forgiven for this wonderful closing loved it.'Ravenous three headed flesh-eating squirrels!'Are you sure you haven't been on a bovril,marmite,mint sauce cocktail mix?Just the thought of it makes you shudder doesn't it?Poor Aragorn's disjointed musings especially the disembodied Legolas were inspired,as was the deep well of turbulent emotions and memories in which Glorfindel was sinking. It should prove very entertaining for Rivendell's healers for the next few weeks ,and I suspect many of them will find themselves questioning their chosen 't know what your weather is like today,we've had thunder and rain,and its noe sticky ,hot and my favorite forward to 'A Sea of Troubles'Enjoy the rest of your stay as much as I enjoy your work and you'll have a great time,and stay safe from bovril,marmite and all other srange extracts!
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